7 Emerging Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

social media marketing trendsNo matter what your business deals in, you have to pay special attention to your marketing department. Unless and until you are optimizing your marketing strategies, you will never drive useful and high-yielding traffic to your website.

The digital platform is very competitive, and the demands change faster than you can blink. Hence, to keep up with these fast-paced advancements, you need to integrate the market trends in your business, be it the website design trends or social media marketing trends.

As social media has become one of the major platforms for marketing the brand or the services, everyone must include the recent 2021 trends for avoiding obsoleteness and dullness.

Your users will expect more from you. To meet their expectations, one must know the latest social media marketing trends that will change the entire digital marketing platform for the upcoming years.

This upcoming article will talk about the top seven social media marketing trends that have emerged as revolutionary weapons in 2021. But before that, we would like to shed light on some important facts about the social media marketing technique so that you can understand the importance of SMM trends.

What is social media marketing, and how is it beneficial for a business?

If you haven’t explored the social media platforms yet or need to refine your knowledge, you are at the right place. Social media marketing is a new technique where businesses can use various such platforms for:

  • Building brands
  • Establishing a trustworthy relationship with your target audience
  • Promoting products or services
  • Increasing business sales
  • Driving more website traffic, albeit the meaningful one
  • Enhance your conversion ratio and get more prospective leads
  • To achieve better insights in terms of marketing and sales

Social media has become one of the best platforms where different businesses can promote themselves and enhance your brand image easily with so many different purposes. And we aren’t talking about the amateur businesses only which are yet to explore the global audience market.

But, if you notice carefully, you will find even the top brands using social media for increasing brand value and promoting their business.

For example, whenever Dominos offers new discounts on a special occasion, they use their Instagram and Facebook channels to let their target audience know. Similarly, when Prada, one of the world’s leading fashion houses, is about to launch a new Spring collection, it will use Instagram to promote its launch campaign.

With 2020 putting lots of restrictions on physical business channels, it has become essential for companies and brands to get help from a social media marketing company to reach out to their audience, promote their brand further, and earn more sales.

Top 7 emerging social media marketing trends for 2021

Since now you are aware of social media marketing and its purpose for global businesses, it’s time to learn about the recent 2021 trends that you should consider for your business account.

Less is more- the most prominent trend from 2020

In 2020, it became impossible for businesses to continue posting on different social media platforms, be it Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, or normal Facebook. However, these businesses couldn’t afford to lose more sales or leads as that would put their entire existence at stake.

That’s why they adopted the “Less is more” strategy. According to this plan, businesses started posting less frequently, like once a week or fortnightly.

What they did was to increase the quality and value of their posts. It means that these videos had more time gaps between each other, but they enhanced the story behind the posts and the value of the content. As per the predictions, world-renowned marketing analysts predicted that the “Less is more” strategy is going to drive 2021 also.

Use of snackable content for social media posts

Next, snackable contents rather than explicit images have increased a lot over the past few days. Snackable contents are offered in understandable and bite-sized portions. These will increase your users’ curiosity, so they will feel compelled to learn more about your business.

It’s similar to keeping a menu of your brand at the front and offering services or products almost instantly without making them wait.

Videos will make more impact than normal imaging posts

An image posted on social media resembles nothing but a 2D world where your target audience wouldn’t be able to see the other side. Now, this will cause a devastating impact as the level of transparency and genuineness decreases.

So, the ultimate solution that can save your business is by posting videos in between image posts. These videos will tell your audience about your brand in real-life scenarios. Hence, you will be able to establish transparency between your brand and the users.

Live streaming on social media

Another amazing social media marketing trend that you can follow in 2021 for increasing your brand value and sales is live streaming. Let your followers know more about your business in real-time videos so that they can catch a glimpse.

Live videos can also be used in letting the audience know about a product launch, new prices with discounts, new service lines, educating the audience, and so on. Of course, while streaming live, you need to ensure that everything sounds natural with no edits or anything like that.

Changed conversational marketing tonality

Another major change that could be seen in social media marketing techniques is adopting a new conversion tonality. Many businesses use different social media messaging and conversation channels to communicate with your target audience directly.

In earlier days, these channels were mainly used to promote a product, letting businesses know about the current discounts or encouraging the leads to make a purchase.

However, considering today’s time, such conversations would never work, especially since users are now demanding a more pliable and soft chat. That’s why as a business communicating with your audience directly through the messaging channels, you need to add value and a tad bit of emotions in the conversations.

For example, rather than encouraging a user to buy your product, you can educate them about your product with little to almost no Call-to-action statement.

E-commerce business integrating shopping channels with social media

If you have an e-commerce line, you can integrate it with your social media shopping account to increase sales. Often you will see ads popping up displaying certain products with a tagline saying “Buy Now.”

Once your follower clicks on an advertisement, he or she will be taken directly to your e-commerce website, where the product is present along with the buying option. This particular strategy has helped many businesses gain more customers and increase their sales, even during the pandemic.

Proofs of genuineness and authenticity need to be provided

Lastly, you can post positive reviews and responses of your past customers to let your target audience know about the genuineness of your business. After 2020 left uncertainty lingering in the air, users are now looking for genuine brands.

Hence, posting compelling images and videos about your business brand or product will not do the magic. If you want to earn their trust, you need to show them what your past customers think of you.


Social media marketing is a key technique to improve your brand’s reputation and impact your target audience. But, for doing that, you need to make proper strategies revolving around the latest marketing trends. Hence, we hope our compilation list of the top emerging social media marketing trends will help you diversify your business channels and enhance your brand value in the market.

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