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How a Seed List Can Be Used to Optimize Keyword Research

Part of the marketing game in today’s world is the usage and research of keywords for SEO purposes. Marketing is about visibility and presence,

Keyword Synonyms: 4 Tips for Improving Your SEO Copy

Using keyword synonyms is not often mentioned when it comes to SEO and getting high rankings in Google. Of course, when writing or optimizing

How to Choose the Right Keywords to Triple Your Online Sales

SEO is one of the best online marketing tactics today for entrepreneurs in E-Commerce. It is an effective way to attract qualified traffic that

5 Of the Best SEO Analysis Tools for Newbies

Unless you’re prepared to jump in the deep end and spend hundreds of pounds on SEO analysis tools from big companies like Moz and

What is Social Media Keyword Research?

We all know about keyword research as it relates to SEO and visibility for any website. Tracking down and exploiting the right phrase is
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