How to Use Social Media for Marketing in 2015

Social media is the best method through which to build your brand. If you’re a little puzzled as how to use social media for marketing in 2015, it’s not much different from years past.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing Now

However, let’s confirm how best to tackle it this year: you should post on a regular basis, maintain uniformity in all your posts and you should also refrain from over-posting and deviating from your brand’s message.

As per the latest report of Buffer App, the optimal number of posts should be 5-10 times a week. You should make five tweets a day on Twitter, and Google+ and LinkedIn should be once a day. It should not be about you but about the customer.

Most brands use their social media accounts only for promotional purposes. This is not the best strategy to adopt since it offers no value to your customer. Find and share information that your customers love to read, and gradually mix in your promotional content with this.

Engaging With Your Followers

Social media is the best way to interact with your current and future followers. Leverage them and make them feel like important and valuable members of your brand.

Don’t be afraid of social confrontations. Actually, you should approach all complaints as opportunities to show your brand’s client-service capabilities.

Lastly, never hide from failures. You are bound to face more hurdles on your way as a start-up. Approach them as opportunities to win over more clients for your business. Remember to express your brand’s long-term vision as much as possible.

Content Is Still Considered King

Content marketing is one of the most overlooked investments when launching a start-up. Why it is so important? It is the best vehicle that can convey your brand’s message to your consumers. And if it’s not clear, your business will struggle to survive.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing in 2015: Social Opportunities

how to use social media for marketing

how to use social media for marketing

There are so many different social opportunities that you are able to invest in. All of these opportunities have merit, depending on your unique selling proposition and industry.

Make sure you experiment with the below options to see what warrants the best ROI for your business.

Pay-To-Play on Facebook

Facebook is rapidly becoming a pay-to-play platform right now. If you are looking for any kind of engagement here, you need to promote your Facebook content. Here are some tips.

Sponsored Tweets

This is a micro-blogging platform that provides a good amount of organic engagement and paid solutions for a business. Sponsored tweets are one of these solutions. This will result in higher engagement between your followers and other consumers.

LinkedIn’s Premium Service

This social media site has a number of paid options, including a Sales Navigator. It makes finding leads and contacts quite easy. You are able to try their service free for a month.

Think About Your Message Critically

Do not just throw messages at the wall to see what sticks. This is not what social media is for. Conduct industry research and develop a unique selling proposition before branding your business.

You need to keep the USPs as the focal point of your messages thereafter: sell the benefits of your brand and not its features.

Obtaining Cheap but Creative Content

Creative content is not expensive at all. There is affordable high-quality content on sites, such as Elance, Fiverr and Craigslist.

For example, Fiverr offers animated explainer videos for a fraction of the agency price. These videos are excellent for start-up businesses since they convey your message effectively and quickly.

There are so many other affordable methods of getting quality content. Small investments into content will definitely go a long way in building your brand in the long run.

Do Outreach Yourself

Content promotion is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. Once you have an incredible piece of branded content, you need to amplify that piece as much as possible.

“The best way to do this is to leverage the social media profiles of your business, reach out to LinkedIn groups, email industry experts and contribute to popular sites in your niche”, suggests Cormac Reynolds of Myonlinemarketer an internet marketing consultant in London.

Spare a few hours per week for off-site writing, since it will immensely help your start-up business in the long run.


Running a start-up business on a shoestring budget is quite difficult. You can definitely keep marketing costs down by way of capitalizing on the unique, successful digital opportunities available today that were outlined above.

This will definitely help you improve your brand’s visibility without spending a fortune on it and it’s a sure-fire way of generating more sales and profits in the long run.

This is exactly how to use social media for marketing in 2015 without breaking the bank. 🙂

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how to use social media for marketing

how to use social media for marketing





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