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Congrats on the New Job! Guide to Writing for a Tech Blog

So, you’ve recently secured a full time job or contract to start a blog for a tech company and you don’t know where to

7 Creative Ways to Earn Money Online Starting From Today

The advance of technology has established new ways of earning money. People are increasingly looking for ways they can earn an income online, where

How to Create More Engaging, Shareable Content

  One of the biggest hurdles one must overcome when creating content is making it shareable. Sure, you know the kind of content you

Marketing Automation: 5 Situations Where You Shouldn’t Use It

Marketing automation has been a big win for small and large businesses alike. Any one of us can think of many things we’d rather

A Quick Beginner Guide to Setting Up a WordPress Blog – Part One

So, after reading about and knowing about the monthly income of Harsh Agarwal (CEO of ShoutMeLoud), you must be thinking about starting your own

Best Web Hosting Sites: A HostAwesome Case Study

The verdict is in on one of the best web hosting sites in the market! Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing great. The

Why Premium Web Hosting is the Secret Ingredient

Hello and welcome to the FINAL issue in my five-part hosting article series! I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this journey and that the

The Unconventional Guide to Web Hosting That EIG Hopes You Don’t See

Hi guys and welcome to part four of my five-part article series about web hosting. To recap, in part one I highlighted five reasons

The Insider’s Guide to Web Hosting

Welcome to part three of my five part series! The first two articles discussed free web hosting and whether it was worth signing up

Why Bloggers Are Dissing Free Web Hosts

Welcome to part two of a series of FIVE articles about free web hosting, and whether it is worth pursuing. If you haven’t read

How Free Web Hosting Is Like a School Bully

A lot of Bloggers, particularly those just starting out, believe that they can just go get their hosting from a free web host and

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: A Guide to Choosing the Best Hosting

It is not unusual for one to be at a crossroads when considering shared hosting vs dedicated hosting. This is obviously a critical decision because it

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress – The infinite war of two legendary blogging platforms. Obviously, both of them are great in their own right, but today

How to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is not so hard thing, but for newbies, I’m going to write this basic tutorial on how to start a blog.

Best SEO Tips for 2013 – The SEO Guide

Every blogger needs to know about the best SEO Tips that WORK to rank better in and get traffic from search engines. I’m not saying that
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