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Page Rank – 4 | Alexa Rank – 512

Finally, Guest Posting is open on Right Blog Tips.

Right Blog Tips covers articles related to Blogging, Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, WordPress, Traffic Generation, Affiliate Marketing, Reviews, Link Building and Social Media, etc.

If you can write on any of the above-mentioned topics (or related subjects), then you are ready to guest post on Right Blog Tips.

Note: we want Guest Bloggers who truly want to write for our audience and strive to help them, not those who want to write just for the sake of backlinks.

Stats of Right Blog Tips:

Page Rank: 4

Alexa Rank: 115,977 worldwide and 512 in Ireland! (And improving daily)

So we think these stats should appeal to any smart Guest Poster! 😉

Guidelines for Writing on Right Blog Tips:

The following guidelines must be adhered to if you would like to guest post on Right Blog Tips:

  • The article must be unique and of high quality (not published anywhere else online or offline).
  • ***UPDATE MAY 2017***It must have at least 1,200 words.
  • It must contain at least one relevant, eye-catching image that is clearly visible (i.e., 540px x 400px)
  • It should be easy to read for a non-native English speaker.
  • It must not contain any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • We may need to change the title of your article, so you may provide some alternatives if you so desire.
  • It should be in depth and cover all information related to the topic.
  • If required, you are allowed to place relevant links inside as references (max: 4).
  • It should be well-formatted and SEO-rich (use at least 3 heading tags). 
  • It should not contain Company Links, Affiliate Links or Links related to P0rn, G4mbling or Cas!nos!
  • Once the article is published, you must reply to every comment respectfully.
  • If we see inactivity in replying to comments for more than 5 days, we will remove links from your bio, or remove the full author bio.
  • Even if your article is accepted, Right Blog Tips reserves the right to edit your content, remove links, bios, or the article itself without any notice.

How to Submit Your Article on Right Blog Tips:

Once your article is complete, make sure it follows all the guidelines above. In any event, all articles will be edited for conciseness and clarity to satisfy the Right Blog Tips in-house style .

Remember to include one relevant image and also heading tags, as required.

At the end of your article, make sure to add a “Conclusion” sub-heading, followed by one or two intriguing questions to encourage readers to leave a comment in the comments section. You may include your short bio (with your image) of 25 words or less, with a link to your blog.

Lastly, you must clearly state what your target keyword is when delivering your article and it should appear a few times in the article; at least once at the start, in the main body and once again towards the end.

When everything is ready, you can set up an author account inside WordPress, or send your article, in .pdf, .txt or .docx format, to our email address instead: admin@rightblogtips.com. We will review it and, if accepted, publish it in your name.

If it is rejected, we will let you know why so you can re-submit it after making the necessary corrections.

Alternatively, we are also on PostRunner. You can set up a free account on their site. When you submit your article to us there, it will automatically get posted as a draft inside our WordPress site, where we can approve it and publish it on the spot.

If you have any queries or questions related to guest posting on Right Blog Tips, please send us an email at: support@rightblogtips.com.

Thanks for your interest and we’re looking forward to seeing your work! 🙂

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