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How to Integrate SMS Marketing with a Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

A mobile phone is the first device that our digitally-native consumers check in the morning, so why not leverage this marketing opportunity through the

7 Social Media Trends – and 6 Apps to Use to Stay On Top of Them!

With over 1 billion subscribers on Facebook and over 300 million on Twitter, it is clear that social media is one of the most fertile

5 Blogging Trends You Should Get Prepared For In 2018!

Image source: Lifetime Stock Blogging is a brilliant business if you want to make it one. Many people blog in order to make a

8 Social Media Content Marketing Trends To Welcome In 2018

Digital Content Marketing is rapidly growing and developing with major advancements in technology. And through the Information Age, social media and content marketing trends

8 Reasons to Add Chatbot Marketing to Your Online Business Strategy

An effective marketing strategy serves as a crucial roadmap for an entire business, regardless of its size. Organizations have the opportunity to promote their

Web Design Trends 2016: Here’s a List of the Top 8

Web design trends 2016 Web design is constantly evolving. Better technology, higher bandwidth and more sophisticated programming languages, such as the latest JavaScript APIs,

The Future of Search, According to Google

What is the Future of Search? SMX West Reveals All Google’s Behshad Behzadi reveals his prediction for the future of search at the Search

The Latest Trends in Digital Marketing for 2016

The latest trends in digital marketing showing no signs of slowing in 2016 A look at the latest trends in digital marketing so far in

Social Media Trends 2015: How the Way You Socialize Online Will Change

The trends in social media remain to drive business decisions while shaping the marketplace at the same time. While some early indications for social

Facebook’s Spherical Videos: Truly Revolutionary or Just a Load of Balls?

The growing trend towards wearables and virtual reality, and to some extent the rise of the Internet of Things, confirms that the key players

Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions For 2015

In the advent of the Internet, digital marketing has evolved as an important medium for establishing brand identities over the years. The algorithms of
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