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Get the Competitive Edge with These Top 5 WordPress Instagram Themes

You are probably aware that it is essential for your business to have a viable social media presence. This is the only way you

How to Create a Blog on WordPress That Will Be Successful Quickly

Blogging is back in fashion these days, not that it really ever left. Back in the day most people tried their hands at blogging

Blogger Vs WordPress – Which is the Better Option for You?

A very common question is being asked lately. Which blogging service is better? Is it WordPress or Blogger? Both are versatile blogging tools which

7 Reasons to Move to Self Hosted WordPress Today

Blogging provides a very easy way to express yourself, because people can learn about your interests, hobbies, business, products and services via this platform.

Ecommerce Automation: 5 Ways to Boost Store Profits via WooCommerce

Managing an ecommerce shop isn’t an easy task. A lot of things must be maintained to make sure that everything is functioning as it

5 Reasons Why WordPress.com Sucks for Serious Entrepreneurs

“I posted my very first blog entry in WordPress.com. Back then, I used to blog only about my personal experiences, treating it more like

How to Prevent Your Site from Getting Hacked in 2018

Every year we make great advances in technology, and every year people with bad intentions use those advances to further their own dastardly deeds.

11 Essential WordPress Plugins for Any Kind of Blog

So you want to create your own blog — a place where you can express your thoughts with the world or perhaps share your

36 WordPress Design Plugins to Make Your Site More Visually Attractive

Finally created a WordPress account where you can share your passion and expertise? You just made two good decisions already: starting your own blog

The Top 7 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress CMS Customization Capabilities

WordPress CMS customization capabilities play an important role when you tend to revamp your site and expect it to be visited by greatest amount

[Infographic] How To Use WordPress Guide For Beginners

Ask anyone in the Internet on what they think is a good platform to use when you’re planning on creating your first website or

The Best WordPress Plugins Checklist for Starting a New Website

You’ve started your business and the best way to become visible is to set up a brand new website. Regardless of the type of

50 Abandoned WordPress Plugins with Vulnerabilities

WordPress is an open source platform that has increased its popularity among website owners across the globe. Complimenting to this there are a number

The Secret to Creating a Beautiful WordPress Pricing Table for Your Site

For a service-based business, a WordPress pricing table is a must for your website. And it’s easy to boil it down to a simplified

Here’s the Lowdown on Finding the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

A large number of people are using WordPress to create websites easily without getting involved in complex coding practices. To create an appealing, professional,
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