Social Media Marketing Ideas For Fashion Brands to Boost Brand Sales

social media marketing ideasIs your brand yet to discover the most trending marketing strategy? If yes, then you are on the right page.

The most groovy, happening, and trending marketing strategy is waiting for you to grab it. With almost every individual becoming a social media addict, what’s better than exhibiting your products on these social channels. You can be the ace of the marketing space.

People are diving deep into the fashion trends with time, and social media is the new shopping destination for them to make a smooth purchase with just a few clicks. So this blog highlights the key social media marketing ideas for fashion brands. 

The Age Of Social Media Marketing Ideas

Social media, being one of the options of marketing a few years ago for brands, has now turned into the essential platform for brands to distribute their marketing strategies and material. 

All kinds of brands from different industries are using social media for their growth and success. The fashion industry is one of the most popular ones on social platforms. 

Fashion brands are using social platforms to build brand awareness, share their new products and designs, sell their products, build their brand following and much more.

So, social media has immense importance for fashion brands in their journey for consistent success and growth. 

Here are some of the social media marketing ideas that every fashion brand must use to boost its growth in the marketing ecosystem.

Social Media Marketing Ideas For Fashion Brands

1. Fathom out your targeted audience preferred choice

The primary social media marketing idea is the necessity to determine the networking site where your targeted audience usually hangs out. Brands need to figure out the interesting social media channels of their audiences. 

By figuring out where your target market hangs out (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter), brands can strategize their social media marketing plan to reach the maximum range of potential customers.

2. Display your social presence actively

In this social media marketing idea, Your customers need to have a strong connection with you which is only possible with your active presence on social media. Brands need to showcase their omnipresence and constructive participation on social media.  

If they frequently post on social channels, they will be seen by a larger audience. The more the visitors, the more will be the click-through rates. Higher click rates will convert potential customers into real customers. And the more the customer base, the better will be the sale.

3. Generate vibrant and engaging content

Brands should focus on creating content that attracts the audiences. The best way to create such content is by utilizing user-generated content and repurpose it to beautify the image of the brand. It’s the most reliable and authentic content that engages the audience and triggers them to make a purchase.

This user-generated content can be modified, personalized, and customized according to the targeted audience and preferred social media channel. Also, there are tools that help brands moderate the content to display quality and relevant content with fresh and unique updates.

Social Media Marketing

4. Authentic advertising using UGC

This is one of the best social media marketing ideas where customers these days believe in genuine recommendations of the existing users rather than branded promotional content.

Let’s take it this way: How many of you consider reviews of the products before purchasing it?

I guess almost everyone! Why?

This is because the reviews and testimonials we see on the products page are created by the true customers and are reliable and trustworthy. In fact, 93% of customers believe that UGC is really helpful for them to make a purchase.

On social media, brands can leverage the UGC advertising by using the content posted by its users to attract new customers and increase the graph of sales.

5. Use dedicated hashtags 

Hashtags are the group of characters that are defined by the brands for a particular product or feature. Brands should consider using relevant hashtags while uploading the posts on their feed or while advertising via different social channels. 

People search for their needs using hashtags on social media. These hashtags make the brands easily visible and discoverable, making it the top priority for the customers.  

Therefore, you should focus on creating your unique brand hashtags to create an identity and easily curate and manage the performance of your social campaigns. 

The dedicated hashtags also help you explore and curate extremely valuable user-generated content for your brand. UGC, as we all know, is the base to build brand trust and sales on social media. 

6. Market your products on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are the most used social media channels worldwide. With 1.49 billion daily active users on Facebook, and 500 million daily active users on Instagram, they are the most important marketing platforms for any brand.

With a huge number of users visiting business profiles daily, brands can take advantage of such networks to create their attractive hub for marketing purposes. 

7. Create Shoppable Posts

Shoppable posts in simple words are the visual form of merchandising that is created by the brands using vibrant and enticing images, by adding tags to the products such as price, product specifications, and its descriptions in a detailed form. This way of shopping has shortened the path of purchase for the customers.

By introducing shoppable posts to their marketing strategies, brands can turn customers’ interest in sales. Many social ecommerce tools can help the brands to utilize the user-generated content and turn it into a product for sale.

The social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are filled with provide you with the option to turn your social media posts into shoppable posts. You can even create and publish shoppable social feeds on your website. You can do so with the help of social commerce platforms. 

8. Encourage influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is here to stay for long. It is simply because people get influenced by their ideal figures and models that prompts them to make a click. 

Brands should collaborate with social media influencers and famous celebrities to advertise for their products and increase brand awareness. This way, brands connect with the emotions of the customer. 

When people see their favourite faces using a particular brand, they get overwhelmed and invokes the essence of love for the brand. This increases the conversion rates for the brands with higher and improves growth rates and sales.

9. Win the game with robust customer service

“What goes around, that comes around”. 

Providing your customers with an interactive, superlative, and friendly environment to shop is the key to magnetize your customers towards your brands.

Customers love when they get friendly responses from the brands they desire to shop from. It is therefore important for the brands to reply to customer’s queries regularly and interactively react to their branded promotions.

Thus by proving a user-friendly interface and smooth customer services, brands can expand their customer reach and enhance their engagement towards the brands.


Igniting the desires of the customers and unlocking their zeal of modernizing their fashion trend every time, is the major concern for brands these days. To get over this, brands need to leverage social media to outspread its products to large scale social media users. It will expand its footprint to a wider range of marketing spheres.

With the social media marketing ideas discussed in this blog, it’s time to take advantage of this social platform and supercharge your business and its sales.