Tiktok Video Marketing Strategies to Implement, Starting Today

TikTok may have started as a dance and lip-syncing entertainment app, but it has since grown beyond those confines to become a comprehensive video platform. No longer just for dance challenges and viral influencers, it’s now a dynamic engagement platform that’s full of marketing opportunities!

Most videos uploaded to TikTok are between 15 and 60 seconds and can be created, edited, and uploaded right from the app or the TikTok web platform. These mini vlogs have been so successful because they cater to consumer desires by presenting passive consumption that’s easily digestible. 

Why You Need to do TikTok Video Marketing

As of January 2022, over 52% of U.S. TikTok users are adults over the age of thirty.[1] The bite-sized video content icon has landed squarely in the ring of top contenders for social media video marketing

Billions of Users

TikTok announced last fall that they crossed the billion active user mark in September of 2021.[2] 

Incredible Engagement

In January 2022, the short-form video platform reported over 15 million daily active users from Android devices across the globe and is one of the top downloaded apps across the board for the Google Play store.[3] 

Video editor Invideo reports that every one hundred views generate an average of twelve engagements in the form of comments, likes, and shares.[4]

Smaller Competitive Market

While the user count is high, TikTok is largely still viewed as an entertainment service and not as a serious marketing tool. Roughly 50% of top brands have no presence on TikTok at all.[5] This mindset is rapidly changing! Now is the time to establish your brand while marketing efforts are still in growth mode.

Low Production Cost

You don’t need any fancy equipment to take part in TikTok marketing strategies. Your phone and some mildly capable editing software if you want to polish it up. The TikTok algorithm advances raw and authentic content that molds to the positive culture

User Friendly

Once you create a business account, it’s as easy to create an ad as it is a video post! There is even the option to create a “Spark Ad” that advances posts you’ve already uploaded. Or you can work directly with a TikTok representative and take advantage of branded ads that offer a more comprehensive marketing strategy. 

Ads Are Designed for Authenticity

U.S. TikTok users spend over fourteen hours a month on TikTok, nearly double what the previous survey reported only six months prior.[5] Scrollers aren’t sticking around for spammy sales videos. They’re enjoying real, authentic content created all over the world. Your ad strategy should match. 

How Is Your Competition Using TikTok?

Brands that are already working the latest and greatest for their marketing are leveraging one or all of these effective strategies. 

Paid Ads Strategy

Paid ads are a new feature for TikTok, but it was intended to promote small businesses. Brands can create short-form videos that appear the same as any other video posted to the For You Page while still providing external links to drive traffic.  

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are nearly magical beings that carry a lot of weight on social media. They’re professional content creators and connection makers. By leveraging their existing platform, you get to borrow the influence they’ve built into a business. 

Because reach potential is so great, you certainly don’t need a mega influencer to make it work. Smaller, more niche influencers have a greater chance of sharing your exact target market. Leveraging micro-influencers can maximize your ROI. 

You can incentivize them with product or money, depending on how they prefer to operate. Many will have representation or be working with an agency that can help facilitate negotiations. Collaboration could be a shoutout, a review, takeovers, or full corporate video production.

Posting Original Content That’s Authentic and Engaging

This is true with any content type, not just TikTok videos. What you have to say needs to match your brand messaging, resonate with your audience, and be designed to encourage engagement.  

You want to capture the attention of scrollers within the first few seconds of your video. Take the time to scroll on your own, see what’s trending, catch the vibe of your intended market and replicate this in your own content. 

TikTok Marketing Best Practices

While many marketers are seeing the value of video marketing as a whole, with 87% of the lot reporting a good return on investment[6], this hasn’t fully translated onto TikTok yet. Most brands still aren’t taking the platform as seriously as they should.

But this is good news for you! The market is open, and you have the competitive edge by beating other brands to the platform. 

As with every marketing strategy, you need a comprehensive campaign strategy before you start throwing up disjointed dance videos, hoping your brand will grow. Here are a few ways to integrate TikTok into their video marketing strategy!

Join the Movement

Social media is a digital subculture, and TikTok is its leader. There are hashtags, filters, and platform-specific lingo. Simply editing your existing content to fit TikTok won’t be as successful. The sooner you jump on the bandwagon, the sooner you will be able to leverage the app to its full potential. Joining the movement is what generates growth!

Keep an eye on trends, test things out, or try remixing popular audio or challenges. Have some fun! Put your own stamp on these elements and remain authentic to who you and your brand are. 

Be An Active Member Of Your Niche Community

Thousands of niches live within the TikTok world. They call themselves “toks”, like “fashiontok” or “shoetok” on the app. Users that create content for these communities will integrate these tags into their videos and captions. 

Conduct your own research and see what community fits with your brand and could help you grow. Engage with existing content by commenting on and liking posts and following creators in your “tok” niche. Focus on engagement, not just selling or views. 

Start conversations in your niche and about your product. Ask other community members questions like they’re real people! (Hint: That’s because they are!) Get to know their interests, hobbies, and how your service or product can improve their lives. Always include your niche “tok” hashtag to increase awareness and stay in the feeds of your market.   

Entertain Your Audience

Dry, boring product demos aren’t going to advance your brand on TikTok. Make people smile! Give them a reason to chuckle! Share a relatable story and engage emotions with your video content. 

While every marketing campaign must have a specific goal, whether that’s conversions, sales, leads, or brand awareness; you must still embrace the TikTok culture to see the best results. TikTok users want to be entertained in a bite-sized format. Adapt and grow!

Start Integrating TikTok to Your Video Marketing Strategy in 2022!

The proof is in the platform. Exponential reach is possible with authentic entertainment and genuine engagement. Do your research and discover where you fit in the TikTok world!

By creating compelling content, you can leverage the reach potential of TikTok to promote your brand and connect with your target market.

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