5 Simple Tips to Create Eye-Catching Marketing Videos

marketing videosIf you are starting to get into making marketing videos, then you will undoubtedly want the videos that you create to get as much attention as possible.

As far as that goes it is safe to say that the more your videos are able to catch the eyes of viewers, the greater their impact will be.

Make no mistake, creating eye-catching marketing videos is something that requires thought and planning.

Recording impromptu videos isn’t quite going to cut it, and you will want to make sure that every aspect of your videos is engineered to grab the attention of viewers.

More specifically, you should start by looking at the areas that viewers are likely to focus on first – and these tips will go a long way to helping you out on that front:

Write attention-grabbing titles

On video platforms where titles are included (such as YouTube), they are very often the first thing that viewers see – which makes them extremely important.

The perfect title is one that lets the viewer know what the video is about, while also framing the benefits that watching the video will provide.

It is important to note, however, that many platforms nowadays don’t place as much prominence on the titles, and some skip them entirely.

Choose the right preview image

The next thing that viewers notice is the ‘preview’ image. And on platforms where the title is absent, this may even be the first thing that they see.

Generally, preview images can be used in the same way titles can. But instead of just ‘telling’ the viewer why they should watch the video, the image can actually ‘show’ them the reason why.

Make sure your marketing videos are short

When viewers encounter long videos, they very often don’t bother watching it through to the end.

Some may stick around for a minute at most, but most tend to leave much sooner than that.

On the other hand, for videos that are about a minute long in total, a far greater number of people actually watch them all the way through.

In other words: Create short videos – about a minute in length at most.

Start the video with a ‘bang’

Part of what makes some marketing videos a lot more effective than others is that they start strong and make full use of the first few seconds to hook viewers into watching the video.

To achieve this, you will have to take full advantage of the visual nature of videos and try to play on the emotions of viewers.

If you can successfully make them feel hopeful, inspired, tickled, curious or any other emotion – they are more likely to stay and watch.

Use the right tools

Of course to create marketing videos you will need the right tools. And one method that is gaining in popularity is the use of screen recorders.

By recording video footage from your screen with Movavi Screen Capture, you will be able to create video guides, interviews, and a host of other types of content.

Using Movavi Screen Capture is a piece of cake. And its controls, as well as user interface, are extremely intuitive in nature.

With a little bit of experimenting, you’ll find that you’re able to configure the recording parameters to suit your needs.

This includes defining the capture frame, selecting the audio source, and setting the frame rate.

Additionally Movavi Screen Capture will also give you tools to let you capture keyboard and mouse actions.

It can highlight the mouse cursor to make it more visible, set a custom ‘click’ sound, and display keys that are pressed on screen.

Once you are done recording the footage that you need, Movavi Screen Capture will even let you trim out any bits you don’t need.

After that, all that will remain is to save your video by either selecting a format or using one of the built-in presets to automatically optimize it for a certain device or platform.

Considering it is all so easy, you should have no problem coming up with great and eye-catching videos to use in your marketing campaign.

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Steven Harvey often runs video marketing campaigns. He experiments with different approaches to try to create videos that grab and retain the audience’s attention.

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