How To Use Squarespace To Monetize Your Online Business

use squarespace to monetizeIndeed, a plethora of platforms with cutting-edge eCommerce solutions are being offered to meet the need for e-merchants to run an online business. However, people who are new to the eCommerce market may struggle to find an entry-level platform that fits their budget and technological capabilities.

It is ideal for e-commerce newcomers to launch their online business on an intuitive platform. This enables them to quickly become acclimated to the dynamic dynamics of Internet-based product sales. Among the hundreds of eCommerce systems available, Squarespace is a lifesaver for online merchants looking to get their business off the ground.

Today in this post, we’ll provide you with a brief overview of Squarespace for beginners and in-depth training on how to utilise Squarespace to monetize your online business.

So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Fundamentals of Squarespace

Before we jump to the crux of this post, let’s first understand, “What is Squarespace?”

Squarespace is a well-known platform with an abundance of amazing built-in features that now powers 2,647,991 active websites.

It was built from the ground up as a CMS (Content Management System) application that includes a blog hosting service. This means you have complete control over the creation, editing, and modification of the material on your Squarespace website.

Surprisingly, Squarespace is attempting to prioritise eCommerce services, which enable e-merchants to offer things in an orderly fashion. As a result, Squarespace is also a better option for people interested in running an online company rather than simply creating blogs, portfolios, or artistic exhibits.

Without a question, Squarespace is an easy-to-use platform, owing to its straightforward settings and comprehensive capabilities.

Additionally, Squarespace earns kudos for its drag-and-drop interface and excellent built-in functionality. As a result, our cloud-based platform is completely customizable for novices and non-coders alike.

In the comparison between Squarespace vs WordPress, Squarespace often takes the lead since it is user-friendly and an intuitive platform to begin with.

Monetize your online business by using Squarespace

There are few ways to monetize your online business on Squarespace, we’ll learn about each of those ways in detail to determine which one of these is a perfect fit for your online business.

So let’s begin. Shall we?

Paid ads

The most common way to monetize your online business on Squarespace is to host paid advertisements especially on your website blog.

You might be familiar with seeing ads on blogs or other landing pages. These ads usually appear on footer, sidebar, at times between the blogs.

By default Square doesn’t offer paid advertisements functionality, so to set up paid advertisements on your Squarespace online store through a third-party platform such as Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is one of the most common and largest paid advertisement programs that is used across the globe to earn money through blogs.

The advantage of having sponsored advertisements on your website is that it’s a relatively straightforward way to earn money—you monetize your existing blog traffic with little work beyond creating and configuring your AdSense account.

Additionally, Google AdSense automatically resizes advertising for mobile display, ensuring that all advertising is mobile-friendly.

Paid advertising with a third-party advertising solution such as Google AdSense is a common monetization option for high-traffic Squarespace blogs, however it does require some consideration of the effects on user experience and page loading time.

Online membership programs

Creating an online membership program on your Squarespace eCommerce store is another suitable option to monetize your online business and optimize your eCommerce conversion rate.

You may establish online membership programmes at any stage of your blogging career, and you retain total control over your content and revenue possibilities.

Online membership programmes offer a variety of benefits, including video archives, resource libraries, online courses and training, discussion forums for members only, and group directories.

We prefer online membership programmes in general and highly recommend them to anybody trying to build their business (and maybe increase their revenue!).

However, online courses, resource libraries, and other membership organisations are particularly advantageous for monetizing your online business since they provide a natural “upgrade” to your business, especially your blog.

Email marketing campaigns

Apart from getting actual sales on your eCommerce store, you can monetize your online business by collecting email addresses of your prospective leads. If you think your website is a business card but that’s not the case.

Running an email marketing campaign is essential. It’s like letting your dream customer know more about your expertise. Don’t forget, people enjoy receiving free items, so include a freebie on your website.

Individuals must provide their email address in order to obtain your useful gift.

Alternatively, they might subscribe to your wonderful blog or newsletter. Once you have their email address, you may introduce them to you through your blogs or emails.

Sponsored blogs

Another profound way to monetize your online business is to work with relevant brands in your industry and create sponsored content.

Sponsored content is an arrangement with a brand in which you agree to offer information about and advocate their product or service on your blog in exchange for a price.

There are several other specifics related to the contract you’d enter into with the company, but in general, sponsored post contracts contain a certain word count, number of images, image rules, amount of product and brand references, and links, among other things.

Additionally, it is critical to follow FTC requirements and disclose every time a sponsored content is published on your site.

Sponsored content may be one of the most lucrative money streams for bloggers, but the caveat is that you’ll need a sizable, established following to attract the attention of marketers seeking access to your existing following.

Additionally, it may take time for your traffic and impact to grow to the point where you can get contracts with the businesses with whom you wish to collaborate.

Coaching and consulting services

Another astounding way to use Squarespace to monetize your online business is to simply translate your store blog content into consulting and coaching services. Though it’s a less commonly used tactic, it’s a great way to flex your expertise and earn some money.

It will help you to bring an audience to your website and expand your consumer base which will automatically bring in more sales.

You share your expert opinions via paid coaching and consulting packages that allow readers to access the premium information.

Offering a more introductory resource, like one of the membership programme offerings mentioned above, through which very engaged customers/clients could continue on to your premium coaching or consulting product is generally recommended for personalized coaching or consulting products, since those have typically larger investments.


As we have reached the end of this post, you must have realized that you can monetize your online business by using Squarespace in multiple ways. All of the above mentioned techniques are unique and extremely useful.

Just bear in mind when you’re choosing the monetizing technique make sure to take your audience and customers into consideration as it will help you to choose the right technique for your online business.

Without a doubt, Squarespace is an excellent eCommerce platform that is well-suited for establishing a small- to medium-sized eCommerce company.