The Main Reasons to Choose Magento for Your eCommerce Business

magento for ecommerce

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Selecting the optimal platform to build your online store on is a tougher decision to make than you might think at first. For starters, the long-term perspective is what needs to be taken into account. Once you’ve opted for a platform, you’ll most likely be stuck with it for years to come. Not to mention other factors to pay attention to, including user-friendliness, the ease of maintenance, flexibility, among others.

With so many possible options available on the market today, we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing it down to one of the ultimate favourites, Magento. We’ll gladly share the major reasons why using Magento for ecommerce can be the #1 choice for you and give tips on the top Magento development services you can definitely make use of.

The Magento Community Edition is free

First thing’s first, did you know that this online retail platform is open source? Yes, you’ve got the right idea, you may build your online shop on Magento for free!

Of course, it’s only fair to state that regardless of the chosen platform, you’ll still need to chip in just to get started. Of course, the process of actually building your online store on Magento is free. But keep in mind you’ll need to purchase a hosting for your online store separately.

Nevertheless, the opportunities of the Magento open source version, aka Community Edition, allow covering your needs over and above. Of course, some additional super customizable features will be required right from the beginning or later on in the process. In such cases, Magento also has a paid edition called Magento Commerce (previously known as “Enterprise”).

Magento for ecommerce: as flexible as it can get

As mentioned previously, one of the top perks of selecting in favor of Magento is its endless opportunities for customization. Of course, other platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce or OpenCart, may offer you flexibility too. But in many cases this can basically mean additional expenses from your side (and sometimes huge ones).

Rest assured that reaching for your wallet may become quite a regular thing when it’ll come to customization, not to mention the long hours that will be required, resulting in simple changes becoming something time-consuming, costly, and complex.

Speaking of spending extra for mere flexibility, with Magento you won’t encounter hidden charges for things as uncomplicated as uploading an image to your store. Another example is fees for payments via a transaction method that’s not among the platform’s preferred ones.

In other words, if you want your online store to stand out, if you have a unique idea of what you want your website to be like, have a fancy design for your brand, predefined out-of-the-box “construction block” solutions might not be the right way for you.

Be it customization done specifically for your store via Magento development services from scratch or an adaptation of one of the thousands of Magento Marketplace extensions and themes, the platform gives you the chance to be as creative as you’d like. There are no boundaries or restrictions.

High level of user-friendliness 

Magento’s boundless user-friendliness is something we cannot allow ourselves to not touch upon. Have no doubt that clients who’ll be browsing your store’s website won’t have any problems in allocating what they need and purchasing your goods in several steps.

Intuitive website navigation and top-notch customer experience are among the features which make Magento stores distinct. The last thing you’d want for your buyers is clicking through the web of your products searching what they need. Most likely they’ll leave your website and prefer to look somewhere else.

And did we note that Magento is well adapted for mobile devices? Since more and more purchases are made via tablets or mobile phones, it’s vital to be in step with the trends. With Magento, you can be sure that your products look appealing and are accessible from different-sized screens.

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It’s easy to maintain Magento content

To top it all, the platform’s back end is very easy to use, thus, no worries if you’re not an IT guru. You won’t have trouble displaying your products, adding information about them in the database, and segmenting them into categories and catalogs.

Plus, with Magento, administrating and keeping data regarding your orders, clients, and suppliers are clear and logical. You’ll stay organized despite the volumes of your content.

It’s also good to know that all SEO points are taken into account on the platform too. Well-orchestrated SEO equals more organic searches and website visits, so just make a note that Magento thought it all through for you!

Have many foreign customers? No problem!

One more unquestionable win of opting for Magento for ecommerce is the opportunity of globalizing your website. This will definitely come in handy if you’re already selling your products to customers from different countries or are planning to do so in the future. 

The rich selection of features offers solutions for adding various automatically convertible rates to various currencies and even localizing your shopping website to multiple languages if you need!

You’ll have no issues of moving your business from national to a global scale and updating your website considering the geographic segmentation. It’s good to know your options, right?

It’s a safe environment

Among the key points to also not forget about is that Magento is a safe platform. The system is designed to safeguard the data of your online shop and prevent leaks. The security of the platform ranks very high both for clients and owners.

Bear in mind that the feature of scanning your website for possible risks via the Magento Security Scan Tool can be a lifesaver for avoiding and preventing hazards such as forgery, hacks, among others.

Top-notch Magento support

Last but not least, even though some platforms provide back-up in case your website goes down, there isn’t much that depends on you in terms of when the issue will be fixed. The problem will be handled, of course, but the main question is when?

When using Magento for ecommerce, the power is in your hands. There’s no better way to handle Magento troubleshooting (or vice versa advancing and boosting your store’s functionality) than with the hands of a professional.

The most common recipe is having one or two in-house developers responsible for your website’s Magento support. But a better option is trusting the technical maintenance of your project to a third-party company that specializes in Magento development services.

Summing up, is Magento right for you?

All in all, Magento, undoubtedly, has numerous strong sides with the major one being its unmatched flexibility! Other indisputable advantages of this eCommerce platform are its user-friendliness, simplicity in back end maintenance. Not to mention extensive SEO opportunities, mobile optimization, data safety, and support.

Whether this specific platform is your line of approach or not in much depends on your needs, budget, and other factors. As to be fair, each of the platforms available on the market has their own virtues and perks.

Would you select in favor of Magento for ecommerce to grow your online business?

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