3 Tips to Create Exceptional Product Images for Your eCommerce Store

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3 Tips to Create the Best Product Images for Your eCommerce Store

With eCommerce stores gaining popularity in recent years, the competition to sell your products online has also increased. Further, with more people gravitating toward online shopping, you must stay ahead of your competition to ensure customers choose your store to shop for over others.

To make your products stand out from the crowd, you need amazing eCommerce product photos to boost the visual appeal of your products and lure visitors into making a purchase.

Read on to learn the top tips to create high-impact eCommerce product images.

Why Do eCommerce Product Images Matter?

Although you can reach a wider audience without territorial restrictions with an eCommerce business, you must have the ability and understanding to persuade customers to buy your products virtually.

Product images play an imperative role in this situation. When used in eCommerce, it refers to pictures captured to utilize as product listings’ visual representations on your digital storefront. These product pictures aim to “talk for oneself,” emphasizing the product’s salient qualities, traits, hues, textures, and aesthetic appeal.

eCommerce product pictures are intended to visually address potential buyers’ questions, provide detailed context and information about the product, and encourage immediate purchase.

Do you still doubt the significance of product images in eCommerce? Statistics show how crucial product images are to your eCommerce site.

  • 65% of people learn best visually. This demonstrates that product images have a greater psychological impact than textual words.
  • 90% of digital shoppers cite image quality as the most crucial element in digital shopping. Without quality images of goods, your company will experience a massive loss.
  • Your conversion rate can go up by 30% with compelling product photos.
  • 75% of digital buyers use a product picture to help them decide. Think about how many customers would not purchase from you if you did not have product pictures.
  • Referrals and recommendations from your social media profiles are 40% more likely when your products are photographed well. In addition to increasing conversion rates, product photography broadens the audience for your company.
  • 70% of organizations invest in product images as a content marketing strategy. Given that all significant businesses are engaging in content marketing, you should too. You may make free visual content to promote your company by reusing product photographs for your eCommerce store.

3 Tips to Create the Best Product Images for Better Conversions

3 Tips to Create Effective eCommerce Photos for Better Conversions

#1 Create a White Backdrop

Most eCommerce product photographs are generally set on a white backdrop. There are several valid explanations for this:

There are numerous methods to create a white backdrop. An image cutout is the easiest to use. Below are a few methods to cutout an image.

5 Easy Ways to Cutout an Image Using Photoshop

1. The Object Selection Tool

This tool operates by automatically focusing on the subject’s edge. Further, it allows you to choose the ‘selection region’ with modes resembling the marquee tool.

The best part about the Object Selection tool is that it requires much less manual painting than Quick Selection.

2. The Quick Selection Tool

This tool is one of Photoshop’s most effortless ways to cut out a picture. Moreover, with the help of this tool, you can draw a selection onto your image. Undeniably, it performs best when a clear-cut edge surrounds the primary object.

3. Channel

This Photoshop feature divides your pictures into three channels; Red, Green, and Blue. Further, these channels create colors in your pictures.

Each of these three channels corresponds to a different layer of contrast in your image. Using this contrast, you may make exact selections in Photoshop to remove parts of images. Additionally, channels are beneficial for cutting out detailed pictures with strong contrast.

4. The Pen Tool

One of Photoshop’s most valuable tools is the Pen tool. This is the tool to use if you want to choose something with an absolute edge. When you first use the Pen tool, it could feel a little intimidating, but with practice, it will become your Photoshop toolbox’s most helpful cutout technique.

Additionally, since the selection is performed by hand, the Pen tool in Photoshop works well for removing portions of an image. You are responsible for manually tracing the pen path around your target; while this adds some more work, it guarantees you will receive a precise selection.

5. The Magnetic Lasso Tool

This tool independently establishes anchor points along boundaries in your image and ensures excellent image cutout. If you need a nearly automatic tool but still want command, this is a great tool to clip out an image in Photoshop.

A Four-step Process to Cutout Image Using an iPhone

The most recent iOS feature makes it simple for users to cut out objects from pictures.

It quickly separates a subject from a background and lets you share the results. In iOS 16, what often needs a lot of time and work when using photo editing software may be completed in a few simple steps. This is how it works:

Step 1: Open the photo gallery.

Step 2: Look through your camera roll for a photo with the subject you want to cut out.

Step 3: Press on the subject until you hear a buzzing sound and see a white border, identifying the subject.

Step 4: Now copy and paste a borderless image.

#2 Ensure Your eCommerce Store’s Product Photos Offer a Consistent User Experience.

Undeniably, having best-in-class, compelling product images is a good start. However, to make the most out of them, you must guarantee that they provide visitors to your eCommerce site with a pleasurable browsing and shopping experience. Editing and retouching your website’s product photos consistently will help you achieve this.

Start by ensuring that all your products’ default image has the exact alignment or dimension, along with a consistent backdrop and lighting. For example, if you opt to use six images for each product, ensure all things you present in the listing have six images. This will ensure consistency throughout your product pages.

#3 Optimize Product Photos

Besides the quality of product images, other factors also impact your eCommerce business’s success. One of these elements is the website’s search engine friendliness.

Your site’s speed is an essential ranking element on search engines; thus, you should ensure the size of your pictures is optimized in accordance without compromising quality.

  • Make sure that the picture size is, at most, what your website can display.
  • The file format is essential. Thus, choose the format that best meets the requirements.
  • Give your files definitive names and alt-attributes.
  • Finally, you might employ one of the several image-compressing tools accessible on the web.

How Can Outsourcing Photo Cutout Services Benefit Your Business?

Leveraging professional photo cutout services, you can eliminate or alter undesirable, flawed, or distracting backdrops and create product-focused photographs that entice potential customers.

Having boring, distorted, blurry, or unappealing pictures will instantly turn away customers from your business. However, good product photographs encourage visitors to click and learn more about your offerings, boosting your chance of attracting more potential clients.

Further, as photo cutout tasks are time-consuming and require the ability to use sophisticated photo editing software, outsourcing image cutout services can save you significant time to concentrate on your company’s core operations to assure success and growth.


Generally, using high-quality product images can attract customers and increase sales.

This article discusses three tips for producing high-quality eCommerce product images, how image cutout fares in this context, and how outsourcing photo cutout services might help your eCommerce business.

Implement these tips and see a boost in the number of customers lured to your site with a continuous rise in sales.

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