6 WooCommerce plugins to Boost your WordPress Store Functionalities

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In the e-commerce world, it’s always challenging for new entrepreneurs to attract customers and drive the projected sales. WooCommerce plugins are an excellent way to enhance your customer’s experience and increase conversions.

There are hundreds of plugins available for the WooCommerce e-commerce platform, but not all of them work well. So you should wisely choose the desired plugins because a good user experience leads to a successful business. If you don’t pay attention to how to improve the performance of your eCommerce website, your online business won’t thrive.

A WooCommerce plugin’s best feature is its ease of integration and use. Also, they enhance the functionality of your platform, making it easier for users to browse your site and buy products.

The key metrics that indicate how site performance is measured are listed below.

  • Email performance
  • Attractive user interface for high-quality experiences
  • Cart abandonment and Fast Navigation
  • Easy Checkouts, Order Placement, and Secure payment methods
  • Sales and conversion rate

In this article, we will give you an overview of some of the best WooCommerce product plugins that will improve store performance and functionality.

WooCommerce plugins to Boost your WordPress Store Functionalities

1. Product Gallery Slider

If you want to enhance sales and improve the user experience then you should go with this plugin. With the WooCommerce product gallery slider, customers can see all the product’s images in the slider – they don’t have to select each one individually.

With this videos and images can be uploaded or linked to specific product categories and store pages. The customer can also view images and videos in a lightbox and zoom in on images.

Other add-on features of this plugin are:

  • You can embed videos in the gallery
  • It enables you to set auto-sliding images
  • You can use lightbox for better visual impact
  • A range of designs for lightbox, arrows, and multiple bullets are available
  • You can choose a suitable layout for the gallery slider
  • It is fully mobile responsive

2. Order Cancellation Plugin

WooCommerce cancel order plugin makes process of order cancellation easy for both admin and customers. Customers can cancel orders simply by clicking a button instead of contacting the customer service department.

You can set your conditions for order cancellation you might accept or reject the order cancellation request. The same applies to the refund policy, you can either charge a cancellation fee or fully refund the customers. It allows the admin to display the cancel button to some specific users.

Following are the main functions of the plugin:

  • It makes order Cancellation hassle-free for customers
  • You can automatically or manually approve order cancellation requests
  • Customers can reorder the product using the reordering button
  • You can restrict the order cancellation for specific products
  • If your customer cancels their order, you should ask the reason for the cancellation and set the refund policy accordingly
  • You can hide the order cancellation button and only display it to the specific customers

3. Cart Limit Plugin

Sometimes you have to limit customers from adding the product to the shopping cart for this Woocommerce Cart Quantity plugin is the best solution. You can easily control the quality and inventory by restricting purchases with this plugin.

You can put limitations on the number of products or the total amount spent by the customer. When a customer reaches the maximum cart quantity then he can not add new items he can only replace the items. With this plugin, you can restrict customers from purchasing limited edition products to manage inventory.

Key features of this plugin are:

  • It allows you to offer a limited number of new or limited-edition products
  • You can restrict customers to add new products when max quantity limit is reached
  • Allows customers to replace the first or last item in their cart
  • You can control the timing of restocking inventory by limiting the amount of product available
  • Customers can be explained cart limitations through custom messages
  • Reduce shipping costs by limiting cart quantities or cart items

4. Facebook Chatbot

Automate your customer support and harness the power of Facebook Messenger to interact with your users with this plugin. Through this plugin, you can engage customers in predefined queries to provide automated customer support.

Three chat blocks can be configured for conditional replies. The best part of this plugin is that it allows post, product, or category search in chat. Using a verification token and a callback URL, you can connect your social media business page with the store’s website. You can change the connected page whenever you want.

Key features of the WooCommerce chatbot are:

  • You can automate customer support with chat
  • You can create default messages with titles
  • It allows you to display a chat button on every shop, home, or the single product page
  • Send product images and product specifications in chats
  • You can connect your store site with your Facebook business page
  • The Edit Chat Page option in the plugin allows you to change the connected social page at any time

5. Price Guaranteed

If you want to boost your sales and compete with the competitor’s prices then you can use this plugin. Name your price plugin allows customers to share the prices of the competitors with the store owners via email. You can generate coupons against any product and can also set the term for its use.

It helps to engage customers and increase store conversions by offering the lowest prices. Gaining loyal customers will result from involving customers with pricing.

You can get numerous key features with this plugin such as:

  • The plugin allows admins to customize a popup for their customers where they ask for a suggested price.
  • Admin can manage price requests from the user-friendly dashboard
  • It allows the customer fills out fields and submits competitors’ prices
  • You can respond with a coupon to offer the best prices
  • You can also Notify customers about the discounted price and coupon expiration dates via emails

6. Audio Player Plugin

To keep your users engaged you can generate a music marketplace by selling the audio files with the WooCommerce Audio player plugin. With this plugin, allow your site’s visitors to listen to and buy audio players from your store.

You can easily customize the music player by editing the theme, buttons, and bars. In your store, you can set the music players as a thumbnail for audio streaming. You can upload a variety of audio files, which ultimately boosts revenue.

A music marketplace powered by this plugin can support multiple versions of audio files, including MP3, MP4A, WAV, OGG, And ACC.

Key functionalities of this plugin are:

  • It helps to create a music marketplace and provides visitors with audio to engage them.
  • You can add a customized audio player to your online store
  • Your store can offer to play and download audio files
  • Admin can modify thumbnails, names, and text buttons
  • Multiple audio files can be uploaded to playlists by the admin
  • Admin can personalize the audio player theme, buttons, and search bar


WooCommerce plugins are easy to use, without any coding skills you can work with them. To extend the functionality of your WooCommerce store, you can use many other WooCommerce plugins. The plugins mentioned above will help you to engage your customers as well as boost the functionality of your store.

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