The 5 Best WordPress Themes for Business

There are an increasing number of businesses that are electing to use the WordPress platform to build and manage their company’s website, and there is good reason for this.

WordPress is the world’s most popular site building and site management platform, primarily due to the fact that it has a high level of functionality, and it is extremely easy to manage and customize.

With WordPress, optimizing a business website is extremely easy. Additionally, it offers the flexibility that facilitates the development of features that is specific to a particular company.

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme

WordPress literally offers thousands of themes that can be used as the foundation upon which your site can be built. However, there are certain themes that are more conducive to optimizing performance results associated with businesses; therefore, it will be imperative to know which themes are best for businesses.

The right theme will not only provide the functionality you need, but it also needs to fit the personality profile and focus of the company. Below you will find the five best WordPress themes for business.

1. X Theme

X Theme by Themeco

X Theme by Themeco

X Theme is known for its flexibility, which allows a business owner to customize the theme in a manner that presents a site that is reflective of the brand.

This theme has plenty of stacks and configurable options. In fact, it has so many options and variations that it warrants the top spot on this list. This theme is ideal for creating a company’s website, blog or a combination of the two.

2. Mr. Tailor by Get Bowtied

Mr Tailor by Get Bowtied

Mr Tailor by Get Bowtied

This exceptionally designed multi-purpose theme not only has a remarkable level of flexibility, but it is also designed for easy integration as far as e-commerce software is concerned.

The advanced features of this site ensure that you will be able to provide the optimal experience for your visitors.

3. Divi – Versatile Responsive Business WP Theme

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi WordPress Theme

Responsive design is so vital in helping businesses improve the user experience of customers who visit their site.

Responsive design allows your site to detect what type of device — smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. — your visitor is using, and then it adapts its view, functionality and navigation to provide an optimized experience.

The page builder, which comes as a part of this theme, offers a great deal of flexibility in the way that you will be able to design your site.

4. Lavish Business Theme by WittyThemes

Lavish Theme by Witty Themes

Lavish Theme by Witty Themes

***See comments section before proceeding with this choice***

The Lavish theme is the perfect merging of functionality and elegance. One thing that this theme is recognized for is its extravagant typography, subsequently providing your visitors an awesome visual experience.

The elegance of the site is amplified by its minimalist design; however, the design loses nothing in the way of functionality.

5. Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Despite the name of this theme, it is highly flexible, making it ideal for more than just financial firms.

The design is unparalleled, making it extremely difficult to match the multitudinous effects that you are able to create with this theme.

This theme implements all of the latest web technologies to help you create the type of experience you are looking to design for your customers.


Remember, the functionality and features of the site are immensely important; however, the personality of the site carries a significant amount of gravity as well.

All five of these best WordPress themes for business above have the capacity to allow you to create a unique site that is reflective of the message that you want associated with your brand.

You can try to use these themes on your own, or you can leave the designing to the professionals. 360 Online Marketing is an internet marketing firm in Boulder, CO specializing in PPC advertising, SEO and web design. Visit their site here:

How is your business site looking?

Is it time for a change?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂


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