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website conversionsOnline businesses thrive on SEO strategies and techniques for website conversions. Google Analytics is a simple tool that provides useful insights and brings better conversion rates.

You can take a look at these Google Analytics tips and bring more conversions. Know how the metrics work and use the insights provided by these metrics to optimize your content, reduce bounce rates, and improve the quality of content.

  • Analytics is an Effective Free Tool

You can easily increase your conversion rate using this tool. You can make your content stand out in the crowd using this tool. This tool has many features and produces effective reports that let you create better content that generates more traffic.

  • Analyze Bounce Rate

This is an important metric that decides the quality of content on your website. Lower bounce rate means visitors have liked the content on your website. It means that they have stayed long enough on your website. 

This metric lets you know if they had a good or a bad experience on your website. Lower bounce rate means users have found the information or content they are looking for on your website.

When you click on the landing pages section in the analytics tool you will know which page users visited first on your website.

If the bounce rate is between 0 to 10%, you have little to worry about. This is a good rate though there is still scope to analyze and optimize the content.

If the bounce rate is more than 20%, it means that the users are not staying longer on your website and are not finding what they are looking for. At this stage, you can revise your content to lower bounce rates.

  • Improve Website Conversions: Monitor Traffic Channels

Monitor organic traffic using this tool as it helps in optimizing and creating quality content. You can get a hang of how to use each section of this tool so you know how to use it effectively. The alerts feature keeps you updated about all the latest information and all that happens on your website. 

You will be notified of all the updates and also if something goes wrong. You can set these alerts for your mail so you don’t have to log in to the tool every time there’s a notification.

Keywords, pages viewed, location of the visitors, and many more metrics provide you with the information that can help you optimize the content and bring better conversions.

You will understand your audiences and demographics better with this tool. You can find technical information such as the device and web browser used to access the pages on your website. 

You can see which keyword search or link has landed them on your page. You will get a breakdown of the traffic on your page so you get a clear picture of how they landed on your page.

Since search console is integrated with webmaster tools, it is easy to analyze a large chunk of data and various aspects of SEO in a single tool.

Third-party tools integration makes this a versatile tool in getting an in-depth analysis of various metrics. You can generate reports for day-to-day activities, weekly, as well as monthly reports. 

  • Better User Experience

You can create a better user experience when you use optimization tools for analyzing the performance of various pages on your site. You can make informed decisions and create a better digital marketing strategy using these tools. You can also use the best digital marketing audiobooks, Which can help you to a better understanding of new and fresh strategies for your website.
Better User Experiance

You can take a look at the internal search report so you will know how users got to your page. You will know what users are looking for on your website and what they are not able to find. 

You can analyze the list of searches performed in a given time frame so you know what kind of content to create to keep the users glued to your website. 

Set up your domain to perform an internal search. The search terms can give you insights on the type of content you can create that interests them. You can create newer content that was never created before based on the search terms used on your website.

You will have a new topic or a subject to cover based on these search terms. The section of ‘unique searches’ provides better insight as it eliminates duplicate searches.

  • Identify Pitfalls

Using these tools lets you identify slow-loading pages, study user behavior on various pages and know more. This is essential information that helps in keeping your pages optimized.

It helps in devising content strategy by comparing various reports. You can analyze the traffic to see where quantitative search is coming from. You can analyze every aspect of the conversion rate to get better traffic using this tool. You can reduce bounce rates by analyzing slow pages and optimizing them.

  • Shopping Patterns

Ecommerce website owners can find this tool useful to study the shopping patterns of the user. You can know what kind of products users purchase at different times in the year. You will know which months are best for conversions and which ones bring low conversions.

This data can let you analyze sales and bring you better conversions. You can also use landing pages reports to bring more sales and conversions. 

  • Analyze PPC Data

This is an essential part to analyze as it helps you find many opportunities for conversion. You can make a note of all the metrics and create a better strategy to get conversions and improve page and search ranking.

With this data, you can see the high and low ranking keywords. It can help you optimize your website with high ranking keywords that bring you better conversions and ROI.

  • Category and Screen Resolutions

Choose custom reports so you know which category and screen resolution is performing well. Users are accessing your website from various devices. You will know from the analytical report which screen resolution is getting better conversions. You can optimize the layout based on this information. 

These reports give the brand as well as the configuration information of the device users use to access your website. You can know devices on which your website is failing to load. 

  • Browser Compatibility

It is easy to check the browsers users use to visit your website. It will give you the insight to know if it has compatibility issues. You can check if browsers the users use to visit has compatibility issues with the code of your site.


Analytics is a free tool that can be integrated with other tools to get consolidated information in various aspects that is helpful in optimizing your site’s content to get better website conversions.

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