5 Top Website Niches That Are Guaranteed To Get Good Traffic

website nichethe things you love about the world can be very easy, especially if you have found what you are passionate about. However, finding the best website niche that can bring you profits can be tough.

Our world today has become more and more dependent on technology. People just type on Google if they need something or just want to have some entertainment.

Even businesses consider contents as one of their marketing initiatives to increase their sales. This is why the number of content marketers and bloggers has doubled over the years.

Every day, millions of articles are being posted online. You can check worldometers to get the specific number. Bloggers are spending hours to publish high-quality posts per week.

Can you imagine the competition? Right now, you are probably thinking what are the evergreen topics you should write about that will help you stand out from the crowd.

If you are just starting to blog, creating a list of evergreen topics can be challenging. There is a learning curve that every beginner has to go through to succeed in blogging.

It could take weeks or months for a trial and error test until you can find a specific website niche that your audience would love.

Niche Blogging about Your Passion

While it is true that finding your passion should be your first step in blogging, it may not always be a guaranteed strategy to monetize your blog.

Research will save you from falling into the pit. You need to know if there are affiliate products you can sell and many people are spending money on your chosen niche. Otherwise, it would be wiser for you to pursue other topics.

So what are the evergreen topics that get good traffic?

Good question. I can show you here the website niches that will continue to drive traffic this 2018. However, there’s no guarantee of overnight success if you decide to pursue on blogging.

Choosing the right niche is just a start; you still need to do a lot of trial and errors until you get the right formula to capture your audience and eventually, get paid from all your hard work.

Below are the best website topics that could bring you profit this 2018:

1. Beauty and Fashion

Everybody wants to look good and feel good about themselves.

Do you have great makeup tips that could help other people achieve that Instagram-perfect pose? Are you a fashionista at heart? Then share it on the World Wide Web and you could earn a name.

People around the globe are constantly looking for beauty products and clothing that is why the niche is considered to be evergreen.

Due to diversity and rapid change of lifestyle, there is always an open door for you to create content! Often times, having tutorial videos alongside your blog contents will help you a lot in relaying your message to your audience.

Do you have creative solutions that could solve the common pain points of your target audience? For example, tips on how to achieve that Korean look for those who love k-pop? Then go ahead and start writing!

2. Lifestyle

Personal development, overall fitness, travel, and home improvements fall under this niche.

There is always a room for you to grow if you choose lifestyle topics because people continuously search for personal improvements, comfort, style, and entertainment.

If you have expertise in this niche, why not share it with others and possibly turn it into something lucrative?

Creativity is the key to succeed in this niche. Most lifestyle bloggers incorporate not just engaging photos and stories but as well as conversational tones and commentaries that everyone can relate to.

Readers of this niche are often people who are searching for tips and inspiration.

However, take note that choosing this niche requires careful planning so you can strategize how you can monetize your blog.

A lot of experienced bloggers earn a bank from this niche through affiliate products, digital ads, and eBooks/ subscription services.

3. Pet Blogging

Almost everyone has a furry family member. And everyone constantly looks for solutions to common problems they could encounter in caring for their pets.

If you have the passion for animals and want to make an impact on the pet industry, why not share your experience?

A lot of people are crazy about their furry buddies and the possible topics under this niche are endless.

Ideally, you need to have a genuine love for animals and an experience on caring with particular breeds to succeed in this niche.

You don’t even need to be a professional or a vet to start pet blogging. If you have solutions you can offer to your fellow fur parents, then it could give you a great opportunity to grow your blog.

4. Kitchen Recipes

Food blogging could be one of the website niches that easily get a ton of traffic. You don’t even have to be a chef to succeed in this niche.

Oftentimes, people appreciate food blogs that are not only appetizing to look at on Instagram but also the great stories behind the cooking.

The food could be anything from traditional recipes in your home country, your own authentic recipe, or even the most common food everyone is cooking every day.

The best thing is that blogging your recipe could even lead you to narrow your niche more. Are you a vegan or nutritionist specializing in foods for people with bowel issues?

You can write about gluten-free or vegan recipes to help your audience improve their lives through the food they eat.

Moreover, you can also blog about restaurant reviews to help people, especially tourists, the best eats worth visiting.

If you love exploring different restaurants, you can help other people too by giving honest reviews about the quality of food, services, ambiance, and even the price.

5. Technology

Are you a tech person who’s a fan of the latest gadgets in the market today? Are you knowledgeable about cryptocurrency, home automation, and drones?

Are you a maker at heart who loves coding and creating electronic stuff? Then the internet could be your portal to share your passion.

One of the most trending contents nowadays is “How to” guides because people are starting to love DIYs. And that includes technology.

In the US, more and more people are searching about home automation and how they can apply this at their own homes even without a professional to install everything.

You can take advantage of this trend if you happen to be knowledgeable about this niche.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to have advanced technical skills to succeed on this blog. Are you an avid fan or user of various gadgets?

Then share your story and reviews to help other people decide what to buy. Honest reviews and stories can give you the opportunity to get a number of followers.

Final Thoughts on Your Website Niche

Choosing the right niche is just the beginning of your journey in blogging.

There is still a long way to go and along the road, you have to be flexible and open to pivot to other topics should you find better opportunities.

After all, blogging is still a business.

As a digital entrepreneur, choosing the website niche is a continuous trial and error process until you are able to shape the right content that captures your target audience.


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