5 Blogging Tips for Newbies – Learning from My Experience

Every professional blogger was once a newcomer who needed a lot of blogging tips.

It is normal that when you’re a newbie blogger, you won’t be aware of all the strict rules of blogging. You may do unwanted mistakes which can make your journey as a blogger fail.

I am 13 years a blogger and blogging from 11. I’ve got tight experience of 2 years.

I was a kid and even no one was there to help me with all this. So I made lots of mistakes, but I don’t want you to repeat them.

Read on if you want to learn from my mistakes and make your journey a successful one. 🙂
If you are a experienced blogger, then skip this post. It may make you laugh 😉

Blogging Tips for Newbies – Never Copy Content

When I just started blogging at age of 11, I started a blog on illegal downloads (I closed it later once I knew it was illegal).

I didn’t have any knowledge on games and software. I was just copying the content from other sites and thought that I would also get success like them.

But I was totally WRONG.

Copying content never works. You can get penalized by search engines and your readers immediately once they catch you doing this activity.

This was just an example. Never start such a blog ever. I did it because I was a inexperience newbie.

No matter on which topic you blog, you should always write original content. If you want to take a paragraph from a site which is really thoughtful then give proper credits to them.

So the very first thing to remember is be original.

Blogging Tips for Newbies – Get a Domain

Having a top level domain is the first step for branding your blog and making it look professional. If you are producing good content but don’t have a domain name, then it’s possible that people are avoiding you because of your blog’s URL.

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And the other tip is that get a domain as soon as possible. I thought that having a domain wasn’t necessary and started with a blogspot domain. I got success with my blog, I got good rankings and backlinks too.

After that I understood the importance of domain. When I migrated to a top level domain, I faced so many difficulties. I lost my rankings, PR, Alexa Rank and Backlinks.

If you don’t get your domain soon, then you’ll also face the same problem. So be quick at getting a domain, Please!

Blogging Tips for Newbies – Don’t Place too Many Ads

Everyone wants to earn bucks from their blogs, especially the newbies. They think that if I place more ads I will get more money.

I placed about 7 units on a single page alone of my blog. I didn’t know that what harm my readers would get from it. I just ran after money.

The result I got were something like this. I lost my readers and even didn’t get a single penny and lost my online reputation too.

It is okay to place ads on your blog, but don’t place more than 2 units per page.

Blogging Tips for Newbies – Get a Good Design

You should have a good theme for your blog to impress your readers. Just having good content doesn’t work here.

Make your blog easy to navigate. Make it fast-loading and have less ads/optins. Try to improve the typography of your blog. Having 13-16px font size is recommended. Use simple fonts, as fancy fonts are hard to read.

Make the design look light and eye-catchy. So your reader gets impressed on the first impression.

Blogging Tips for Newbies – Have a Plan and Stick with it

Work smart, not hard.

Prepare your future plans, schedules and follow them.

Be consistent in what you do.

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Don’t make the plans too difficult, but make them easy and plan for short-period.

The plan “writing 5 posts in this week” is much better and easier to follow rather than “writing 200 posts this year”.

If you make plans for short-period, you’ll be successful with them.

What do you think?

I’ve shared 5 of my experiences with blogging.

I hope you enjoyed reading these blogging tips.

Did I miss anything here which is worth a mention? Please tell me in comments.

I would also love to hear your blogging stories in brief at comments section. 🙂

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