How to Create a Blog on WordPress That Will Be Successful Quickly

create a blogBlogging is back in fashion these days, not that it really ever left. Back in the day most people tried their hands at blogging and for some it worked and for others not.

One things is certain, WordPress was popular because anyone could understand the basics of how it worked. It was easily navigated and updated.

Now, we are more appreciative of the platform as many more complicated versions have come out.

We now understand that WordPress can be used by anyone at any time. Even though the same rules of navigating WordPress still stands, there are some trends that have changed.

You can find an article summarizer and a grammar checker almost anywhere and this helps with better writing. We have a lot of options available to make our blogs even better.

If you have been wondering how to create a blog that will be successful quickly, then here are some tips you can apply:


There is a feature on WordPress that allows you to connect a few websites and run your online presence like a business.

You can add forums and online shops, while still having one brand. This is great for those who want to start more than just a blog.

Multisite has been around for a while, but not a lot of bloggers are using this feature. If you are just starting out, you are in luck, because this feature is on trend with what is going on in the online world.

How To:

Multisite is a built-in feature on WordPress, which makes the process of adding more sites relatively easy. Use the following steps to add a new site to your WordPress account.

On your menu, you simply click on My Sites, Network Admin and then Sites.

Then you go to Add New. From there, you will be asked to enter the details of the website and click on the Add Site button. It is that simple.

add a new site

Online Bookings

Your audience can now schedule bookings with you on your WordPress blog. Any booking, appointments and meetings can be scheduled on one platform.

You can also display when you are not available. This also creates a connection between you, customers and your readers.

It kind of leaves an open door and a lot of potential opportunities can come from it if used correctly.

Having a closed calendar can help with privacy, but if you can incorporate the two, you might find the right balance.

How To:

vCita has a plugin available for download. It’s called Appointment Bookings & Online Scheduling.

With more than 10 000 downloads, this one is the easiest to use. You simply add the plugin and install it on your main site for users to see.

add the plugin

How to Create a Blog that will be Successful Quickly: Sell Goods

Gone are the days when you can just update blog posts on WordPress. An online article summarizer came in handy at the time, but not you can sell goods with WordPress.

The great thing about this is that it is not a complicated process at all. It is very streamlined and you could sell physical or digital goods.

This opens up a big new world for bloggers because you can monetize even more.

Being able to grow your blog with good content and then offering products is going to help you reach your own level of success faster.

How To:

Before you can start an online store, make sure you are done with the design, store name and have decided on goods to sell.

WordPress has a plugin, WooCommerce, which has more than a million downloads. After that, you simply install the plugin and follow the prompts.


Having something that you are passionate about is important because it shows that you care.

Adding a crowdfunding link about a cause that is close to your heart adds another dimension to the way your audience views you.

There are a few plugins on WordPress that allows you to do this effortlessly. The goal with blogging is to find viewers that are loyal to you and what you are doing online.

Showing this vulnerable side of who you are is going to help get you there. Of course, you don’t want to pretend to care about something you are not really excited and passionate about.

Raising money for a cause is also going to add to your own confidence because you are helping others.

How To:

Themeum has your back covered where it comes to crowdfunding and any types of raising of funds. The plug in to use is WP Crowdfunding and after a simple install, you should be ready to go.

Make sure you add a good motivation for the funds you are raising, rather adding more than less information.


You can now invoice your customers with a simple WordPress plugin. This might not seem like a benefit to your readers, but this is going to make your business more streamlined.

Having everything at your fingertips on one platform does make is easier to manage your blog. If you are going to add a service or goods to sell on your blog, you can send out invoices directly.

This is also a huge timesaver, which is something we all need.

How To:

Sprout Invoices is a great plugin on WordPress and is totally customizable. With very little restrictions on the feature, you can’t go wrong. There are a lot of good reviews on this feature and is used my thousands on WordPress.

Live Chat

Communicating with your audience is important and the crux of what any blogger wants to achieve. You are now able to offer support live to any of your audience members or customers.

It opens up so many doors as you could use this as training sessions as well. An article summarizer in your own words is just one of the services you are offered, but this does take it to another level.

People often needs support and they do go online to find this support. If you are able to do this quickly and effectively, you are ahead of the game.

Having the ability to stay on trend is very important in this day and age because of the level of competition. You do not want your blog to be outdated when everyone else is moving on to bigger and better features.

How To:

One of the best plugins on WordPress is LiveChat. You are able to engage with your customers, users or agents directly. A streamlined box will pop up to try and engage some conversation.

You will then receive a pop-up message every time someone is trying to live chat with you.


Every dream of being an editor at one of the top magazine firms?

Well, it’s possible to do this on your blog. WordPress has a feature that you can use to start your own online magazine.

This is big news because it takes the normal blog posts up a nudge. You are able to be a bit more creative and use those skills to showcase your own magazine pages.

There are a lot of websites that are gaining a lot of success with magazine style blogging and it is another avenue bloggers can get into.

I am sure you will be hooked after your first try because it takes away from the monotony of blogging.

How To:

You can now share your creative side in the form of a magazine with the Isuu plugin. Simply register on and upload your publications.

You can then share these not only on WordPress, but also on any social media accounts you may have.


We all know that using images on blog posts are the future and we have been incorporating good-quality pics on our sites.

There are also some other good pictures that are not related to your blog posts, but you still want to share them.

Use the gallery plugin to update as many pictures as you want. It does give you more freedom to share some of your experiences in the form of a photograph.

There are some tips on the site about how you go about using this feature, but if you are a savvy online user, you will figure it out easily.

How To:

WordPress has a built in gallery option available to their users, but also a lot of good plugins to use.

When you add an image on one of your posts, simply click on the “create a gallery” pop-up. You can name your gallery and create a few as time goes on.


It is important to know what your readers think and their opinions matter. Using polls take away all the long comments that most bloggers don’t have the time to read.

With a poll, you can get a quick overview of what is generally thought by your audience. It’s quick and easy for those participating as well, which they more likely will do.

You can use this poll option for just about any information. It could be for post options or just a general feeling about your blog and what can be improved.

There are no prescribed polls, so it opens up the options.

How To:

There is a feature on the sidebar in WordPress that reads, “Add a Poll”.

Simply click on that icon and start creating your poll. It is very streamlined and you will be directed as you go along.


WordPress has been around for a long time and it does not seem to be going anywhere.

In fact, they are just improving as time goes by. WordPress has been the foundation for many successful bloggers and I suspect it is going to continue.

Having a platform that anyone can use without having a programming degree is a bonus. If you have something to share with the world, WordPress has made it easy.

Even though a lot of competitive sites have popped up in the meantime, WordPress still remains one of the most popular blogging platforms.

Do you have something to share with the world?

Do you want to be successful in your blogging without having a programming degree?

Let us know how you plan to create a blog that will be successful in 2018! 🙂

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