10 Essential Steps to Take to Make Money Blogging

make money blogging

If you are someone who would like to work from home and make money without being stuck in traffic, you might have thought about giving blogging a try.

A few years ago, blogging took over the world and many people quit their full-time jobs in the hopes of making blogging a success.  There are a lot of success stories online.

Many bloggers have gone as far as sharing their monthly earnings with their readers. This can be very motivating to someone who is just done with the 9-5 hustle.

You also have those individuals who are not employed at the moment and need to make some extra cash. Some bloggers have decided to keep their full-time jobs are blog as a side job.

This could be a wise decision if you are just starting out. It does take some time to grow your blog to a money making site. A lot goes into blogging and you only realise it once you are doing it.

Between finding a reword sentence generator and hours of research, you might become a little despondent. If you are not making money from your blog after some time, it can be very discouraging.

Sometimes you can put in so much of work, but your traffic number do not increase. If you are not familiar with the money making steps, you could be putting in all this work for no rewards.

Here are the 10 essential steps you need to follow if you want to monetize your blog.

1. Start the blog

One of the factors that stop us from making money blogging is to simply start. I had a friend who was a stay at home mom, but was always too afraid of failing.

She spent some time talking about blogging, but did not build up the courage until much later in her life. Today, she is a successful blogger who makes a decent income.

The only trick for her was to start that blog. You can have the same success if you just build up the courage to write that first word.

2. Make money blogging: well-written content

This tip is never going to go out of style. It was a tip back in 2008 and it is still on this list today. Blogging is about sharing information with the audience you acquire.

Without well-written content, you are not going to gain the following you dream of. You want to have perfect grammar and a good sense of humour to make it through the rough start.

Reword sentences to avoid plagiarism or proofread your article before you hit that publish button.

3. Network

Many bloggers fall into this pit of isolation. If you are working from home every day, you can stop interacting with others. The cool thing about blogging is that you can network with others, straight from your bedroom.

Look at other blogs and send the blogger a cute message. Interacting and networking with other bloggers are important. You can learn from each other and discuss the pros and cons of blogging.

It might not always be about making money, but there is great opportunity in doing this step.

4. Affiliate marketing

As a new blogger, you might have heard about affiliate marketing. It is one of the fastest way to monetize your blog. You are going to have to grow your traffic numbers before approaching companies with this type of proposal.

Companies will pay you to place an ad or link on your blog. If someone clicks on that link, you earn money. It might not be a high amount per click, but as you grow your traffic number, you might get a lot of clicks, which results in earning more money.

5. Sell something

Having an actual product to sell on your blog takes it to another level. This can be an interesting eBook or a digital product.

When choosing something to sell on your blog, make sure it is something that your readers would want to buy. It must also be a product you are proud to sell.

6. Variety of income streams

Do not put all your eggs in one basket where it comes to your income. You should not just choose affiliate marketing or AdSense on your blog.

If one of these income streams does not do well, you should always have a few more to balance the books. Make sure you have a constant flow of income by choosing a variety of streams to earn money.

With time, you will identify what works for your blog and what does not. Just play around with different options, until you find your magic potion.

7. Be unique

When you see a blog doing well, it is tempting to start a blog within the same niche. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but aren’t you just copying someone else’s idea?

If you do decide to do this, make sure that your blog is still unique. You want to add value to the internet and not just repeat information that is already out there.

8. Email subscribers

One way of staying connected with your readers and convert them into customers, is to have an email subscriber list. Write compelling emails to your subscribers and make sure it’s valuable information.

Use a reword sentence tool when your content does not sound engaging and give your spelling and grammar just as much attention as you do your blog posts.

Keeping in touch with your readers keeps you in their minds and you will see your traffic numbers increase after sending an email.

9. Show yourself

It is important to show your readers that you are an actual person. In order to expect your audience to buy something, you have to build a relationship of trust.

If your audience sees who you are and learns a little about you, they will engage with who you are. Do not be afraid that there will be judgement, because no one is ever perfect.

People will connect with you more if they realise that you make mistakes also. Just be yourself, but do not hide behind that computer screen.

10. Forget about the money

When you are trying to monetize your blog, it can be frustrating if it does not happen quickly. You need to forget about making money and just put well-written content on your blog.

The traffic will follow if you adhere to all the SEO rules. It might take time for readers to find your blog and thus you have to try and start out from the masses.

Once you get your readers committed to the blog, your transition to earning money will be effortless. Do not force the process, because when we are desperate, we make a lot of mistakes.

Write because you are passionate about your niche and not to make money.


It is possible to make money blogging. Many have done it and so can you. It does take commitment, but it is not impossible.

Keep working hard on your content and always be consistent. If you publish posts on a Wednesday, be sure to do so on a regular basis. This builds trust between you and your audience.

If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would you work from?

Have you ever consider blogging as a full-time job? What is your opinion on blogging in 2018?

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