What to do before Writing a Blog Post.

Writing a blog post is easy; not a good article, though.

You have to prepare yourself properly before writing your next article to get the best results.

The things you have to do to prepare are:

  • Know your Audience
  • Search up Mind-map your Post
  • Find a Superb Image

If you apply the above formula, then your post is going to go viral, no doubt.

Let’s go over the steps:

Writing a Blog Post – Knowing your Audience

Are you familiar with your audience? Do you know their needs?

If no, then your post won’t be useful for them EVER.

You have to know your Audience’s demographics and their skill level first.

You may use a “Feedback/Tip us/Request Page” for knowing your audience better.

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By using a Feedback Page, you’ll know what your audience thinks about you.

And you can know about it’s skills level via the Request Page. It may give you awesome ideas for writing blog posts too.

Writing a Blog Post – Search up

Once you know your audience, it’s time to search up.

Yeah, you’ll need more knowledge to write in more depth to make your reader satisfied.

Go to any Search Engine (Google would be perfect) and type about your upcoming blog post.

See how many of the blogs have written a similar post and what response did they get?

Observe each and every point of them and try to implement them in your post in a smart manner.

Writing a Blog Post – Mind-map Your Post

Mind mapping is simply gathering ideas in your mind to write down.

Follow these steps to get the best from Mind-Mapping:

  • Try to bring your brain to one place (Concentration)
  • Visualize an awesome background (A Cool place that you like)
  • Start thinking about your post (Gather all the information in your mind)

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Now take a piece of paper and write down the main points there. Now when you write, keep the paper beside you.

Writing a Blog Post – Find a Quality Image

Get an image from a stock photo website which is relevant to the topic, and also impressive.

Nothing left after that. Everything is now set up. You’re now extremely fetted up(ready) for writing up your next post.

Some more tips:

Here are just some extra tips to get better results. You can call them quick tips. I will add more as soon as I think of them:

  1. Free Digital Photos is the best website where you can find stock photos for free.
  2. You should Log Out from all social networks before starting to write an article.
  3. Don’t copy anyone’s content; just try to implement it in smart manner 😉

What’s Your Formula?

I said what I do and what gives me the best results. Now it’s time for you to tip me.

May I know which formula do you use?

What things do you set up before writing a blog post?

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