The 10 Best Import Export Plugins for WooCommerce

best import export plugins for WooCommerceA CMS software like WordPress stores all the data regarding your WooCommerce websites in its database. And for the most part of our lives, we do not have to concern ourselves as to where and how this data is stored.

But this is until you have to access it and take that information with you. This information transfer or data portability is not an easy task, especially with WooCommerce. 

Why do you have to migrate or transfer this data? There are many reasons for it. Some of the popular are site re-designs, backups, exporting data to analytics software, migrating data from one website to another or from one WordPress domain to another, etc. 

WordPress offers several ways through which the data can be transferred. There is even a built-in import/export tool in WordPress. However, the most convenient way to transfer WooCommerce data is in fact WordPress plugins

Here is a curated list of the top-performing best import export plugins for WooCommerce. Take a look!   

Best Import Export Plugins for WooCommerce:
Import Export Suite for WooCommerce by WebToffee

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce by WebToffee

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce is an all-in-one WooCommerce plugin that helps you with migrating all your WooCommerce website data. The plugin encompasses the import and export of products, users, customers, orders, coupons, subscriptions, product ratings, and reviews. 

The above-mentioned data can be quickly imported/exported from the database in the form of CSV or XML files based on pre-saved mappings. In addition, product details like images, categories, and metadata are also transferred using CSV and XML files. 

The plugin also supports the migration of all kinds of products including simple to grouped and external products. It is also compatible with all major WooCommerce custom plugins. 

The Import Export Suite for WooCommerce also enables you to bulk edit or add additional information to already existing products before or during the migration process. 

Moreover, you can view all the scheduled and completed actions in addition to the troubleshooting, history, debug logs, and Cron schedules of all the import & export actions carried out with this plugin. 

WP All Import

WP All Import

This is one of the best import export plugins for WooCommerce available. This extremely powerful freemium import plugin enables you to migrate your entire website or any CMS software to WordPress in just a jiffy. The plugin has an intuitive drag and drop interface which enables you to migrate your data seamlessly. 

The plugin can import any XML or CSV files and does not have any special file requirements. It also auto-detects everything on your website including custom fields, image galleries, etc., and imports the data to the respective fields. 

WP All Import also gives you the ability to update the data that needs changes and leave the rest untouched. The tool enables you to import everything including variable products, SEO meta, custom user meta, term meta, repeater fields, image galleries, etc. 

There is also an automatic scheduling feature that lets you run imports on a schedule. This developer-friendly plugin supports custom PHP functions and has very powerful APIs. The plugin is also compatible with several popular WordPress themes and plugins including WooCommerce, WPML, Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, and more. 

Order, Coupon, Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce

Order, Coupon, Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce

Order, Coupon, Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce is a WordPress import-export plugin for WooCommerce. You can migrate your orders, coupons, and subscriptions to your WooCommerce store with this plugin from WebToffee. 

Note that the plugin enables you to keep your order history, including that of subscription orders, while migrating your order data from one WooCommerce store to another. In addition to data, you can also migrate thousands of WooCommerce coupons from the websites and campaigns. 

The plugin also supports various export filters and enables bulk updates before or during the migration. Some of its other features include mapping and re-ordering export columns, importing and exporting in batches, logging the migration data, maintaining migration history, etc. 

You can also avail of the Cron Job feature via which automatic import and export of orders, coupons, and subscriptions can be scheduled. The plugin also offers multiple import-export methods such as quick and new import-export and import/export with pre-saved templates. 

Export Media With Selected Content

Export Media With Selected Content

The Export Media With Selected Content plugin is a WordPress media export plugin via which posts along with their media can be exported from your website. By default, while exporting a post, the media files included in the post will not be included in the export. 

With this plugin, you can have the option to find and retrieve all the linked media such as the featured images to the export file. 

The plugin enables you to export posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags. When you export the media, the plugin will create an XML file with all the necessary information that you can download to your computer. This downloaded file can then be imported to another WordPress installation of your choice. 

Moreover, you have complete control over what to export with this plugin. You can either export the entire content or specific posts (with the help of filters).  

WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export

WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export

WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export plugin from WebToffee is a WordPress user migration plugin. It enables you to migrate users to your WordPress websites and migrate customers if you have a WooCommerce website. 

The plugins help to quickly and easily move users across websites with their powerful and intuitive features. Some of them include importing and exporting users or customers with a CSV file, batch importing users and customers, retaining passwords during migration, and more. 

The Plugin allows you to migrate users based on their role, user emails, and even date ranges. You can even map user fields and transform them during these import-export operations. 

Bulk editing is also a possibility while importing customers using evaluation fields. In addition to exporting the WooCommerce customers and WordPress users, you can also export WooCommerce guest users. Guest users are the ones who place orders without creating an account for themselves on the website. 

You can also export specific users based on their usernames or email. You can do so by specifying the email addresses and names using the export data filter fields in your export files.

Note that the plugin requires you to map the headers of the files with that of the actual fields in the site for the migration to work properly. Also, ensure that the fields you enter into the export list are in the correct format. 

WP Ultimate CSV Importer

WP Ultimate CSV Importer

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is a WordPress data importer. The plugin enables you to import all your website data from CSV and XML files directly into your websites. 

You can import content, taxonomies, custom fields, comments, custom posts, etc. with this plugin. The content referred to earlier can be anything including blog posts, pages, and images. The taxonomies can be categories and tags. 

This simple and easy-to-use plugin enables you to complete the whole import process in just a few steps.

It includes uploading the CSV/XML files; selecting a post or data type; mapping the fields in the file with the corresponding fields in WordPress; enabling import of external images, if required; administering extra control with advanced options; confirming and importing the data. 

With the premium version of the plugin, you can schedule background import, export specific items with advanced filters, export in different file formats, etc. Imports using compressed .zip files are even possible with this plugin. 

The plugin is compatible with several WordPress and WooCommerce plugins

Customizer Export/Import

Customizer Export/Import

Customizer Export/Import plugin enables you to migrate your WordPress customizer settings. The plugin will be of use to users who make use of the WordPress customizer to add customizations to your website. 

You can import or export the customizer data directly from the customizer interface with the plugin. In addition to exporting options saved as theme modes, you can also export settings saved as options. 

To export customizer settings with the plugin, you only need to single click on the export button. Once you have done that, the files will get automatically downloaded. This downloaded file can be used to seamlessly import the settings on another WordPress installation. 

Export All URLs

Export All URLs

Export All URLs is a WordPress plugin that helps you in exporting posts such as IDs, titles, URLs, and categories from your website. Once you install the plugin, you will find the option to export URLs under Tools > Export All URLs. 

The data you are extracting can even be categorized based on post type before the extraction. Some of its other features include filtering by author and date, excluding domain URL, set post range, random CSV file name generation, and providing a custom CSV file name. 

Moreover, you can find out the number of pages and posts that are published, drafted, or scheduled on the sites. The exported URLs can be very helpful while migrating your site. 

Widget Importer & Exporter

Widget Importer & Exporter

Widget Importer & Exporter is a widget migration plugin for WordPress. The plugin helps you with widgets import-export and backing up your widgets. It also helps theme developers in delivering the same widgets. 

Importing WooCommerce widgets is done by uploading a file that you get from the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin. On importing, all the data pertaining to the results of the import will be shown in a tabular form with a detailed explanation of what happened with specific widget areas and widgets. 

During import, the plugin auto-detects – widget areas that are not supported in the selected theme, widgets that already exist in the same widget areas, and widgets that the current website does not support. Proper actions are taken by the plugin during such circumstances. 

The plugin also helps with exporting. It creates an export file in JSON format with a .wie extension that contains the information regarding the widgets in your current website. This export file can be imported into the same site for restoration or can be added to a new website. 

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce 

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

Product Import Export for WooCommerce is a migratory plugin that enables you to migrate the products in your WooCommerce store to another location. The plugin exports products in the form of a CSV file. It supports all types of product import-export, it includes – simple, grouped, external, and affiliate products. 

The plugin offers several other advanced features such as inventory updates, automatic column mapping, product synchronization, and data filtration. While migrating products, you can add the featured images and other gallery images of the products to the files. This means that product images can also be migrated with the plugin. 

Product category migration is also possible with this plugin. You can import products along with their categories (both multiple and hierarchical categories) to your WooCommerce site. 

In addition to migration, you can also update the stock and price of existing products in your store with this plugin. The plugin exports the data in the form of XML or CSV files. These file formats are supported for import also. 

The premium version of the Product Import Export for WooCommerce plugin adds variable and subscription product import-export options. You can also import and export WooCommerce bookings, custom fields, and hidden meta. 

Bulk editing, mapping, and transforming field values are some of its other peculiarities. The plugin is compatible with several WordPress third-party plugins such as WPML.   

Best Import Export Plugins for WooCommerce: Wrapping Up

Moving data around is inevitable for all organizations across verticals. However, this doesn’t mean that data import and export are daily occurrences. But from time to time there may arise a need for moving data around, say for example to transfer your data to analytics software or to duplicate your content for data backups.

Having an upfront knowledge about the best WordPress tools to help you during the process can save you a lot of time and headaches. 

Hope this listicle on the best import export plugins for WooCommerce was of help to you.

Do you feel like we have missed out on any major plugins? Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.