Best WooCommerce Plugins: The Ultimate List for a Fully Functional Store

best woocommerce pluginsWooCommerce customizations are optional for some and a necessity for many. Whereas, WooCommerce functionality scaling is pivotal for all. 

Whether it is functionality scaling or customizing, plugins are the tools you seek. They bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. However, selecting the best WooCommerce plugins from WordPress is no walk in the park because of their overabundance.    

To help you nail down the process of selecting the best WooCommerce plugins that match your needs, we have curated an ultimate list of essential plugins. Take a look:

Best WooCommerce Plugins: Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce by WebToffee 

Niche: Payment gateway services 

Seamlessly add the Stripe payment gateway services to your WooCommerce site with the Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce freemium plugin. 

This online payment gateway facilitates faster and smoother transactions, secure checkout, and a better payment experience for your business and customers. 

The Stripe payment gateway accepts credit/debit cards (Discover, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, and Visa). They also accept several other payment services including Alipay, Google Pay, SEPA, Apple Pay, and more. 

The plugin abides by strict security and regulatory standards such as SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and 3-D Secure. This helps to keep customers’ payment information protected. 

The plugin offers several customization options including restricting cards and personalizing the checkout page. The Stripe overview page in the plugin lets you review payments. It also gives insights into the number of transactions captured, uncaptured, and refunded. 

The Stripe Payment Gateway plugin also facilitates partial and full refunds, one-click payments, capture payments later, and more. Truly, this is one of the best WooCommerce plugins that you could add to your store.

Key Features

  • Supports automatic and manual recurring payments (suitable for subscription products) 
  • Automatically sends receipts to customers after the transaction
  • Keeps a log of all transactions
  • Multilingual support and Compatible with WPML


Niche: Security 

JetPack is a highly regarded security solution among WordPress users with over 5 million active installations to date. This security plugin offers a comprehensive solution to improve the security and performance of your WordPress website or business. 

The JetPack plugin for WordPress is available in basic and a premium versions. The basic version offers essential protection features. It includes spam and malware blocking, basic activity logs, and brute force protection. 

The premium version contains more powerful features like daily malware scans, automatic backup and easy restore with no additional plugin requirement, etc.  

Key Features

  • Real-time automatic backup and one-click restore to any point 
  • Unlimited backup storage 
  • Comprehensive activity log to help monitor site changes
  • Automatic malware and security scans 
  • One-click fix for malware threats

Monster Insights 

Niche: Google Analytics 

Also making it to our best WooCommerce plugins list is Monster Insights. This is a Google Analytics plugin in WordPress that facilitates websites to integrate with Google Analytics. 

This powerful and user-friendly plugin makes it easy for you to view and analyze how well your store is functioning from the WordPress dashboard. This helps you make informed decisions that might improve your sales and traffic. 

Google Analytics Integration and setup is also easy with Monster Insights. Monster Insights allows you to enable all Google Analytics tracking features with just a few clicks.  

Monster Insights offers real-time stats on who is visiting your stores, their actions, and more. Moreover, with the detailed stats for each post and page, you can identify the most popular ones among them. 

Key Features

  • Affiliate link and ad tracking 
  • Offers performance optimization 
  • Page-level analytics 
  • Track custom events with just one click 
  • Offers universal tracking and Google Analytics 4

Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce

Niche: Checkout page customization 

Add custom checkout fields to your checkout page with the Checkout Field Editor plugin for WooCommerce. 

By default, WooCommerce has three checkout sections – Billing, Shipping, and Additional Fields. You can add new fields in the default sections or add new sections with this plugin. 

In addition to creating new checkout fields (around 20+), you can also edit the default checkout fields, hide or delete default fields, change field labels, rearrange the fields, etc. 

Key Features: 

  • Reposition checkout fields by drag and drop 
  • Add or hide checkout fields on the order details page or in emails
  • Validating checkout fields with custom validator 
  • Ability to split checkout process into multiple layers 
  • Ability to set conditional custom fields

Pinterest for WooCommerce

Niche: Social media marketing 


Pinterest, the visual search engine, is where people browse for fresh ideas and style inspirations. 

With the Pinterest for WooCommerce plugin, you can add your products or brand on Pinterest. The social networking platform will show these products to users who are searching for ideas or products to buy. 

You can do all these seamlessly by just connecting your WooCommerce app with your Pinterest business account. This will add all products in your store catalog to Pinterest. The users can find and interact with these products in just a few clicks. 

Moreover, Pinterest will automatically create a Shop tab on your Pinterest profile. This will make shopping easy for potential customers. 

Key Features: 

  • Export the entire catalog to Pinterest all at once 
  • Verified merchant program to increase brand trust 
  • Pinterest tags to monitor conversions 
  • Shop tab on the Pinterest profile for an easy shopping experience

YITH WooCommerce Compare

Niche: Product comparison

Want to offer the product comparison option to your customers? Look no further, YITH WooCommerce Compare lets you do that in the stroke of a few keys. 

Comparing similar products is a fast and easy way to identify the product that best meets your needs. The YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin enables users to add products to a single table where they can compare the differences. 

You can even customize the compare tables with custom templates to match your website style. With the plugin, you can add widgets to display the list of products added to the compare table so that users can manage them.  

YITH even offers the option to customize the product attribute fields that the customers can see on the compare table. Moreover, the plugin is available in different languages. YITH also offer dedicated tools to translate content if they do not support the language of your choice. 

Key Features: 

  • Offers adding ‘Add to cart’ button at the end of the compare table 
  • Ability to customize the products fields and attributes in the compare table 
  • Link and buttons to add products to the compare table 
  • Ability to set up default compare pages 
  • Exclusion categories and reverse exclusion lists to manage product comparisons

WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Label by WebToffee

Niche: Delivery management

Automatically generate fully-customizable shipping documents for every order with WebToffee’s WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Packing Slips Plugin. 

The following are some of the documents that are generated by the plugin required for processing the orders: delivery notes, dispatch labels, address labels, proforma invoices, packaging lists, and shipping labels. 

These documents can be comprehensively personalized with several inbuilt templates and layouts to suit your business identity. A dynamic drag-and-drop customizer is even available for invoice customizations. 

The plugin also enables you to automatically embed the PDF invoice in the order confirmation mail. You can also limit this PDF invoice auto attachment to selected order statuses too. 

Key Features

  • Easily add VAT and other tax details in invoices and other documents
  • Offers a Pay Now option in the invoice 
  • Ability to customize invoice fields 
  • Compatible with all printer and label sizes 
  • WPML compatibility and multilingual support


Niche: Email marketing 

The HubSpot plugin enables you to integrate your HubSpot account into your WooCommerce platform. This integration provides you with all the tools necessary for marketing, sales, and customer service. 

You can set up email marketing campaigns to attract and engage customers. Their drag-and-drop email builder enables you to customize the email template to suit your needs. 

HubSpot enables you to track customers, view abandoned carts, build social media ads and generate reports to analyze the growth of your business. These customer-specific data can be used to create personalized email campaigns. 

Moreover, since the emails are sent through HubSpot, monitoring the engagement of your email campaigns is also seamless. HubSpot itself tracks the opens, clicks, and other engagement matrices. 

Key Features: 

  • Live chat and chatbot support 
  • Drag and drop email builder 
  • Email automation and tracking 
  • Built-in marketing analytics

YITH WooCommerce Quick View 

Niche: Product quick view

What would you do if you see an interesting product while you are viewing one that you need? You will probably click on the second one which will redirect you to its product page. This is a disruptive process as users will have to come back to the first product to buy it. 

The YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin helps you to add product preview windows (modal windows) that let the users quickly skim through the product and its features without taking them to the product page.  

Adding the product images with a small description will help users understand the product better. This will help users to focus on what they want and help them proceed with the purchase. 

Key Features: 

  • Quick View for products on desktop and mobile devices 
  • Advanced styling options for the modal window 
  • Quick view window for products in the wishlist
  • Lightbox options for quick view products 
  • Customize the product details added to the modal window 

Sequential Order Number for WooCommcerce  

Niche: Productivity

A recurring order number pattern is a necessity to maintain a proper record of your orders. However, this is a tad bit difficult in the current system in which how WooCommerce assigns numbers to orders.

WooCommerce uses the same ID system to generate order numbers that WordPress uses for IDing posts, pages, or any other post types in WordPress. This may cause issues because a new order might not get an ID sequential to the previous one if a post or a page was created in between. 

When you add the Sequential Order Number plugin to your WooCommerce, the plugin will be left in charge of creating the order numbers. This guarantees sequential ordering of order numbers. 

Nevertheless, the plugin also offers several customization options including a custom starting order number, keeping existing order numbers, etc.  

Key Features: 

  • Ability to add a custom prefix and suffix (even add order date as suffix or prefix)
  • Configurations to set custom starting order number
  • Ability to auto-reset order numbers at select intervals of time 
  • Additional templates for order number 
  • Compatible with subscription products
  • Enables order tracking to find order details 


Your store’s performance will be directly impacted by the performance of the plugins that you have selected. It is therefore essential to look for the best WooCommerce plugins, no matter what.

We hope our selection of the best WooCommerce plugins was of use to you. 

Do let us know if you think we have missed out on any important niches or information in the comments.