50 Abandoned WordPress Plugins with Vulnerabilities

wordpress plugins vulnerabilities

wordpress plugins vulnerabilitiesWordPress is an open source platform has increased its popularity among website owners across the globe.

Complimenting to this there are a number of plugins available in the WordPress directory, which are useful for security, backups, file-uploads and much more.

One of the major reasons of threatened site security is vulnerabilities in plugins, and chances for outdated plugins are at higher risks.

Has your WordPress plugin been attacked?

To reduce your panic, I have decided to come up with the list of those plugins that have not been updated and leave the site open for hackers.

1. Limit Login Attempts

This plugin blocks the Internet address after performing a number for failed login attempts making it difficult for brute force attackers. The author didn’t update the plugin since 5 years. However, Login Lockdown is the new release and can help with the same.

2. Exclude Pages

It was mainly used to include or exclude pages in the navigation menu in the website. It was not effectively used. The user would check and uncheck the checkbox to ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ pages respectively. It was last updated 5 years ago.

3. Quick Adsense

It comes with a facility to randomly places ads anywhere in the post. The author updated this plugin 4 years back. Adsense Plugin WP QUADS discontinued the use of Quick Adsense.

4. WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

Though it was effective to many website owners to provide a quite secure layer (SSL), it has now been replaced by the WP Force SSL plugin to remove vulnerable threats. This plugin was last updated 4 years ago.


It offers a functionality to send an email via SMTP. However, with the advancement of plugin-technology, WP Email Template was adopted to send beautifully configured emails via SMTP. This plugin lost its utility 3 years ago.

6. Plugin Activation Status

This plugin is used to retrieve the list of plugins that are installed but not active and those which are active somewhere on the site. After this, it creates the separate list of the two making a difference. However, this plugin lost its utility 2 years ago.

7. Ultimate Google Analytics

It was mainly considered useful for outbound links and number of downloads from the site. Instead of this plugin, Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) is the latest one as it this is the most outdated plugin which was last updated 10 years ago.

8. Testimonials by WooThemes

The plugin is used to embed testimonials section on WordPress sites. The plugin has not been updated since 2 years and hence, it is vulnerable to the security threats.

9. Google XML Sitemap for Videos

This plugin was mainly optimized for making video content of all the XML Sitemap. With the advance plugin technology, it is not favorable to use. It was last updated 5 years ago.

10. Login Logo

The plugin was used to add a logo to the login screen. As this plugin did not have any desirable qualities it was abandoned. The last update by the author was years ago.

11. WP Clean Up

This plugin focused on removing all the garbage in the WordPress database such as spam comments. Now, it is not considered much beneficial as before. It lost its utility 5 years ago.

12. WP Htaccess Editor

This is a simple plugin that is used to edit the htaccess file without using FTP client. It is recommended for experienced users and therefore it is considered as an abandoned plugin nowadays. It was last updated 3 years ago.

13. Font Awesome Icons

It comes with a set of 361 font icons. However, this plugin is not considered that useful with a limited number of icons. It was lastly updated 4 years ago. Being an outdated plugin adds more vulnerability issues.

14. flickrRSS

This plugin is aimed to display entire Flickr images database on the WordPress site. Not being very functional this plugin lost its utility 3 years ago.

15. Sociable

This plugin creates a bridge between the social media platforms and the WordPress site. But with the advancement in the number of social share plugins this plugin is replaced by WordPress Social Sharing Plugin. The author updated the plugin 4 years ago.

16. DB Cache Reloaded Fix

To clear the junk from the WordPress database, this plugin proved immensely beneficial. But unfortunately, it doesn’t function now. It was last updated 5 years ago.

17. Custom Post Template

It provides a drop down list to select the different post template for the post edit screen. However, with the upcoming new features, it was gradually abandoned 5 years ago. You can use Custom Post UI instead of this plugin.

18. WooCommerce Shortcodes

The plugin was aimed to add shortcodes to enhance the e-commerce functionality. Later, with the advancement, many other plugins are considerable, out of which you can prefer WooCommerce Customizer. This plugin was last updated 3 years ago.

19. Yoast Breadcrumbs

This plugin is very effective to improve your search engine rankings. Many other plugins contributed to SEO adding more features to it which replaced the plugin. The last update by the author was 8 years ago adding security risks.

20. WP PageNavi Style

As the name, it defines WordPress Page navigation plugin. It is quite beneficial yet has limited functionality. The developer updated the plugin 3 years back and now it has been added to the abandoned category.

21. SEO Friendly Images

This plugin was used to update the ALT and TITLE attributes of an image. Because of this limited functionality, it wasn’t favorable. The author has not updated SEO Friendly Images for the past 3 years.

22. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

This plugin is useful for creating a WordPress profile of plugins’ performance in order to measure the impact on your site and its load time. However, this plugin lost its utility and was last updated 2 years ago.

23. Link Manager

As the name itself defines its purpose, this plugin is aimed to manage the URL links. Nowadays, it does not have other useful functionality as is categorized as an abandoned plugin. It was lastly updated by the author 5 years ago.

24. Revision Control

This plugin allows the user to enable/disable/limit the number of revisions which are saved for the post/pages. Unfortunately, it was not that remarkable to be used and lost its functionality. The developer had updated it 2 years ago.

25. PuSHPress

The plugin was meant to deliver updates to the subscribers. The features of the plugin revolved around the PuSH. Now, it is of no use to anybody. The author updated this plugin 2 years ago.

26. Platinum SEO Pack

Similar to the other plugins, it functions basically for SEO optimization. Being an outdated plugin, it is considered as an abandoned plugin. The plugin was last updated 4 years back.

27. Menu Social Icons

This plugin was focused to change the social media website links to attractive pieces of icons. Later, with least updates this plugin lost its utility. It was last updated by the developer 2 years ago.

28. Cyr-To-Lat

With the advent feature of language conversion of the post, pages were enough to outcast the plugin from the WordPress repository. The latest update was released 5 years ago by the developer.

29. MCE Table Buttons

It was useful when WordPress introduced the table creation option in the visual editor. Later it was not updated by the author since 3 years.

30. Post-Plugin Library

This plugin is not used anywhere else other than creating a short code for the different types of the post such as similar post, recent post random posts and so on. It was last updated 9 years ago and doesn’t seem to be useful now.

31. Clone Posts

This is a very simple plugin to clone the post and pages inside WordPress site. Looking for the functionality it wasn’t very effective to use. The author updated it 3 years ago.

32. WP Page Numbers

It is aimed to provide page numbers to the post instead of links for easy navigation between pages. However, it is an abandoned plugin as it was last updated by the developer almost years ago.

33. Facebook

It connects Facebook to WordPress site particularly. But with the advance social sharing platforms, this seems limited. It was last updated 3 years ago.

34. Upcoming Events

The main aim of this plugin was to display aggregated upcoming events from the third party feeds and websites. The developer released its last update 10 years ago.

35. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Module

It determines the shipping rate based on the cart price of the product. With the change in technology, this plugin was not considerable anymore. The last update was released 4 years ago.

36. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

The main purpose of this plugin is to add a client side generated checkbox in the comment section to verify the spam comments. Later, it was not found very useful. The last update of this plugin was released 3 years ago.

37. WP Robots Txt

This plugin adds a robot.txt file dynamically into the WP application. However, this plugin lost its functionality and was categorized as abandoned. It was last updated 4 years ago.

38. Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate

It generates an XML Sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find your content, even compatible with multiple languages. The last release of this plugin was 3 years ago.

39. Configure SMTP

This plugin is focused mainly to send SMTP email via SSL/TLS. This plugin was later abandoned as no new version was released since 6 years ago.

40. Get the Image

This plugin is simply used to grab images for small blogs to very large enterprise level like WordPress. This plugin was last updated by the author 3 years ago.

41. Croissanga

You need a Xanga account to use this plugin. By using this plugin you can add, delete or edit the posts directly from WordPress. With the increasing functionality in WordPress plugins, it was replaced by Frontier Post plugin. It was last updated 10 years ago.

42. Pushit

The main purpose of this plugin is to provide a mobile interface to send the posts to your friends via email or SMS. Later this plugin lost its popularity with the advanced social media. This plugin was last updated 8 years ago.

43. Social Dropdown

It provides a lot of social bookmarking options in a dropdown. However, this plugin lost its functionality and is considered as abandoned. The last release was about 9 years ago.

44. Babel

This is a very useful plugin as it allows the blogger to write their post in multiple languages. This plugin lost its utility 12 years ago.

45. Widget Live Editor

The main functionality is to resize the widget images and provide drag-drop framework. This plugin was later abandoned as it had no updates since 3 years ago.

46. WP Simple Sitemap

Unlike other Sitemap plugins, it does not display a link to the homepage or any categories of the posts. This plugin is too old to be used as it was updated 9 years ago.

47. Spell Checker

It is a very simple plugin to remove spelling errors in the posts within the administration pages. However, the author has made no updates to this plugins in the past 12 years.

48. SmartShare

This is an interesting plugin to add social share buttons using JavaScript. With the advancement in the share plugins, this plugin was considered abandoned. It was last updated 6 years back.

49. WP e-Commerce Fat Zebra Gateway

This plugin provides a bridge between the WooCommerce and Fat Zebra Payment gateway, an Australian gateway method. Later, with the advance secure payments procedure, this method was not recognized. The plugin released its latest version 5 years ago.

50. TransDeluxe

This plugin is simply used to translate your blog into 48 different languages. This plugin is not updated by the developer since 7 years ago, which adds security risk using it.

Wrapping up

Plugins are the most prominent part to boost site performance.

Next, when you evaluate plugins for improving your WordPress website this post will help you eliminate the risk of downloading the wrong one that is prone to brute force attacks.

Stay Updated! Stay Safe!

About the Author:

Anil Parmar is the co-founder of Glorywebs, a custom wordpress website development company aiming to help clients with services like web design, digital marketing and more. Themes & plugins we develop have a common # 1 goal: Keep it as simple as possible for technical as well as non-tech geeks. Find him on Twitter @abparmar99 & say Hi!

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