Web Development Trends to Dominate The Year 2021

web development trendsThe main word of 2020 in the world is “self-isolation”, and its synonym “lockdown”. These concepts have built a new reality in our life. A reality that extends to the online realm and defines the web development trends that are relevant today. Let’s define some of them:

Web development trends: Online Representation Demand

In 2020, many business representatives moved online, so competition, particularly in the field of e-commerce, has grown significantly. This required the business owners to a) decide to develop a site, if they had not done so earlier b) improve the existing site or even create a new one.

An effective site today is one that saves time for the user. The target audience values ​​speed very much, so the functionality of the site should be such as to help with the prompt selection of goods and orders. Fast loading of the site, filters by various criteria, convenient and straightforward navigation are the necessary components of the user’s convenience.

A detailed description and high-quality photographs convince the client to purchase the goods/services, and a friendly website ultimately builds trust in the company. All this almost guarantees that the user does not jump to another site. Otherwise, he will go looking for something simpler and more convenient.

Interactive and gamification

Users are tired of the abundance of information; hence the minimalism style in design is one of the web development trends in 2021, and in terms of site content – various interactive moments: cost calculators, questionnaires, filters, games, etc. Not all customers for the creation and promotion of sites are aware of this trend; the demand for it is growing slowly – but surely!

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google is taking serious steps to improve mobile browsing. The company first introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project for advertising back in 2015 and is currently one of the latest trends in web technology.

What is it? This technology is designed to encourage the creation of websites that load instantly and run very smoothly on mobile devices. AMP pages load in about 1 second versus 5 seconds for non-AMP pages.

Since Google loves fast websites, AMP pages can increase website visibility and help boost your SERPs. This means that this technology is excellent for SEO as well.

New features in online stores

Competition in e-commerce is higher – which means that in order to find customers, you need to offer them something that no one else has. For example, a new service. They may be paying for purchases on credit, which is especially important in the face of financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus crisis.

This allows the store not to lose customers, increases the average traffic, and promotes sales growth.

In some cases, the specifics of the business can lead to the creation of completely unusual projects in e-commerce. 

Remote tools

Not only sales but also people moved online. Employers are faced with the need to find or create effective tools for remote removal (by the way, another word that made it into the 2020 rankings). Small companies have resorted to specialized solutions such as Bitrix24, and large companies have resorted to creating their own portals for narrow needs.

Even industrial enterprises are trying to reduce the number of people-to-people contacts by switching to the use of self-service kiosks and remote applications. The 2021 trend is an increase in the need for business accounting and control tools, hence an increase in interest in CRM, including in a deeper implementation of such systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are getting smarter and smarter; they solve more and more user problems and become more and more popular. Another plus is that robots do not need to pay a salary. According to the Web development company experts, chatbots will soon be able to fully replace the support service.

Of course, the scope of AI is not limited to communication with users. So, on the already mentioned e-commerce site, robots are bargaining for people! And people at this time can do more important things.

Demand for companies providing a range of services

Another trend of 2021 in web development: users tend to contact companies that can create a turnkey online business; that is, they provide comprehensive services: website creation, its promotion in search engines, CRM implementation, contextual advertising, website integration with account systems.

Within the same organization, the interaction between specialists is faster. Complex issues are resolved together, which means that the speed of order fulfillment is growing.

Single Page Apps

Everything in one page! No need to jump from one page to another. Yes, this trend is already getting included in some of the apps, and it has been predicted that single-page apps will become a thing in 2021. With a single-page app, people will no longer have to visit one page first and then move to another page to find the right information.

The entire process consumes a lot of time and doesn’t really leave behind a good impact. With SPA becoming a trend, people will now be able to avoid lengthy communication. SPA offers a high level of data protection and enhanced page performance. 

Voice Search

Voice search has been there for quite some time; however, it is going to become a primary element of web development. It is estimated that by the year 2023, 8 billion digital voice assistants will come into place. Both voice search and voice navigation will become a trend, and you will soon see both of them getting used in our everyday lives.

Voice search is super cool because this tool makes searching for information, items, and services easy! Brands like Google, Android, and Apple have already implemented voice search.

By implementing voice search in web development, web developers will be able to provide an exceptional user experience. People want their lives to become easy, and typing commands do take more time than saying the words. 

Motion Design

A huge trend that you will soon see is motion design. Sophisticated interactions coupled with minimalistic design provide a better user experience and enhance engagement with a website. As you can guess from the name, motion design is a technique that is about designing movement.

With motion design, you will be able to display your website’s unique style and also keep your audience entertained. A benefit of implementing motion design is that it won’t slow downloading speed of a website. 

Cloud Technology is Going Nowhere 

Soon after cloud technology came into place, more and more businesses started implementing cloud technology. Cloud technology is not going anywhere, and by 2021, you can expect it to boom even more. Cloud vendors, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, will continue to rank even in 2021.

The reason for the rising popularity of cloud technology is that businesses of all shapes and kinds can effectively move there. Cloud technology offers flexibility, scalability, and security.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have listed the Web Development Trends of 2021 in the field of website development and promotion. At the same time, we do not want to say that all of them should be applied at once in one project: in each specific case, an individual approach and understanding of the goals facing the business are important.

This principle will be relevant at any time!