5 Factors to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website

redesigning your websiteWhat is a website redesign?

Redesigning your website can make it more appealing to customers. To accomplish this objective, the content of the site must be updated or completely overhauled. This article will highlight five factors that should be considered when deciding to do this.  

Redesigning your website is the process of giving an existing website a new look without changing its functionality. It can be used to update a theme, to improve navigation, or for any other reason.

The most common type is when the owner decides it’s due time for a change in their design scheme or layout. Sometimes it’s about refreshing the look of the site but often they are linked with updates in technology and content strategy needs. Website owners don’t like spending money on their sites because they know that such websites are never complete. But they have to adopt new technologies and design trends in order to stay competitive.

According to new research, 90% of all small businesses believe their website is important for their business growth. While 28 percent are satisfied with their current website. This means that there is huge potential for increased revenue if you make your site better and fulfill the needs of your customers. Simply put, it may be time for you to update your old-looking website and show off your fresh new design!

Benefits of redesigning your website

Web redesign brings many benefits such as better rankings in search engines because it will be mobile-friendly. Then it will be enhanced user experience and easier navigation and also updated content relevant to modern times.

The goal of any website redesign should be to improve your ranking on search engines and this is when you can’t forget about the role of SEO in the website redesign. Find out which areas need improvement and make the appropriate changes so that you can continue improving with time. Instead of just maintaining a poor site.

Before considering an update to your website design, consider the following five important factors:

1. Review your current website design

Redesigning your website means starting from scratch. Therefore, you want to make sure all elements are in line with your business goals and target market behavior before beginning the process. The information on your current website must match what continues in your other marketing efforts. Such as social media and internet advertising initiatives.

To know if it is time for updating or changing your current site design elements like graphics, color palette, images, arrangement of content, etc., you need to take a look at your site’s analytics. These reports will let you review the current online behavior of your users and understand their preferences. If they are not happy with their visit or find it difficult to use your website, then there is definitely room for improvement.

2. Know your audience

Understanding your audience is crucial, regardless of your product or service. To ensure you are developing the right information for the right people, you will need to know these few things-

  • How they behave online
  • What type of content do they share socially
  • Their decision-making process when purchasing products/services

Before starting any work on redesigning your site, know who your audience is; what are their demographics like age, location, interests; what do they like to read about? You can gain this knowledge through surveys that-

  • Give you an idea about where the visitors come from
  • How long do they stay on a page before going onto another one

Additionally, having a look at a competitor’s website might also give you some insight into the content your users prefer.

3. Establish a reasonable deadline

Website redesigning is an extensive project from planning, designing, and testing to applying changes on the site. Different companies set different timeframes for their projects depending on how much work they have and how many clients they are serving. In order to finish the task on time, it is important to have a checklist of all the necessary tasks required for the completion of the project. And also make sure that you can tick off one after another as soon as possible.

Also, remember that if you want new design elements added or removed from your site, then there will be extra steps included in the process which might change your deadline accordingly. Do not forget to have a standard operating procedure for future changes as well.

Once you have determined if it’s time for updating your website, establishing a reasonable deadline is essential. Web redesigning can take anywhere between six weeks to three months depending on the amount of time devoted to ideation, testing, and development while balancing other business responsibilities ( e . g . generating new content). 

4. Update irrelevant content

It is important to take a clean sweep of your website and get rid of any information that is not beneficial to your audience. After all, updating irrelevant content can make you appear more current, reliable, and professional to existing and potential customers.

Have a look at your site and see if there is any information that needs updating like contact details, product descriptions or prices, etc. The data on the website should always be up to date and accurate because outdated content gives off an impression of unprofessionalism and lack of interest in providing relevant content to the audience.

5. A web redesign checklist is required

There are many people who think they can skip this step and start working on their website design immediately after the approval of the client; this is definitely not the right approach. For the whole process to run smoothly, you need a checklist that tells what is to be included in the design and what should not. This list will save you time and money on unnecessary changes that might happen due to a lack of knowledge because you were so excited about updating your site.

A web design update can do wonders for your business. If done correctly, you can expect an increase in revenue from website visitors and search engine organic listings. Before taking the plunge and launching a website redesign (or beginning the process), it’s best to contact a web design agency that has experience in this field. After all, they can help you achieve your business goals and overall success through sound online marketing strategies.

Our Bonus Tip

Another important factor of a website redesigning checklist is search engine optimization (SEO). An updated site with proper metadata tags will help users find your pages more easily than ever before, thus increasing traffic considerably. You can find some tips for better SEO here. 


I hope these reasons will make you understand the importance of website redesign. Redesigning your website is one of the last things you think about in business. But you also need to understand and acknowledge how critical redesigning can be for customer acquisition efforts, as well as overall sales success! It’s important to redesign your site as it can have an impact on revenue and customer acquisition efforts. Especially in today’s digital age when people are looking at their phones instead of print media or TV commercials. Which were once used by many companies’ marketing strategies.

After considering all these factors carefully, if you decide to do a website redesign then make sure you hire web designers who are familiar with the latest design trends. Keep in mind that you do not have to go with the most expensive option, but make sure they are up to date.

The future of your website is now in the hands of experts. You no longer have to worry about spending too much or getting stuck with an unprofessional-looking site that does not meet all requirements, because Pixel Street has you covered!

With our affordable rates and personalized service from initial consultation through designing a fully customized solution tailored specifically for what each business needs -I am sure nothing will get overlooked when I will be taking care of everything on this end so clients can focus more time growing revenue using web development wisely as opposed tiring themselves out by doing repetitive tasks which could be done faster if hired directly like designers would do anyway.

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