Your Guide to BOFU: How to Create Winning Bottom Funnel Content

Your Guide to BOFU: How to Create Winning Bottom Funnel Content

BOFU: Bottom Funnel Content

If there’s one thing every good marketer knows about, it’s the buyer’s journey. The path towards purchase is made up of a series of decisions. Bottom funnel content, or BOFU, can be one of the best ways to influence buyer decisions. Knowing how and why your customers buy will help you provide great content.

Bottom of the funnel content provides readers with reasons why they should become a customer. Before your potential customer has made up their mind, they might need a little push.

This is the perfect time to deliver content that sells them on your product. Near the end of the buyer journey is where your bottom-funnel content will shine

It’s important to make sure you have convincing content. Your messaging should encourage buyers to complete their purchase at the right time. Any leads who have made it to this final stage are likely well-invested. Bottom-funnel content can be that final nudge toward purchase and increase your conversions.

It’s your job to show prospective customers what sets you apart from your competitors. Your bottom-funnel content can help you do this. Competitors checklists and customer testimonials are examples of content you can use near the end of the funnel.

The end of the buyer journey is the right time to lay your messaging on the line. This is when you can provide your most compelling points and give appealing content.

We’ll guide you through everything you need to know so you can make your content more effective!

What is a Marketing Funnel?

The best way to describe a marketing funnel is by breaking it down into several parts. Each part of the buyer journey is different. This makes the content and messaging different for each part of the journey. Some content provides awareness while other messages are persuasive.

This timeline shows how customers move from awareness to commitment. You should think about what information your customers need at different times. Content serves an extremely important purpose but it’s important to deliver the right messages.

The marketing funnel is an essential part of understanding how to earn customers. You should focus on delivering informative and helpful information at the start of the funnel. Also, provide persuasive messaging later in the journey.

Let’s break it down further. We can break the marketing funnel down into five primary steps: awareness, interest, evaluation, interest, evaluation, commitment, sale.

Marketing Funnel

Image Source: Single Grain

Awareness: Prospective customers are drawn into your business through marketing campaigns and simple consumer research.

Interest: Prospective customers are intrigued by your offer. They begin to compare you against your competitors.

Evaluation: This is the stage where the customer learns more about the company. They explore its products and services. They also look at relevant information that may provide more context.

Commitment: Prospective customers have decided to commit to your products. They join your email list or loyalty program. You can offer regular discounts for people that subscribe or follow your brand on social media.

Sale: The prospective customer becomes a buyer.

What is Bottom of the Funnel Content?

The bottom of the funnel is usually the last two steps in the marketing funnel. The content you deliver to strongly persuade people to purchase is your bottom of the funnel (BoFu) content.    

This content content should paint an attractive picture of what your business bring to the table. Also, explain why you are the clear winner compared to your competition. 

Ultimately, BoFu cotnent should revolve around establishing your offer’s value. Try to detail what the customer experience looks like.

What are the Goals of Bottom of the Funnel Content?

The goal of BoFu content is to be persuasive. You should focus on giving the buyer relevant nudge towards purchase.

That might mean showing other products your business offers. It could also mean giving the customer more information about who you are as a brand. Anything that helps build trust between you and your target customers will help.

Creative design and photography can make a big impact on buying decisions. It’s important to use persuasive messages and visuals appropriately. Take this page showcasing several items and their potential benefits: 

Showcase photo

Image Source: Objective Wellness Gallery

At the end of the day, your BoFu marketing content should be crafted for conversion. As prospective leads near the finish line, you need to convince them that they’ve made the right choice.

What are the Most Valuable Types of Bottom of the Funnel Content?

Take a look at the messages you receive right before you purchase something online. Examining websites where you shop and the content they deliver can give you some creative ideas and insights.

Between calls-to-action, free trial offers, and coupon code offers, there are so many valuable types of BoFu content out there. Make sure you explore different types so your business can capitalize on more leads. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective types:

Videos: Videos are interesting, engaging, and pleasant to watch. Just be sure they are relevant to your product or service. Videos allow you to explain the benefits of your goods and also highlight positive feedback and if you can show your prospects that your solution worked well for others, you might convince them to buy too.

Case Studies: Including case studies will give the prospective consumer more insight into the potential benefits of buying. You can show them how buying your offer has helped others. Be sure to include impressive numbers that highlight the ROI and other benefits.. 

Another type of bottom of the funnel content that can help is a competitor checklist. This can be a great way to highlight comparisons. Here you can explain how your product stands out from the competition. Content like this might be what your brand needs to give prospective buyers that final push:

content checklist

Image Source: SmartMove

More BoFu Content Ideas:

Free Trials: Giving prospects a taste of your product is an excellent way to let shoppers to test it out. This way the audience can experience it all for themselves. 

This allows the consumer to feel more at ease about purchasing your product. By letting people try your product risk-free, you’re telling them that your certain it will satisfy their needs. Content that highlights your guarantee can be effective at the bottom of the funnel.

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are a crucial part of any BoFu marketing strategy. When it comes to building consumer trust, reviews and testimonials are very important.

Real consumers who back your claims can help you sell your products. Word of mouth is still a powerful marketing method and prospective leads want to hear genuine reviews.


Increasing your conversion rates may not be easy, but you can do it! If you can do this at the right moment, then your content can make a huge difference on conversion rates. You can create winning bottom funnel content by being straightforward.

That’s why it is vitally important to know what type of content your audience is looking for. The content will be different at different stages of the funnel. The introductory messages that you use to spark initial interest may not be what pushes your leads towards the finish line.

Do you have your finger on the pulse of your audience? Are you listening to what their interests, struggles and desires are? This information will help you highlight your offer. The more you know about your audience and why they buy, the better your content will be!

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