Create Your Own Inspirational Content to Win Leads and Sales

inspirational content

In E-commerce, it is inspirational content that drives leads and sales.

Sproutworth, a content service provider says fresh and original content is the reason why more than one-half of content marketers are successful. 

Content marketing is successful because prospective customers find that it is more trustworthy than the more traditional form of advertising and marketing.

Recent statistics reveal that content marketing is the most influential method of all marketing strategies. 

Compared to the 1.5 percent effectiveness of display advertising, content marketing is 29.6 percent more effective.

That said, here are some tips on how to create your own inspirational content that will win leads and drive sales.

Market Research Stage

Many new and innovative products are introduced each day but how many of these products are successful in catching the attention of their target markets?

Only a few have experienced success because they were not properly marketed. 

The first thing that will ensure the success of a product is effective market research and this includes competitor research analysis.

A product that has been given the right market research will catch the attention of consumers because it addresses their wants and desires. These things are mostly hidden and not spoken of.

How can you be sure that your product undergoes the right process of market preparation? If you will consider the following tips, your product’s viability in the market will be thoroughly evaluated. 

  • Understand your market

You must first understand your market before launching your product. That means knowing who your buyers are, their demography, needs, desires, and demand for your product. 

You should also know the most attractive price of your product that customers want. If you are able to pinpoint exactly who your customers are, you can design your marketing strategies specifically for them.

  • Know your competitors

You must also know the companies that are selling your kind of product especially those which are at the forefront.

Even if you think that they are not direct competitors, you still need to know the companies selling products that are related to yours.  

Study their prices and the marketing strategies that they are implementing. Examine which one is producing the most results. You should also study their distribution methods. 

  • Decide which features of your product is the most unique and has the most value.

Your product has many features but you need to choose the most unique feature that you can use to differentiate it from similar products of your competitors. What can your product offer that others can’t?

  • Test your product.

Ultimately, it is by owning and using your product that will prove if it is really the most valuable in the market. Therefore, before launching the product, you should let it undergo thorough trials and tests.

It will also bolster your belief in your product if it passes these trials with flying colors.

  • Design your marketing campaign.

Only when you have done all of the above should you start on planning and building an appropriate marketing strategy to launch your product. 

Create Converting Landing Pages

Your landing page is not necessarily your homepage. But this page often contains links or buttons and your very important CTA.

Your target customers are able to land on these pages through several means: pay-per-click ads, blogs from other websites and posts on social media. 

Effective landing pages will surely produce leads and conversions. You need to understand the market and your target customers to design a converting landing page.

This can be done but it will take a concerted effort. Here are some steps by which you can accomplish this task.

  • Create a clear and doable Call To Action or CTA

Your CTA is the most critical element of your landing page; therefore you should spend enough time in formulating it. If your CTA is effective, your first-time visitors will be converted into customers. 

Use the most powerful, but not offensive language in your CTA. It must be something that will be easy for your visitors to do but one that will really hook him towards buying and using your product. 

To be actionable, your CTA should tell your target customers that using your product can solve their problems; that it is only in your company that they can get it; that this offer is only for a limited time; and that they will get a free item.

  • Put your CTA in a very conspicuous space in your landing page. 
  • Use buttons on your landing page instead of links
  • Use contrasting but beautiful colors in your landing page. They should be pleasant to the eyes.
  • Create a landing page that is mobile friendly

Most consumers are now using their mobile devices to search for and buy consumer items. Approximately 23 percent of all product sales come from these types of consumers.

Therefore, you should not only design your landing page for PCs or laptops. They should be seamlessly viewed on mobile gadgets.

Attracting and Engaging the Audience

Sales leads can result in conversion. But you must first attract and engage your audience before you can turn them into sales leads. Here are some suggestions on how you can do this:

  • Use Paid Advertisements on Google or Social Media

Devise a good marketing strategy through PPC (pay-per-click) on Google and social media. Your investment will pay off with increased visitors on your website. 

  • Use visuals such as photos and videos

Attractive photos and interesting videos are driving traffic to marketing websites. Visuals are proven to increase shares in social media. They also influence the engagement of first-time visitors.

This could easily drive traffic in your website. Couple this with good content and you will be able to convert leads into sales.

Create High-Quality and Data-Driven Inspirational Content

High-quality inspirational content that is data-driven produces the most customers. Approximately 87 percent of consumers said that they see more value in content that specifically targets them.

Consider the following tips:

  • Know which type of content your target market wants. You can use certain analytics to come up with this information. Or you can also know this by conducting customer surveys.
  • Study the types of content that the most popular websites in your market niche are publishing.
  • Study how they construct their headlines. Headlines are the eye-catchers of written content.
  • Collect data relevant to the subject of your content. The information must be the latest. You can use your own data using from your Google Analytics account including. Focus on the information regarding your website traffic during a specific time period. 

It could also include the number of page views and users that were generated during that time.

With this tool, you can also learn about the exit and bounce rates, the keywords that have the highest ranking and the percentage between new visitors against those who are returnees.

  • You can now use all this data to write high-quality and data-driven content. What you will be able to create is an in-depth article because of the latest data that you have incorporated in it.

Create Follow Up Emails and Wrapping Up

Whenever a customer request to be added on your email list, you should send him a confirmation email. This makes them a qualified lead. But sending them too many messages at the start will turn them off. 

Statistics show that about 45 percent of leads will change their minds if you inundate them with emails. But if they are really qualified leads, they will be expecting regular emails.

Make sure that you provide high-quality inspirational content in your emails as well.

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