Engaging Content: 15 Top Tips to Attract and Retain Your Audience

write engaging content

Anyone can write, but there are only a select few who can write engaging content in a way that impacts a variety of people.

Writing content that is impactful, engaging and effective is a skill that many writers still have to acquire.

This does not mean that they are bad writers. It’s simply a skill that can be learned.

The internet is full of articles and blog posts, but it is easy to see the ones who put some thoughts into what was put down on paper.

Content is still king and with the rise in content marketing, the creators of the content are trying more than ever to stay relevant.

You can do anything from speech ghostwriting to writing short stories. But the reward comes in when you write an article that is converted to sales.

You can already write and now it is time to just polish up those skills a bit. Here are some of the best engaging content-writing tips you can start applying today:

1. Show yourself

When it comes to content marketing, it is easy to keep things as professional as possible.

This is not necessarily a bad option, but people are going to relate to you more if you show that there are people behind the business brand.

The connection is going to be between the individuals, but it directly links to the business. A brand in itself won’t have the same impact as an actual human face.

2. Be current

One of the mistakes I see content marketers make is to talk about events that happened a year ago. It is your job to stay up to date with current events and write about them.

Attend industry events and check out relevant social media pages. You cannot have a reader on your website know more than you do about your own business.

3. Consistency

If you are going to update your website every Wednesday, make sure you stay consistent. Nothing is more disappointing to a reader when you have created a pattern and then miss the mark.

You want to gain the trust of your audience and one way of doing that is to deliver when they are expecting something from you.

You could hire a ghostwriter if you feel like you cannot keep up with the demand.

4. Language skills

Unfortunately, we are not going to get away from this tip, ever. It is crucial that you make sure that your engaging content is free from spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

With all the free online tools you can find these days, there really is no excuse. Find a good checker and make sure you get it right before hitting that publish button.

5. Write for the audience

As much as we have our own opinions that need to be shared, perhaps keep that for your friends and family. When you are doing content for others, you need to consider them first.

Your content is about teaching and inspiring others and if you write for yourself, your readers will just go somewhere else.

6. Be interesting

There is a lot of content online and you are just a drop in the bucket. In order for you to stand out from the masses, make sure your content is interesting, at least.

Write about topics that are controversial or something no one has covered before. You can also just do a spin on what is already out there and give it your personal touch.

7. Relevant keywords

In order for someone to find your content online, you need to pay attention to your keywords. There are some tools online that will help you find keywords that are relevant.

Just do not stuff your article full of keywords that take away from the message you are trying to communicate.

The keywords need to fit in perfectly with the content if you want to keep the authenticity of it.

8. Be a painter

As you write your content, imagine yourself as a painter trying to create something amazing. You can do the same as a writer and you should.

Just because you do not have all the colors of the rainbow to create with, you can still paint a picture with your words.

9. Stick to facts

We all know that it is important to write lengthy content, but do not do so with words that are unnecessary. You should always only stick to facts that will make an impact.

If it is in your content for the sake of making the article longer, take it out.

Not only are you wasting your own time writing it, but you are also wasting the time of the readers having to find their way through the unnecessary words of no purpose.

10. Call a banana a banana

This point has been discussed a lot lately because sometimes we try and over-complicate our writing. Do not make up words just so that you sound smarter than the other writer.

The best ghost app writers are good at what they do because they call a banana exactly what it is.

11. Write for the average person

Unless you are busy with some academic writing, you should write for everyday people. Keep it simple and to the point as far as possible.

Your readers should not have to read your content with a dictionary in hand. Words should make sense if the average high school student comes across your work.

Otherwise, you should make sure that your audience is highly intelligent.

12. Ask for editing help

When you write a piece, you need to step away from it before you start proofreading. When it comes to editing, you might want to ask someone else to help you.

Looking at your own work, you might think that it sounds perfect, but does the same apply for someone who has no emotional attachment to it?

13. Write engaging content: strong headlines

Before the readers decide to read your content, you want to start with a strong headline.

This is going to be the deciding factor between reading it and skipping over to the next more captivating headline.

You also do not have to come up with a headline right away. In fact, some people write the content first and then decide on the headline.

14. Actionable

After the readers are done with your article, what do you want them to do next? It is your job to tell them exactly what the next step is.

This could be a social media share button or a subscription link. You want your content to go further than just the reading of the article. This allows the purpose of your work to go one step further.

15. Visuals

In order to take your content to the next level, you can add a video or an image to have a bigger impact. Human beings respond to what makes them feel good and also to what can communicate a message the fastest.

Sometimes a pretty picture is just that and other times it brings the whole article together.

As we move more into the future, there is an increase in the use of visuals and applying this will keep you right on trend.

In closing…

Did any of these tips help you with creating more engaging content?

What are some tips that helped you take your content to the next level?

Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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