7 Creative Ways to Earn Money Online Starting From Today

earn money onlineThe advance of technology has established new ways of earning money. People are increasingly looking for ways they can earn an income online, where they can work smarter, not harder.

A current trend that is growing in popularity is selling goods and services on the internet which can be conveniently be done anytime and anywhere.

Here are 7 creative ways to earn money online, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

1. Storage


The rise in the number of vehicles on the roads and the increase in limited parking areas has led to higher parking costs and stricter regulation of parking in unauthorized areas.

Although this can be an irritating aspect of urban life, parking unavailability can open up an opportunity for you to gain a source of income.

If you own a garage or private parking spot that is not currently in use, you can open that space up for rent and charge fees at your own discretion.

Another perk to this approach of income is that you can determine the duration of the lease depending on your independent needs.

Parking rental is generally a cheaper alternative to car parks and multi-story parking lots, as people can search for the cheapest competitive rate.

This also allows for people to book spaces in advance to secure a parking spot, especially if the space is in close proximity to universities or business districts.

Parkhound is a website built specifically for this purpose, allowing people to lease and rent parking spaces through their online platform.

2. Home

You also have the option of freeing up your own home through Airbnb or HomeAway, if you are away on a holiday or work-related travel.

There is a rising demand for accommodation being required on a short-term basis with people are seeking for cheaper and convenient alternatives to hotels.

Not only can you earn income through leasing accommodation but you can also make your house available for filming purposes.

This approach is effective as you can lease your house as sporadically or as often as you desire at a time that is suitable for you.

3. Renting/Selling items

One of the most common and popular approaches to earning income is through selling items online and receiving a profit.

Bountye is an online platform that allows you to easily sell and manage your second-hand items that are placed within product categories.

Bountye combines an array of ‘sell/buy’ marketplaces, all into one platform, which include sites such as Etsy, CraigsList and Amazon.

Selling items online is a convenient and quick way to earn money, as well as a way of getting rid of items that you no longer need.

For items you don’t necessarily want to sell, you can instead lease them online. The Volte makes efficient use of this idea through their designer dress hire system.

Here, people can ‘borrow’ and ‘lend’ luxury items for to those in need of an outfit. Listing your clothing is free and The Volte will also enlist a graphic designer to edit the photo of your item for a small fee.

4. Hobby

Creative writing

Turning a hobby or something you already like doing into a source of income is a fun and easy way to make some extra money.

For instance, writing and publishing an eBook or recording an audio book are effective sources of income that can be completed anywhere, at your own pace.

This is a great way to passively earn an income where the greater number of views of your content will equate to the amount of earnings you will receive from the one piece of original work.

Another form of creative work that will provide you with income from the internet is through completing ‘gigs’ for various companies that require your skilled services.

This can range from writing blogs, freelance writing or selling your stories to magazines and newsletters in exchange for cash.


Hobbies that are actively engaging to perform can also make you additional money.

Photography, digital music creation, digital art, and even gaming competitions are enjoyable ways to invest your time doing something that is initially of interest to you, but also gaining money as a result.

5. Sell your education

Another revenue stream that you can consider is selling your education notes to students and obtain income for the work that you have created.

A benefit of this approach is that you do not necessarily have to consistently create content, you can simply retrieve your notes that you have created previously and sell them.

Creating tutorial videos and uploading them online to gain a profit is also a sustainable way of income if you are committed to producing consistent content.

Education is not only limited to notes but also tutorials on craft, cooking, sports, music and other industries that require learning platforms.


A simple way to earn money online which requires no skill or qualifications other than your time is completing paid research surveys for companies.

Completing a series of survey quizzes can result in obtaining vouchers, coupons and in some instances, cash deposited into your PayPal account.

Similarly, downloading a browser that enables companies to track your browsing and surfing web data, which is then collected for marketing purposes, is also a way to earn cash rewards for completing a simple task.

Other forms of review that are available to result in the attainment of money include the evaluation of smartphone applications, websites and music.

6. Content Creator


A growing trend among millennial is the rise of content creators.

This involves people utilizing social media, predominately YouTube, to create content involving lifestyle, fashion, travel, gaming and other hobbies that have a sparked global interest.

There is no qualification or skills required to become a content creator.

However, the success in earning money through this avenue is dependent on the entertainment, engagement and consistency of the content that is released onto social media platforms.

Content creators draw upon relatable discussions and topics and thus attract large audiences.

With a lot of followers, you can implement AdSense and YouTube Ads to generate income as a result of your YouTube channel’s success.

Instagram and blogs

Through Instagram and blogs, the aesthetic and content of a creator’s profile are critical to the success of their likability when posting online.

Having accumulated a large number of followers as an Instagram Influencer, you will be then able to reach out to brands for sponsorship and partnership collaborations.

Brands will pay Instagram Influencers to feature their products in their social media posts, where the greater number of followers you accumulate – the larger the number of brands that are willing to pay a higher price for your endorsement.

7. Earn money online: virtual Jobs

There are new job prospects owing to the advancement of technology where various jobs do not even require face to face communication.

Becoming a virtual assistant will grant you a stream of income from the comfort of your home.

You can also become a virtual tutor, through Skype or Google Hangouts, and teach various forms of education including schooling, languages and music.

Webinars and development of online courses and lectures are increasingly high in demand as students are looking for a cheaper alternative to tuition centers, without having to leave their home.

This is an attractive revenue stream as the content produced and scheduling of the video calls can be arranged at your own schedule and location.

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