Best SEO Tips for 2013 – The SEO Guide

Every blogger needs to know about the best SEO Tips that WORK to rank better in and get traffic from search engines. I’m not saying that I’m expert in SEO but these are my personal best SEO tips to use in 2013 to rank better.

Due to the latest trends and updates of Go(d)ogle, black hat techniques for SEO are no longer working. We cannot cheat search engines. Just apply some white hat techniques and get ranked well.

I’m not saying that these tips will make you float on #1 of SERP but I can say that they will give you better knowledge of SEO than now.

Best SEO Tips


These SEO Tips are from my experience. I read almost all articles related to this topic and I’m writing all the best SEO tips here. I hope you will enjoy this article and learn something new from it.

Best SEO Tips – Generate Great Content

The most important part of your website/blog is content. No matter how much SEO you do but if you content is of poor quality, then you can’t defeat those Search Engine Algorithms for long. Generate great content without any grammar or spelling mistakes. Google also checks a webpage for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Make it as informative as you can. Bold, Underline and Italic words when required. Use bullets, lists and images to make it unique. Don’t copy from anywhere, and if you do, never hope for good search engine rankings. Also keep updating your blog with fresh content. A post per week is enough.

Best SEO Tips – Target one Keyword per Page

Don’t try to target multiple keywords in one page. You should only target one keyword per page to optimize it correctly for a particular keyword. If you try to target two or more keywords per page, then it is possible that you’ll fail for both because it will look like keyword abuse to search engines.

Best SEO Tips – Optimize URLs for Search Engines

It’s better to use proper keyword name in the URL to make it search engine-friendly. It is better to use “” rather than “”.  An ideal SEO-friendly URL is one that describes the whole web page in few words. Like this page. Check the URL of this page 😉

Best SEO Tips – Optimize Images for Search Engines

Search engine bots cannot see images and understand them. Only humans can do this. So we have an “alt” HTML tag for this. You can add a keyword-rich description for an image by using the “alt” tag. Also, put the keyword as the image name. Here is an example of it:

Use “<img title=”Cute Puppies” src=”” alt=”Cute Puppies”>” instead of using “<img src=”” >”. The optimized structure will make search engine bots understand the image. You may rank well in Image Search Engines via this method too.

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Best SEO Tips – Use Meta Tags

Use meta descriptions and meta keywords in every post. This will make search engines know about the whole page. Keep the meta description keyword-rich. This is not only for search engines but also for the benefit of human readers. So write an attractive meta description. Also use meta keywords for every post.

Best SEO Tips – Don’t use Flash and Images as Text

Flash may make your website stylish but it means nothing to search engines. They can’t read or understand it and they ignore it. They can’t crawl links in a flash file. Use jQuery and CSS instead to make up the elements.

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Also, avoid using images as text or headings because search engines cannot read them. So use plain text instead of this.

Best SEO Tips – Generate sitemaps and Submit them to Google

If you have a big site, then you must create a sitemap to make search engines aware of each and every post and page of your blog and to get them indexed.

For wordpress, there are plugins already available to do this job. If you are on blogger, then use Google Webmaster tools and submit sitemap to Google.

Best SEO Tips – Use Social Bookmarking

I asked many pro-bloggers about SEO tips and they said that SEO is social bookmarking. The more social shares you get = the more exposure.

Try to get as many Google+’s as possible. It affects your position in the Google search results page. Share each post of your blog in every social bookmarking site you are on. It will give you traffic as well as SEO juice. Make social media sharing easy for your visitors. See above, there 3 sharing buttons. If you are enjoying reading this then you may like to share it. 🙂

Best SEO Tips – Maintain Keyword Density

Try to maintain keyword density between 2%-3%. If your keyword density is more than 5% than the article will look keyword stuffed, which is considered to be a black hat technique. If you are using this, then your site will look like spam and will no longer be indexed by search engines.

Best SEO Tips – Be Patient

Be patient when doing search engine optimization. No matter how unique and great your content is, you won’t get ranked within one day or a week. It takes time to get ranked well. After publishing a post, do link-building for it with anchor text of the post and wait for results.

To get backlinks with anchor text of the post title, comment on commentluv-enabled blogs. It will allow you to get backlinks with the anchor text of your blog post title. Here is a Huge List of Commentluv Enabled Blogs.

And one tip I forgot to tell you is- write lengthy and informative articles, rather than writing short ones. But don’t mess with quality ever. Even if you can’t write a long article then it is okay-but anything that you write must be unique and of high quality.

Over to YOU!

I hope you enjoyed these best SEO tips for 2013 and that you will implement them on your sites to get ranked well in search engines. Wait, did I miss anything here? Please inform me via the comments section below and I will add it. It would be a great pleasure to hear from you! 🙂

Thanks. The Best of luck for your future SEO goals. I really hope you liked these best SEO Tips!


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