How Facebook Feed Can Help Your Website To Stand Out

You might have heard about Facebook, who wouldn’t have. After all, it is one of the oldest social media platforms and one of the prominent platforms that are responsible for bringing this social media revolution.

So, is it about this platform that even after so many years it still holds that relevance? Undoubtedly it’s a vibe, right? How about bringing the same vibe to your website. Sounds amazing, right? And hence we are now witnessing this trend where businesses are opting to embed Facebook feed on the website.

If you haven’t yet joined this bandwagon, then you are missing out on a lot. If you want to know what all advantages you are missing, then we have listed some of them below. These pointers might clear your doubts about opting for this strategy and convince you to adopt it.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Advantages You Can Enjoy If You Embed Facebook Feed on Website

There are ample benefits related to this strategy, but keeping in mind the current scenario and importance of websites. We have filtered these major advantages.

1. Brings liveliness to the website

We all know that businesses nowadays emphasize having a great online presence. After all, even consumers are more comfortable with online businesses and often determine the quality of a brand based on their website.

So, it is important to have an online presence that not only attracts customers but also creates a good impression. And this is where the liveliness of the website comes into play. Everyone likes a website that provides images, videos, and more. In summary – have some liveliness.

Facebook is a hub of some engaging and alluring content. Facebook users are very talented and use the various services from the platform to upload their content. By adding them to your website, you can bring that liveliness and beauty to your website and certainly stand out from the crowd.

2. Makes website more engaging

Your visitors could be the crowd that reads or the crowd that likes watching some videos related to their interest, or some find images more fascinating. Facebook has it all.

As mentioned above Facebook provides its users ample features that help its users to express themselves better and at the same time hold the crowd.

You bring that engaging element to your website with this strategy and hold your visitors to your website for long.

Also, as the website will be more engaging, there might be chances that the bounce rate of the website decreases. And it might eventually help in improving your search engine ranking.

3. Provides a sneak into your social media presence

We all know the power of social media. It has the potential to make or break a brand. And Facebook is the king of social media platforms, one can imagine the impact it can create. Hence, it is important to have an impactful social media presence. And for that, it is important that more people need to know about your Facebook handle.

So, by opting to embed Facebook feed on the website, you promote your Facebook handle and provide a sneak into your social media presence.

4. Provides a boost to user-generated content related to your brand

No one can deny that user-generated content is marketing gold. It has revolutionized the marketing scenario. UGCs not only help brands to enhance their recognition but also provide an aid to connect with the customers.

In simple words, UGCs can be the game-changer for your business. So, by adding Facebook feeds related to your brand on the website, you also promote UGC and provide a boost.

Consumers usually feel respected when a brand showcases its content on the website. It encourages them to make more content and inspires other consumers to upload content related to your brand.

All these measures eventually help in boosting UGC related to your brand and help your brand to create awareness amongst people.

5. Provides social proofs

A rational customer always looks for reviews and social proof before making a purchase. With the Facebook feed on the website, your consumers can get it all at one place.

Moreover, potential customers are always in a fix to make a purchase for the first time.

The massive user base of Facebook gives access to its users to post a variety of content on their Facebook handles. Many of them are already existing users of a brand who use Facebook as a medium to talk about their preferred products and brands.

They post their reviews related to the brand or post images/videos while using the product. By displaying them on your website you can provide credibility to the brand and convince your visitors the purchase.

This happens mainly because a customer puts more faith in another customer, in comparison to the promotional message of a brand. In fact, surveys suggest that a large percentage of potential customers use User-Generated Content before finalizing a purchase!

6. Works to Increase Your Followers on Facebook

Facebook acts as a major marketing touchpoint between prospects and brands as it allows them to understand your products and services in a more effective way.

When you embed the content on your website in the form of a Facebook widget, you give them a chance to explore the content you are publishing on the platform. Facebook users enjoy following pages with good content and if your website visitors like your content, there is a high chance that they might be compelled to visit your Facebook page and follow you.

People get the urge to follow a brand on social media when they want to have a personal interaction and stay up to date. This strategy can help you attain this effortlessly.

7. Helps Escalate Sales

One of the most challenging tasks for a brand is to get the sales and conversions flowing in, which is ultimately the result of engagement and brand trust.

Once your potential customers are glued to your website for a longer period of time and put their faith in your brand, then there is a chance that they might instantly make a purchase and recommend your brand to others. This would give a boost to your conversion rate!

Over to You

Here we are at the end of this insightful post and you got to know about a few benefits of introducing this strategy into your marketing game. All the mentioned benefits can be a complete game-changer for your marketing efforts.

You can enjoy various benefits and have an edge over your competitors by choosing to embed Facebook feed on websites. The above-mentioned benefits are some of the handpicked that might be enough to convince you in adopting this strategy.

If you are thinking about the process of embedding a Facebook feed widget, then there are various tools known as social media aggregators available on the internet that can help you in this case.

However, you need to be watchful while shortlisting the best fit. For this, you can go through the features offered by the tool along with its responsiveness.

These tools ease the embedding process and provide some amazing features that add great value to this strategy. So, try them now, and achieve your business goals.

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