7 Reasons Your Website Badly Needs a Redesign Today

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With the high rate at which the digital marketing space is changing, as an online entrepreneur, the worst thing you can do is have an outdated website design

Many companies are still not sure whether or not they need a web redesign. Some signs could be used to determine the right time to give your website a whole new design.  

Some of the reasons you might consider redesigning your website are when it is no longer user-friendly. For example, it looks outdated. The site is not responsive. It no longer reflects your authentic brand. 

It does not match your marketing strategy. It has poor conversions, or it is not listed on Google. In this piece, we take a look at more reasons why you need to consider a website redesign. 

1. Your Target Audience Changed 

If you crafted a website to target a given group or demographic, but then a new product was introduced that forces you to shift, you might want to do a website redesign. 

Note that at all times, your website must tally with the products you are marketing, and the marketing strategy you employ. 

It is essential to know that when someone visits your website, they have a specific need that should be serviced. 

Re-designing your website will help your clients and target market have their expectations met in the most convenient way possible. Some website elements which you should consider when designing good websites include: 

  •  Words used to illustrate the products and services 
  • The organization of your website 
  • The content that your audience intends to find on your website’s serv-ice page 
  • The functionality and design element of the business 

2. Brand Messaging 

When creating content for your site, you must achieve some level of clarity, consistency, and uniformity on your pages. 

If these are not achieved in the current layout and content structure, then you might have to rework your website. Visitors to your website will need to see that you are relevant in all tabs.  

Your mission statement, brand voice, tag lines, slogans, and value proposition play an important role in determining how relevant your blog is for the readers. 

Check out your website right now, and if you see that any of the above elements are missing, then it is time to enhance your website and give it the taste it deserves.  

3. The Purpose of Your Website 

A website overhaul is necessary if you changed the purpose or the mission of your company. If you came up with a new goal, then you need to create content and a layout that matches your business purposes. 

Also, if you are adding a shopping cart to your website, you must change the structure of your website so that it matches the new features you have added. 

Though you might not need to change the structure of your website time and again, you must keep checking to ensure that your layout matches your latest marketing plans and strategies.  

4. A lot of Complaints from Clients or Users 

If you are working closely with your clients and service team, you are likely to identify problems in good time. 

For instance, if your current site does not meet the standards of a user-friendly website, they will let you know right away so that you make the necessary changes. 

The things that your clients and users might say if they are not happy with your website layout might include: 

  • Your website cannot be used on a mobile device. 
  • If they call to ask if you offer certain products and services.  
  • The location of your business is not clear to the users. 
  • They can’t find you online. 
  • They are not sure where to buy your products. 
  • They are facing challenges buying some of your products.  

5. There is a Change in Industry Specific Design 

Your company needs to stay relevant to the current industry design trend. If you are keen, you will realize that industry design trends change frequently. 

This implies that any site that has stayed more than two years without a website redesign will look outdated. When compared to an up-to-date website, your site should look just as good. 

To get the best from your online business, you are supposed to take time and put effort into ensuring that you give your website one of the best looks that is aimed at impressing users or clients. 

There are important questions that you need to address when trying to identify the right design that would match your website.  

There are some questions you may consider. Is redesigning your website would impact how your brand is perceived? Are your competitors embracing the new trends and taking advantage of them?

If you answered both questions ‘yes,’ then it is time to work on your web dashboard design urgently. Clients and users will often choose to work with companies that take a keen interest in keeping up with industry trends.   

6. Your Website Has an Outdated Look 

Whether you like it or not, your website visitors will judge its credibility depending on its look. The first impression will linger in their minds for a long time, and they may not even have enough patience to see what you have to offer.  

Before people buy something online, they look at the overall structure of your website, features, and functionality. Therefore, you must look at your website carefully and correct anything that does not look right.  

There are four ways in which you can show the trustworthiness of your business to potential clients.

They include design quality, connection to other parts of the web, up-front disclosure, current content, and comprehensiveness.

Once you have addressed these issues, you shall attain a reasonable level of trust among your users and clients.  

7. Your Website Has a Bad Foundation 

If you tend to focus your money on improving the functionality of your site instead of introducing newer features, then your website probably has a bad foundation. 

One of the factors that indicates a bad foundation is website speed. Most users today expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds.   

This implies that if your website can’t load within a second or two, then it is not optimized for speed. 40% of users tend to avoid or leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. 

This means that you stand to lose a lot of sales if your website is not optimized for speed. The other things you need to consider are image sizes, unnecessary Javascripts, bad codes, and server resources.  

Website Redesign: Conclusion 

For your company to thrive online, it has to have one of the best websites in your industry. Even if you don’t have designing skills, you can hire a professional to do website design and UI design for your website redesign.

It is important to ensure that your site matches the current industry standards in terms of speed and user-friendliness. It should also present your brand in a positive light. 

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