Here’s How eBooks Can Improve Your Business

Here’s How eBooks Can Improve Your Business

An eBook is an excellent way to promote your business. You can distribute it to your customers, both existing and future. When potential visitors visit your website, you can provide them with a link to download your free eBook. In exchange, you’ll get their email address. Using this digital marketing tactic will help you generate leads.

You can access eBooks online, as they are digital books. They are compatible with a wide range of electronic devices. These include laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, handheld tablets, and more. Moreover, don’t neglect the power of eBooks in your promotional campaigns. They can reach numerous people from other than just your website.

You can publish your eBook on various websites. These websites provide eBooks to users either for free or for a small fee. You can make extra money if you choose to go with websites that charge users for downloads. Each time a user downloads your eBook, you’ll earn money and gain exposure for your brands, products, and services.

Through an eBook, showcase your professional expertise and knowledge on a given subject within your industry. With eBook writing, you receive instant credibility. It also enables you to position yourself as an expert within your industry.

It also gives you an edge over your competition and gives your clients a good and convincing reason to give you their business. If you want to increase website traffic and increase your sales and revenue, writing an eBook can prove beneficial for you.

The Benefits of eBook Writing

Writing an eBook provides you with the following benefits:

  • You can write a long or short eBook. Its length can be as small as 5 pages or as large as 100 pages. You can decide on your eBook’s length based on its topic.
  • You won’t go bankrupt writing, publishing, and marketing an eBook. Even if you hire an eBook writing service to write it, you’ll still not be paying an exorbitant amount for quality work.
  • You can format your eBook for a wide range of devices to reach the maximum number of people.
  • You can use the eBook as a bridge between you and your customers. An eBook allows you to reinforce old bridges leading to old customers and creates new bridges to reach new customers.
  • You can ask people who download your eBook to provide you with their email address, which you can use later to promote your brand, products, and services. You can also add it to your marketing database or use them to create a new business.

For instance, if you’re doing the latter, you can create an eBook to generate leads and create interest in a future business endeavor. However, before you do, you need to get your name out there. If people find your eBooks interesting, they’ll be more likely to check out your business and buy your products and services.

How to Promote Your eBook?

Once you have written your eBook, it’s time to distribute it. Here’s how to distribute your eBook:

  • You can give it away to your existing and potential customers as a gift for no cost.
  • You can publish your eBook on your blog.
  • You can promote your eBook on your social media platforms and email it to people who request it.
  • You can create an eBook as a training guide for new employees.
  • You can email it to people you have come across while networking.
  • You can sell the eBook as a product for people to buy it from you.
  • You can ask local influencers in your community with the same target audience as you to promote your eBook to their followers.
  • You can make your eBook available at various online book stores that provide eBooks from other authors for free or for a small fee.

How you choose to promote your eBook depends on the objectives and goals you’re trying to accomplish with it. The most common reason businesses choose to write, publish, and promote an eBook is to connect with existing and potential customers.

If you want to improve your business, you can use eBooks in more than one way to increase sales, generate sales leads, capture opt-ins, and more.

Different Ways eBooks Can Improve Your Business

Here are a few different ways you can use an eBook to improve your business:

1.      Create “Preview” Chapters

You can allow people to download your eBook from your website and read the first few chapters. After the first few chapters, you can prompt them to buy the entire eBook to read the rest. If they purchase your eBook, it means your eBook is providing them with valuable information, tips, and strategies. When you release another eBook later, you won’t have to prompt them to buy. They’ll buy it willingly.

2.      Increase Your Sales with Paid or Free Trials

You can create a “free trial” eBook for your customers. A “free trial” eBook gives your customers partial or complete access to your eBook for a limited time. Running this promotion allows you to collect their credit card information at the start of the free trial. You can bill them once the free trial ends but also give them the option to opt-out of it before the free trial ends.

3.      Create a Highly Marketable eBook with Video or Audio Interviews from Experts

One advantage of eBooks over traditional books is that you can provide your readers with extra content in the form of video and audio interviews. You can write an eBook based on a certain topic with commentary in either video or audio form from industry experts. You can find experts who will be willing to become a part of your eBook. You can explain to them the benefits they will gain if they give you an interview.

4.      Use an eBook to Launch a Viral Campaign

You can make your eBook go viral by adding a “viral button” to it. You can create a social media marketing campaign to make your eBook viral and get maximum exposure for your brand. People can share your eBook with their followers on their social media platforms. You can even entice people to share your eBook. Provide them with a discount on your products and services if they do. You can even make your eBook available for free for a limited time.

You can give away free copies of your eBook to people and ask them to share before the free promotional campaign ends. You can also ask people to share your page two to three times to earn the eBook as a free gift. You can also add other prizes for sharing your eBook, such as a discount.

5.      Live Stream Your eBook Content

You can introduce your eBook to your target audience by promoting its content via live streaming. Live streaming is another fantastic and effective way to spread the word about your eBook. When you live stream on Facebook or Instagram, your followers or fans will get alerts about it in real-time.

Having a live stream session for fans is just a modern way to promote your brand and eBook. It also allows you to interact with viewers watching it in real-time. When you interact with your viewers, it’ll improve your business. It’ll give them an opportunity to get to know you in a more personal and intimate manner. When you discuss the content of your eBook with them and the ways it will help them, they’ll be eager to buy it.


There are several ways you can use an eBook to promote your business, products, and services. You should create an eBook on a trending subject in your industry. If you’re short on time, you can always hire eBook writers to write it on your behalf. There is no harm in adding an eBook to your marketing and promotional strategy. An eBook is an inexpensive way to spread awareness about your brand among your target audience.

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