5 Essential Tips for Using Facebook Live like A Pro for Your Business

using facebook liveNo doubt, using Facebook Live is something that anyone can do to boost their business.

This process even helps you to connect with your audience when you are going to launch a new product or something on your business website.

This is a live option to connect with your potential audience and get higher chances of getting maximum results than the usual uploaded video.

Live streaming keeps your customer linked to your brand and assists you in winning their attention- so don’t miss any of the following points!

Do you know why people are enthusiastic about this new feature of Facebook?

It is an extremely entertaining feature that helps people to connect with their target audience in an efficient manner. And by using Facebook Live, they can easily connect with their followers.

If you want to get the most out of this feature, then read this complete write up and learn more about using Facebook Live features to facilitate the broadcast of your products and services.

What is Facebook Live?

The live video streaming feature on Facebook allows you to broadcast a live video out to your spectators via your company page or individual profile.

Facebook Live video was released in April of 2016. And still, many marketers are finding creative ways to use it to earn significant profits.

Once you create a Facebook Live video, it will reside on your profile page for viewers who missed the live event. Your business page followers and visitors possibly will get a notification when your or your page is going live.

You can check your videos during the live event, as well as after it has ended. However, the chances of seeing a live video in your timeline are now greater, since Facebook has updated their algorithm.

And using various social media optimization services in the right manner gives you the ability to control your audience.

Why use Facebook Live?

Right now, using Facebook Live is one of the most common marketing tasks that users are inquiring about. And as you know, Facebook video marketing is an effective strategy.

According to AdWeek, Facebook live videos receive 3 times higher visits than a video that is no longer live, and 5 times more responses than standard photo posts.

Whether you’re trying to increase your brand awareness, get more ROI, or increase connections with your existing customers, using Facebook Live is an approach you should be adopting.

It’s the most reliable, yet genuine, way to connect with Your audience.

Facebook Live streaming is the right tool to connect with your target audience. The most important part about going live is that people can ask you questions “face to face” in real time.

So, plan accordingly what you would like to convey to your viewers.

This feature helps you and your business in a number of ways. You should try using Facebook Live at least for better customer engagement.

To Answer Queries in Real Time

It is the best possible way to interact with your customers and answer their queries in real time. Interacting with your followers gives you a chance to connect with viewers when they’re most attentive.

The finest approach to doing this successfully is to create a repeated series to answer questions from users as they come up.

To nail this approach, be regular with the time slots of a week when you go live.

And make certain you have someone at the ready to display questions so you can answer them easily – in real-time in the comments, or in the actual recording itself.

To Connect with People You Couldn’t Join in Real Life

Facebook Live is a clever technique to connect with your potential leads via broadcast events. Even a small digital marketing services company can use it for promoting and streaming their live events.

Through this medium, you can share business-related updates with your viewers.

Keeping your spectators well-versed on industry developments without being desperately sales-focused is a much more accepted way to build trust with followers on Facebook in an efficient manner.

The Right Way to Show Your Company’s Moral Values

Using Facebook Live is the perfect way to show the exclusive moral values and cultures behind your company.

This can be done by be walking around the office and showing off your employees, or interviewing them in the canteen, for example.

Sharing your values with your audience has so many enduring benefits.

Sharing your company culture with your audience helps you to create a relationship with them. It is one of the most beneficial ways to nurture your business and build brand promoters.

Below, you can find details about how to use Facebook Live like a pro to give your audience a sneak peek behind one of your video shoots. T

This approach will work particularly well because not only does it help you to connect with your audience, but it’s also important fro your business.

Steps to Get Started Using Facebook Live

Now that hopefully you’ve got some inspiration from the above section, it’s time to get the wheels turning towards actually using Facebook Live.

The platform is quite simple to use, so just get started and create your first live video.

All you need is a mobile device with a good camera set up, or a desktop computer that has a good quality camera or webcam and a microphone for clear audibility.

Below, I’ve listed 5 essential tips for using a Facebook live page like a pro for your business in your marketing campaigns:

First of all, simply open the Facebook app on your laptop or mobile phone. Now go to your Facebook page or individual profile and tap on the status bar. You’ll see the “What’s on my mind?” option; choose “Live Video.”

The Facebook app will ask you for permission to access your camera. Tap on Okay. In the case where you may have previously approved the Facebook app’s access to your camera and microphone, a prompt will not appear.

A live broadcast of your video will appear. Don’t get stressed out; you’re not broadcasting live yet!

Choose either your forward-facing or rear-facing camera by clicking on the icon available in the upper-right corner.

One thing you to keep in mind is that you can shoot in landscape or portrait mode, but the video will always be four-sided. Take a moment to write a crisp title and description for your first live video.

On this page, you can also select the privacy settings for the Facebook live video.

It’s totally your choice: “Public, Friends or Only Me” are available choices for sharing this video content. Initially, select “Only Me” ’till you get some experience on how it works.

You are now all set to broadcast live. Position the camera in the right direction where you actually want it and click on the “Go Live” button, and a “3, 2, 1” countdown timer will appear and you are ready to go.

Bravo! You are now successfully live-streaming on Facebook, and your live video will now appear in News Feeds, like any other posts notifications.

Be relaxed while answering the questions of your viewers. Half of your mobile or laptop screen shows your video feed and the total number of viewers.

The other half shows likes, comments, and people who are viewing your online live video.

At the time of your live-video streaming, Facebook will notify all your followers by sending notifications to them. It takes time to build a good audience, so don’t get disheartened if only a few of people see your first stream.

When you are done with your questions and other stuff, tap “Finish” to end the event. Your video is posted on your corporate Page. People can watch your video even after the event is finished, like it happened in real-time.

If you don’t want others to watch your live video, tap “Delete” instead.

Useful Tips For Better Facebook Live Videos

Sufficient Lighting

Before starting your live-stream, make certain you have an adequate amount of light source. No one likes dim, shady, hard-to-see recordings.


Use good quality microphones. Check your microphone before using it. In addition to this, when you are holding your phone, make certain your hand does not cover the microphone.


Notice your background. Check your surroundings before starting a live stream, particularly if you’re in an office or at home.

Remember, when a live stream goes on, nothing can be hidden. While it’s worthy to be natural, it’s good to be visually safe.

Internet Connection

Of course, your Internet connection! A strong cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is important. A cellular connection is often not trustworthy.

A changing network connection may result in an uneven video stream and lead to disconnects.

To sum up

Facebook Live video streaming is capturing audience attention and some companies are receiving a massive amount of hikes in organic connections.

You will be surprised to know that only 7% of companies are taking advantage of these alternative social media tools.

Spectators appreciate Facebook Live because it gives them a different and trustworthy perspective.

And people have a chance now to get to know the people behind their chosen companies, as well as other things crucial about the business.

Though live streaming methods differ across businesses, using Facebook Live can definitely brand your company, unite you with your community, and generate more loyalty among the followers of your business. 🙂

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