The 10 Best Resources for Content Promotion

If you think running a blog means publishing your posts and calmly waiting for a response from your target audience, you’re highly mistaken. There’s lots of content on the web, so if you don’t develop a smart content promotion strategy you risk your blog posts being read by literally nobody.

Here are 10 key places on the internet where you should promote your blog posts.

1. Reddit (

If you’re addressing a niche audience, it’s very likely that Reddit has a sub-forum dedicated to it. When sharing content on Reddit, make sure it’s high-quality and accurately targeted. Avoid using any kind of promotional language or marketing moves – Reddit users simply hate it.

2. Slideshare (

A great option for giving a new form to the content of your blog post, Slideshare is the ultimate tool for making captivating slideshows. Brands are just beginning to use Slideshare, so the competition isn’t that high and the format itself is very interesting.

3. Triberr (

This tool will be perfect if you need to drive some traffic to your blog. You basically join a themed tribe and have the opportunity there to interact with fellow bloggers and build online relationships through sharing the content of other people, while allowing them to share yours.

4. Pinterest (

This social network is a giant in the making. Set up your own board and start sharing inspiring content – remember that this network is mostly visual, so attach an attractive picture to each of your posts.

5. LinkedIn groups (

Even though LinkedIn now offers a blogging platform, it’s not a good idea to copy your blog posts here – you’re just going to lose traffic.

Instead, focus on groups – make sure that the group welcomes shared content and that your post is relevant to its interests. Avoid sounding promotional – ask for feedback instead.

6. Delicious (

This tool is for storing the most interesting links you happen to find on the web. The site allows users to vote and push content to the very top of the page – displaying the most popular articles in its feed. It’s a bookmarking content promotion solution that can help your posts reach more popularity.

7. StumbleUpon (

The tool calls itself a giant collection of the best websites on the internet, but its crucial feature is recommendation. Users can discover and rate photos, video and websites that are displayed according to personalized criteria. A great bookmarking solution for helping your blog posts to resonate with a wider audience.

8. Instagram (

By sharing your blog post on this social network, you can effectively reach out to younger audiences who simply love to post pictures of their daily lives on Instagram. Since most brands haven’t seized the potential of Instagram for blog post sharing yet, you’ll find relatively low competition here for your content promotion.

9. Digg (

Available as a website and app, Digg allows its users to access their curated list of the hottest stories from around the web, as well as Digg them – which is similar to liking. Bookmark your blog post here and promote it to appeal to your target audience.

10. (

This is a great place to publish your blog posts. People come to for fresh content and your blog post might be exactly what they are looking for. Using its free version, you’ll be limited to one topic (a kind of personalized content hub) – paying $11 a month, you’ll be able to publish on 5 different subjects.


The list above doesn’t exhaust all possibilities – have a look at social networks that are specific to your industry or social bookmarking sites that address niche audiences. Knowing where to promote your posts is just as important as actually writing them.

How do you like my 10 best resources for content promotion? Is there any particular resource that you think I missed?

Please tell us what you think in the comments below. 🙂

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Tess Pajaron

Tess Pajaron is a Community Manager at Open Colleges, an online learning provider based in Sydney, Australia. She has a background in Business Administration and Management.




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