How to Use Google Plus Post Ads for the Masses

You’ve probably heard Google+ is becoming a popular social media platform for businesses. However, have you heard about Google+ Post Ads?

The Launch of Google Plus Post Ads

In April 2014, Google launched Google+ Post Ads. Google launched this advertising tool in an effort to encourage brands to advertise their content instead of their products. This way, brands who use Google+ Post Ads can provide more valuable content to their target audience.

The Benefits of Using Google Plus Post Ads

There are a number of benefits of using Google+ Post Ads to promote your content. First, Post+ Ads allow Google+ users to drive traffic to their Plus content through multiple sources across the Internet. In addition, brands who use Google+ Post ads experience 50 percent more engagement than traditional advertising tactics.

When you use Post+ Ads to promote your Plus content, you’ll be able to create interactive advertisements for your customers. In fact, customers will be able to +1 your content, share Post+ ads, and even join Google Hangouts. This will allow people to interact with your content without realizing it!

How to Create Google Plus Post Ads

Creating a Google+ Post Ad is quite simple. All you need is at least 1,000 followers and Google+ and targeted content to share with your audience. Once you’re ready to create a Google+ Post Ad, you’ll start a new Google AdWords campaign and an Ad Group. These features allow you to choose options that will help you target the right audience.

After you create your AdWords campaign, you’ll design your ad and get ready to respond to engagement. When you create your ad, remember to include a strong call-to-action and engaging visuals. These elements will help your Post+ Ad stand out from other advertisements.

By using Google+ Post Ads to advertise your content, you’ll reach more customers and build engagement for your brand. To learn more about Google+ Post Ads, check out the infographic below (to view a larger image, click on the infographic below, then click on the expansion button at the top of the small image that pops up):

How to Use Google Plus Post Ads

How to Use Google Plus Post Ads


By making this move, Google is now attracting readers from all over the internet who, prior to these G+ Post Ads, would not be frequent visitors to the Google + platform. And Major brands have reported dramatic increases in engagement, so it would appear that Google has hit a home run with their Google Plus Post Ads undertaking.

Is this the future of online marketing?

Will Google + Post Ads become the death of Facebook Ads?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. 🙂


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