Top Web App Trends Of 2023 That Your Business Must Get On

web app trendsEvery year rings in new trends in the web/internet space, changing how people use it. Your businesses must adapt quickly to keep up with them during the usage and creation stages. To maintain your edge, you must continuously keep track of web/mobile app market trends and respond in time by updating your web assets. 

Now that 2023 is just around the corner, set to usher in new trends in the web and app development space, your business can be an early adopter. Read on to know what is expected from the web development trends in the upcoming year and how you can benefit from those without breaking the bank by hiring a web application development company

The Top Web & App Trends 2023 Will Bring

  • Optimization for Voice Searches

Why type when you can speak to your device to make it do things for you? That seems to be the thought process of consumers worldwide as voice-based search usage increases annually. 2022 saw around 40.2% of the total US population using voice assistants, a rise of 2.7% from the previous year. 

The trend is said to continue in 2023, requiring you to hire software developers to optimize your web assets for voice searches. They should make it easy for voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc., to go over your apps and websites and retrieve important information quickly.

That way, if a customer wants to call your company, they can ask their preferred voice assistant to look for it and contact you. It will boost your brand visibility and reputation. 

  • Greater Shift Towards Progressive Web Apps

With the majority of internet traffic flowing through mobile devices, web developers have been increasingly optimizing websites to perform better on mobile devices. But it doesn’t match the speed of using a dedicated mobile app. However, an app uses too much of the device’s limited resources to operate. 

Progressive web apps can give the experience of a mobile app without the accompanying resource demands. Your business will get a significant boost in web application adoption among your consumers if you follow this web app development trend in 2023, as it increases in prevalence.

It will open up your market too, since the low resource demand means people with even basic devices having limited resources can use them. 

  • Addition Of AR and VR

While AR and VR are niches in the content ecosystem, efforts are on to make them more accessible and ubiquitous. One example is Google’s integration of AR into its Google Maps for easier real-world navigation. Commercial entities are looking to take advantage of Virtual Reality in conference rooms to cut down on expenses. 

These and more are in store as AR/VR use will be one of the top web app trends in 2023.

The advantages brought about by these technologies are too many for you to ignore their adoption and integration into your business web assets. They will enhance the User Experience of using your app/website for your customers, enhancing their engagement with and loyalty to your brand.

  • More Dark Mode

The screen exposure time of people has risen over the years as devices are used to perform more tasks. While its convenience can’t be overstated, the side effects such exposure brings can’t be neglected either. Eye strain is a major issue, with some reporting minor vision loss. 

The solution concocted by web development companies is Dark Mode, which turns the bright white background of websites and apps dark. Besides the reduced eye strain, this feature benefits reduced battery consumption. The reduced eye strain means people spend longer time on these, increasing engagement and lead generation. 

Users can now operate their devices in low-light conditions, thus giving your business an increased chance at visibility. The popularity of Dark Mode has made developers pursue it zealously thus far, and that zeal is likely to stay in 2023.  

  • Increase In Interactive AI Integration

AI is popular among businesses either as an operation augmentation tool or a replacement for the human worker. It has many beneficial features that make it invaluable for your business.

Due to the widespread use of this technology, you can hire a web developer. Hire a developer to create a high-quality, AI-integrated web application for you quickly and cost-effectively. 

As your web app traffic grows, you’ll need to manage many customer feedback content. Like comments, reviews, ratings, customer care interactions, etc. Fail at this, and your customers will move their money to your competitors. 

Ensuring that you have AI chatbots and related applications means you’ll be in a position to handle the inflow of customer interactions. Your web development company can integrate the AI system into your digital assets so that there is no disruption in your workflow. 

The AI can respond to a variety of queries from customers instantaneously, making them feel heard and a part of the service/product development process. Their brand loyalty will go up, and as the technology matures over time, your workload in the respective functions will bring down costs. 

  • Improvement Of Web Data Security

2022 marked another year in the ongoing battle against cybersecurity threats to enterprise data assets across categories and industries. The second quarter alone saw 52 million data breaches worldwide, and cybercriminals haven’t shown signs of slowing down.

That means 2023 will continue this trend of cyber security professionals trying to one-up and preempt cyberattacks. 

Your business will be vulnerable unless you hire software developers who can protect your web assets right from the development phase. They can secure your web assets right from the source code all the way to the front end.

Developers are adopting stronger encryption policies to better protect sensitive information. Information like stored customer names, contact info, credit card details, etc., from leaks and hacks. 

There will be increased use of Django, Ruby on Rails, and other development tools with integrated Cross-site scripting prevention algorithms. They can prevent XSS-related attacks and stop the theft of personal credentials via vulnerabilities in websites.

With HTTPS and added browser-side protection, your web apps can be safe, and this safety reassures costumes to use your web assets. 

Web Development Cost Trends You Can Expect in 2023

The addition of new features to your digital assets and their constant monitoring for performance can take a significant chunk out of your budget. Fortunately, 2023 offers the same development cost benefits as other years if you opt for a web app development company.

The country ceaselessly continues its renowned trend of generating capable web development professionals who can deliver high-quality work at a fraction of the cost of developed countries-based companies. 

Data compiled by Youteam shows that the hourly rate for web development stood at $29, with an ease of doing business score of 71 out of 100. This is the optimal mix of all important factors that determine the timely inexpensive competition of high-quality web development.

In comparison, the average North American and European hourly rates in 2022 are $70, $75(western Europe), and $55 (Eastern Europe). 

The $29 hourly rate is lower than the average African hourly rate of $33. And on par with the Asia Pacific average of $28. So, you are guaranteed to get the best deal if you hire web developer in India to get on the 2023 web development trends bandwagon. 


2023 presents new opportunities and challenges for businesses across sectors. Yours must be in a position to capitalize on the former as soon as possible while mitigating the latter just as proactively.

On the web development side of things, you can rely on a professional web app developer. They’ll help you keep in line with the top web app trends set to take center stage in the year.

Besides the cost and time savings, you can expect improved user experience, better enterprise data security, and closer customer relationships. It will easily push your business toward its revenue projections.