How Can Ebooks Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

In this blog, we consider the several ways in which businesses can use ebooks marketing to promote their brand, products and services to increase sales and reach...Every aspiring writer and blogger eventually moves to write an E-book for their business. E-books are special because they create a standalone piece of your craft and business that can last for decades. It can also be used as reference for other writings.

If you truly want to market your business at the same time, consider writing an E-book at some point.

In recent years, many famous authors and aspiring writers have moved to E-books. A digital version of your writing has a much better chance of reaching worldwide fame, thanks to the accessibility of internet.

But writers are not the only people that benefit from E-books. Businesses can also derive a lot of marketing and brand promotion benefits from published books.

In this blog, we consider the several ways in which businesses can use E-Books to promote their brand, products and services to increase sales and reach.

Ebooks Marketing: Show Your Industry Expertise

There are many coaches, gurus and technical experts in the market that offer services for public. However, not all of them have written a book. Even fewer have a bestselling book to their name.

If you write and publish an E-book on your industry, it can help you distinguish yourself immediately as an expert in the field.

Most customers want to work with businesses and professionals that know what they are talking about. When you already have an E-book in the market on a topic that can help your customers, they will see you in a new light.

An E-book immediately adds a certain level of respect and authority for the writer. Customers will see your book and realize that they can rely on you to provide them with the right information and services that they need to make the right decision in life.

The real beauty of publishing a book is that you do not necessarily have to write the entire book yourself. Simply create an outline of the ideas that you would like to express and then hire a full time E-book writer to flesh it out in a book format for you.

Professional Ebook writer can present your ideas in an easy-to-understand format to help build your business or brand as the expert in your field.

Provide In-Depth Knowledge about a Topic

We live in a time of constantly evolving technology and ideas. Entirely new businesses and marketplaces have emerged out from nothing and become billion dollar industries in a matter of a few years.

If you are involved in such a sector that promises to be the new internet or fintech of the future then there is a good chance that the market does not fully grasp the potential of the revolutionary new idea. You can change that and become one of the pioneers of the industry by writing an in-depth E-book on the subject.

People who will download and read your E-book are likely to be already interested in some of the products and services offered by the emerging new idea. If you can explain the topic in details and tell a more interesting story than your competitors, then you have a good chance of winning over a lot of prospective clients.

Get New Business Leads

Your E-Book can be used to create new market leads of potential clients who are interested in what you have to offer. This marketing strategy has been used by many service businesses to successfully build a list of regular clients.

Many customers are unwilling to try out a new service unless they trust the business. Customers also understand that writing a book takes time.

So when you offer something as useful as an E-book, you can ask for something of value in return. Many businesses and budding entrepreneurs offer free E-books on their website in return for registering to their mailing list. This is a great way to build a list of potential customers for your business.

Repurpose Digital Content

Writing an E-book from scratch takes time and effort. However, the content does not need to be entirely new. There are many successful bloggers and story writer that turned their existing blogs and content into an E-book.

The interesting part is that their blogs, which were once available for free online, did very well in the E-book format and sold thousands of copies.

If you are a prolific blog writer, you can do the same and turn your blogs into a great E-book that sells. Select from some of your best blogs on a similar theme and meld them together to create your E-book.

Many people read blogs but do not download or read E-books. Many consumers read E-books but never browse blogging sites. Repurposing and packaging the same content in a new format can help you reach a greater audience and boost your brand and sales.

Grow Your Business Network

Businesses in general and new startups in particular need to grow their network to reach out to more people. An E-book can be a great way to build such relationships.

You can pass out a copy of your E-book as a complementary gift to business contacts that you want to bring into your network. An E-book offers a concise and structured recollection of your business philosophy, thoughts, ideas and insights. It can be an interesting read for professionals on a subway journey or while having lunch on their desk.

Potential customers will see that you are dedicated to providing valuable information, which will bring them closer to your brand.

A Cost Effective Digital Marketing Tool

Businesses often struggle with marketing expenses. Digital marketing requires you to constantly put money out into social media platform and search engine ads to get your name out.

Ebooks marketing is effective because it is considerably cheaper. Not only does it allow you to promote your brand name and ideas in public, you can even put a price tag on the E-book and make it a source of your income generation efforts.

Of course free books are more likely to do better in reaching out to more people, as some potential customers might be reluctant to pay. Here, you can try a smart marketing strategy by putting a price tag on your E-book. Offer it for free from time-to-time to create the scarcity and urgency effect and get people to download and read it.

Market Your Business Covertly

The art of selling is in marketing your business without doing it in a way that is too obvious. If you tell customers on your website to, ‘Come and buy our products’, they are not likely to take interest.

However, if you show them that ‘Jack and Tina benefited by using our XY products in so and so way’, customers will find it easier to relate and buy your products and services.

Marketers find it difficult to identify marketing strategies that their intended audience not only accept but seek out. EBooks marketing hits the perfect spot because many consumers are actively looking for self-help books.

When you as a business, are offering free informative E-books – you are giving them high value content. Your readers are more likely to listen and agree to your marketing pitch and buy what you are selling.


Ebooks marketing has a strong and distinct advantage over most other forms of marketing content. It allows you to present useful information to your audience in a structured format. It provides high value to readers and builds your business credibility and expertise in your domain. It also helps create a legacy for your brand.

E-books are not as expensive or time consuming to produce as you may imagine. In fact, there are plenty of Ebook ghostwriters in the market that can produce professional-quality content for your ebooks marketing needs, in a matter of months.