5 Social Proof Tools to Increase Website Conversions

social proof toolsSocial proof is a marketing technique that encourages consumers to purchase your products because other people like or enjoy them. It plays on the psychological phenomenon that compels people to follow other people’s actions and do what they do because they believe it’s correct and acceptable behaviour.

Are you more likely to buy a product if 500 people speak positively about it, or if the brand promoting the product says it’s good? If you’re like me, and most other people, you’re going to put your faith in others like you – that’s social proof.

Social proof is a tool that increases website conversions. But how do you squeeze it into every corner of your website? Luckily, there are plenty of software tools designed to help you do it. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 of the best social proof tools that will help you boost your website conversions.

Social Proof Tools #1: OptinMonster


OptinMonster is a tool designed to help convert and monetize your website traffic. Not only that, but it’s a powerful lead generation tool which offers a WordPress plugin alongside it. 

Head over to OptinMonster’s website and you’ll see plenty of social proof examples on their homepage. Take a closer look and you’ll find they’re using one of the other social proof tools on our list (TrustPulse).


OptinMonster allows you to create stunning popups, opt-in opportunities, and monitor the effect on any website. Their in-depth analysis tools offer plenty of data you can get stuck into so you can continue to drive conversions on your website.

Some of OptinMonster’s tools use FOMO (Fear of missing out) marketing. A strategy that shows you how many other people are doing a ‘thing’ so you feel like you’re missing out on it. Their ‘1,000,000+ websites are using OptinMonster’ plug is one example of how to use social proof for FOMO marketing. 

With over 500 WordPress websites being built every day, it’s reassuring that OptinMonster offers its own WordPress plugin. OptinMonster’s prices start from just $9 per month and include unlimited campaigns for your website.

2. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is a unique tool designed to help increase website conversions. It offers powerful social proof by automating real-time purchase and other activity taken by your customers on your site. The tool summarises your website user’s actions in pop-ups at the bottom of the screen.

Much like you’d see on hotel booking sites, TrustPulse’s tool instantly adds credibility to a website. It’s designed to work with different types of sites, so whether you want to sell products, promote demos, increase sign ups, or shout about something popular, TrustPulse can meet your needs.

The beauty of TrustPulse is that it’s easy to use. You can set up your notifications in a matter of minutes. Then sit back and watch your conversions increase by up to 15%.

TrustPulse’s pricing starts from just $39.50 per year and includes up to 2,500 sessions per month, mobile device support, and lots more. The best part? If you’re not happy, there’s a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. What’s not to love?

3. WPForms

If you’re a WordPress user, you’re going to get some serious results from the WPForms plugin. WPForms is a drag and drop WordPress form builder, which means you can create awesome forms without needing to know any code or have prior knowledge in this area. If you’ve ever used a website builder like Wix, it will feel very similar. It is, as the description suggests, as simple as dragging elements and dropping them into the form to build it.

When the word “form” is mentioned, people tend to think of contact forms. Whilst WPForms does offer contact form templates, they boast a lot more. Their survey form is a great way of collecting customer feedback and asking your customers specific questions to obtain data to spot trends. 

Other useful social proof templates include their suggestion form and poll form. But, their best feature by far is the way WPForms enhances with your digital marketing strategy. When your customer completes a purchase, you can automatically email them and ask them to provide feedback using WPForms. Once your feedback has come in, you can add it to your website as social proof.

4. Proof

proof for social proof

Proof has been on the market for years. It allows you to personalize your website to offer a unique experience for every visitor, resulting in an increase in conversions. 

Proof’s Pulse tool allows you to build social proof using some of the same methods we’ve seen from other social proof tools in this guide. Proof claim their Hot Streaks feature can lift conversions by an average of 15%. It’s a great feature for high-traffic websites and highlights how many people have completed an action, e.g. started a free trial. 

proof for social proof

If you want to combine social proof with FOMO marketing, Proof’s Live Visitor Count lets your website visitors know how many people are viewing a particular page. This is great when you have a limited inventory of products or you’re trying to sell tickets to an event. 

Pulse also offers a great bonus. Users can run A/B test to find out what impact the tool is having on their conversions. Plus, the simple dashboard offers a helpful overview of each of your web pages, along with sales, conversion rate, and visitors. 

5. LetConvert

LetConvert is a real-time social proof software that helps increase website conversions. LetConvert’s tool allows you to update your website to include recent visitor activity and a live visitor count. Plus, it gives you an overview of how many of your visitors have converted.

Similar to Proof, LetConvert offers a lot of customization options. You can change fonts, colours, include animations and let your imagination run wild to create the ultimate personalized experience for your customers. 

Once a potential or existing customer signs up to your website, you can track their movements and analyse the data to understand their activity. 

All of LetConvert’s features are mobile-friendly, so you can still offer social proof on-the-move. In addition, LetConvert can fully-integrate with your favourite email marketing apps like iContact, MailChimp, and lots more.


The abundance of social proof tools on the market shows just how popular they are with smart businesses. Whether you’re out to inspire a bit of FOMO or just want to increase trust in your brand, these 5 social proof tools are worth a go. 

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