How is COVID-19 Impacting the Digital Marketing Landscape

COVID-19 digital marketingThe COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its very core. Businesses are shutting down and people are confined to their homes. Companies are turning towards new and innovative digital marketing strategies to survive in this demanding world.

Such chaos has made the world of digital marketing a lot more interesting. While it may have become difficult to sail through the situation for all digital marketers out there, this entire situation is paving way for the future of digital marketing by showing the world that there is almost no need for traditional marketing.

Let us have a look at how this COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of digital marketers. Also, what else they should be looking forward to in the near future, owing to this contagious pandemic.

Primary Source of Marketing

Digital marketing has proven to be a highly effective way of marketing products and services during this pandemic. While traditional marketing strategies have come to a halt, digital marketing strategies are thriving better than ever.

Unlike other marketing campaigns, digital marketing campaigns do not rely on the need to physically access different locales. Thanks to the phenomenal world of the internet, literally the whole world is within the reach.

One can only assume by the traction the digital marketing world is gaining these days, it would likely become the primary means of marketing products and services. To survive and thrive in the new world order, businesses will have no choice but to invest in digital marketing strategies.

COVID-19 Digital Marketing: Possibility of More Frequent Work from Home

Right now, a lot of workforces has been restricted to their homes and is performing their duties from there. While this phenomenon may seem a little agitating at the time, we should all be ready for it to become more common for some in the coming future.

The whole working from home phenomenon creates ease for both employers and employees in different manners. While employers are enjoying the saving on expenses of running physical offices, employees have the independence of completing their duties at their own convenience.

Relationship with e-Commerce

Being confined within the walls of your home has made people turned towards digital solutions for acquiring their daily necessities. In such times eCommerce platforms like Amazon have witnessed significant popularity.

It is only a matter of time before people realize that they do not need to physically visit different places. Everything is literally available on digital platforms nowadays. This creates an opportunity for every digital marketer out there. Since it has become easier to make sales, digital marketers need to make sure that they market their respective platforms effectively.

Social Media is Key

Being bound inside homes and having nothing much to do has led people to spend countless hours scrolling through social media platforms. This level of addiction creates a golden opportunity for you to market your products and services digitally.

Since everyone is already available on these platforms, you can promote your content without spending significant expenses. Plus, with the help of social media, you will be better able to reach out to various corners of the world that are otherwise hard to access.

The Need for Custom Marketing Campaigns

If the COVID-19 has taught us something, it is that you are not truly ready for everything until something completely new and unexpected surfaces. Who knew that the whole world will come to a halt and people will need to seek out new ways to go on with their lives?

This is enough to convince you that you need to create custom marketing campaigns when the time comes. Traditional marketing tactics will not always get the job done, even if they do, they are not swift and agile. Hence, you need to incorporate new trends and developments in the world in order to stay on top of the game.

Significant Relief in Marketing Expenses

It is not that difficult to understand that companies, while suffering in terms of revenue, also have been able to prevent significant expenses. No more do they have to spend on cafeterias, electricity bills, and other expenses to run their business on a daily basis.

Unlike spending on traditional media such as TVC and billboards, which are way more expensive, spending on digital marketing is cost-effective and also brings in more results.

Increase in Productivity

You may not realize it, but the whole lockdown and working from the home situation have significantly impacted the productivity of digital marketers. And by the impact, we mean a positive one.

The work that used to take several hours to complete is now completed within less than an hour. Because there are fewer distractions such as chit-chat with other colleagues and going out for lunches or taking a coffee break and hanging out in the pantry.

Bloggers and writers are now able to write exceptional articles because they are working in a more comfortable environment. They do not have to spend hours in traffic, which is helping them stay more energized for the tasks that matter more.

Dependency on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is about to be even more important in digital marketing campaigns. While the whole physical world is at a standstill, organizations are realizing the role artificial intelligence has to play in it.

Instead of opting for traditional methods, people will be reliant on technologies like Artificial Intelligence for various tasks including promotions and customer support.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, companies are in a better position to gather insights about their customers. Subsequently enabling them to come up with better ideas to promote their brand. Applications such as chatbots and Virtual Reality will run the future of digital marketing as we know it.

What does the Future Hold?

Evolution is inevitable, in every aspect of our lives. Just like that digital marketing is also evolving and it is safe to say that the world of digital marketing is about to get only more exciting.

Gone are the old days, the future looks completely different.  One such example is that voice commands will be of utmost importance in the future. In order to cater to that, you need to be cautious of the fact that your content is optimized for this feature. Just look at how many homes in the United States have Alexa? You will realize its importance yourself.

Furthermore, digital marketing will keep on playing a major role in products or services promotion. Since this pandemic has instilled a fear in the minds of consumers they have turned towards the digital world as their refuge.

To Sum Up

Who knows when the novel COVID-19 pandemic will truly be over. Until such a time comes, you need to make the best of the resources at hand and keep moving.

One thing is for sure though, this pandemic has brought forward some interesting changes into the world of digital marketing. It has truly become the dominant marketing strategy for most brands. It is safe to assume that it will continue to be dominant for a long time in the future.

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