Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives

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Google adsense is the best way to monetize your online content but there are also many google adsense alternatives available too. If your google adsense application was rejected then there is no need to worry. You can make a lot money with these google adsense alternatives too.

Well I know that nothing can beat Google adsense, but if you are disapproved, then this may work for monetizing your content and earning money with your websites.
Due to higher number of publishers they are not approving small publishers. They are targeting big publishers only. This may be so bad for you and me. But don’t worry, you do not have to worry any more you could make money with these alternatives too.

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives

Here are the best google adsense alternatives which you can give a try and make money from your blog or website.

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These all are also safe to use along with adsense so if you are already using adsense, then you can use these google adsense alternatives too.

1. Chitika

Chitika is very similar to adsense, that’s why I put it on first place in this list of google adsense alternatives. This can be also used along with adsense. Chitika was founded in 2003 as an Online Advertising network. Chitika provides only contextual ads.This is very similar to adsense because Chitika allows you to customize your ads, like adsense for example – change text color, change border color etc.

You can make a decent amount of money if you get more traffic from UK or US. Also one major advantage is that it approves almost all small publishers and there are not much hard terms of service too. The minimum payout threshold is $10 via PayPal and via check it is $50. This is the most matched google adsense alternative solution.

2. Infolinks

Infolinks is another google adsense alternative available. Infolinks is in-text advertising provider. This is also safe to use with adsense. Infolinks adds hyperlink in your content, indexes your pages and matches the keywords in your content with their database of keywords given by advertisers and then shows them. If there are not same advertisers then it takes most similar advertisers.

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I’ve used infolinks in one of my websites in past. The major drawback is that it has very low eCPM. Still this may be a good google adsense alternative. If you are a starter, then you should try out infolinks for sure. The minimum payment is $50 which is a bit hard to achieve but not impossible 😉

3. Clicksor

Clicksor is also in-text advertising solution same as Infolinks. Clicksor also provides pop-up ads and  banner ads. This is a good alternative to adsense. Clicksor shares up to 60% share with publishers. Well, it depends on type of ads.

A big disadvantage of clicksor is that their ads have least CTR and really irritating. They may irritate your readers and mess up your website. Minimum payout is $50 either via PayPal or via cheque.

4. Kontera

Kontera is another google adsense alternative which provides in-text advertising. The keywords which are matched with their advertisers are automatically double-underlined. Kontera is also a PPC(Pay Per Click) program so your earnings depend on your visitors and CTR.

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Many people complained that Kontera ads slow down your webpage so you should be aware of this. Major benefit is that even if you blog doesn’t have more pageviews then there are also chances to get approved because Kontera is also approving small publishers. The minimum payout is $50 and safe to use adsense along with Kontera.

5. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is and ad network which sells ad space on your website. Advertisement of highest bidder will be shown on your website. Bidvertiser is also a PPC program like google adsense. Bidvertiser pays extra money if a click is converted into a conversion. It means if a person goes to the advertiser and fills up information or survey etc. then you get some extra money.

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I don’t have any previous experience with this network so I can’t tell you if there are any drawbacks. One benefit is that minimum payout of Bidvertiser is only $10 which is quite easy to achieve.

Best of Luck!

I hope you will earn a decent amount with these 5 awesome google adsense alternatives and monetize your website. Even if you have adsense approved, you may get a ban for some time (not permanent). So you must use any of above in such situations. It is better to diversify your online income stream rather than being dependent on only one.

I hope you liked the list above of my top 5 best google adsense alternatives.

Latest Comments
  1. Anonymous

    Nice article Jafar,
    I use adsense for one of my blogs, and that's paying me good. But the major issue with adsense is that it's very complicated. It could ban the account any time.

    The other alternatives are really helpful in this situation. I like most Bidvertiser, because i have used it.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Zeshan,

    Thanks for coming.

    I agree that adsense is the best solution. Well, now there are no longer PERMANENT bans will occur (as announced officially).

    Thanks for sharing your experience too. It very appreciated. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Adsense is the right source for income but its not stable as alternatives can be other option for future use thanks for sharing it

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Jafar,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera. Thanks for the mention, Kontera is extremely effective for publishers, either apart or along AdSense. Additionally, regarding page speed, by default Kontera is the last element on a page to start loading and won't effect your page speed. The issue is addressed more in depth here:

  5. Anonymous

    Hi JonCohen,

    Nice to see you here at my blog.

    Thanks for clearing the doubts.

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry if this was put in twice, but I was wondering about your comment "Well, now there are no longer PERMANENT bans will occur (as announced officially)." Do you have more information on that? Great article and thanks!

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Ben,

    You should checkout Terms of Service of Google Adsense. They are updated.

    So no longer permanent bans! Hurray!

  8. Anonymous

    According to my experience, if you do not have Adsense, then Infolinks is the best. I used chitika and adbrite but they are not upto my expectation!

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Mukesh,

    You are right, Infolinks is great. I also used it in past and was quite satisfied with them.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Mind sharing too 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks For Sharing bro

    My Adsense Account was Disabled By Google Why Please Tell Me
    The Say Reason Is Invalid Clicks

  11. Anonymous

    Hey Muneer,

    It may be that you encouraged your frieds or family members to click on your ads or you clicked on the ads yourself.

    If you haven't done any such activity, then someone out there clickbombed you, You can submit about that here:

    Thanks. 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    anybody using clicksor???? not able to get many reviews about them 🙁

  13. Anonymous

    I used Clicksor in past, Also one of my friends used it.

    If you get about 1000 daily visits, and place only contextual links, then you'd earn about 50$ within 3-4 months.

    May be it'd be a bit irritating for users, still 50$ isn't less.

  14. Anonymous

    No doubts that adsense is the best. But in hard times, we can try this alternatives to keep the income coming.

  15. Anonymous

    I used clicksor, its all about impressions.. if you have great amount of visitors and impressions then go for it..

  16. Anonymous

    Hi Anwar,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    You are right, Clicksor can generate good revenue if you get more visits.

    Thanks for commenting.

  17. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the Adsense alternatives. Adsense is not approving my blog so I think I will have to choose some other way to make money.

  18. Anonymous

    Hi Debarshi,

    Adsense has become really strict.

    So try using the above alternatives, may be you get success 😉

    Best of luck.

  19. Anonymous

    Well, I must say Jafar it's a great list of Adsense alternatives.
    On the contrary I think you have missed BSA , which I think is best on the terms of conversion. Thanks for the list.

  20. Anonymous

    Hey Gaurang,

    See BSA cannot be defined as an alternative to Adsense, because its an advertising network, not a PPC program like Adsense. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment.

  21. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the Adsense alternatives.

  22. Anonymous

    i have already tried all these alternatives, but I'm sorry to say that all these pay much little. so i decided that adsense is much enough for me.

  23. Anonymous

    Hello Jafar,
    This is a great list of alternative AdSense. Actually AdSense is the great Add networks but when anyone can not get approve for AdSense then he can earn a good amount with this Add networks. Thanks for this Awesome post:)

  24. Anonymous

    Hi Bhupendra,

    Your most welcome 🙂

  25. Anonymous

    Yeah, nobody can beat adsense!

    But if you want a bit more income then this may help!

  26. Anonymous

    Hi Dipankar,

    Yeah, if somebody is not getting approval in adsense, then this alternative may pay him enough!

  27. Muhammad Ammad

    Nice and thanks for sharing this information

    • Mike Looby

      Thanks for your kind words, Muhammad. 🙂

  28. Molla Jafar Sadique

    Google Adsense is Boss

  29. Roxana Sofia

    Hello all, I want introduce this ad network: Adtomatik. I highly recommend it because I’m using it for the last three months and got very good results, highest fill rates and better ecpm than others ad networks.

  30. John Crooks

    I agree 100% with you. As there is no alternative to Google, so is to Google Adsense.

    There are, however, some rare cases in which you can earn a lot without Google Adsense by affiliate programmes or by offering ad spaces to others. But these are really rare cases.

    One problem is that, if your rival blogger repeatedly clicks on your Adsense ads, you are a victim of click bombing. Your account will be banned although you will be 100% following Google’s Terms and Policies. This is the biggest pitfall for bloggers. Google should soon invent a way in which such clicking is automatically detected and the publisher is saved from ban.

    • Mike L

      Thanks for your feedback on this, John!

  31. Ashley Jones

    Google Adsense is the best revenue advertising program but I really don’t agree that it’s the best of all. Adsense has VERY strictly rules and may ban you even if you didn’t do anything to get that ban and the worst thing is, you cannot appeal (you can but you won’t get your account back).

    Infolinks- this is probably the worst advertising media, it has ONLY facebook ads and they are really untargeted that’s why I really don’t recommend this media, really bad.
    Adsense wins if you can have your account.

    • Michael Looby

      Yes, Ashley, the risk of losing your account is high if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thanks for your input! 🙂

  32. Roxy Chan

    Infolinks and Adsense monetize my content but having this major doubt. Will turning one off increase my revenue? which one should I turn off then. I’m following your list applied for Chitika when will they approve it? Any pro tips on how to increase my earnings?

    • Mike L

      Hi Roxy: From what I remember, Chitika shouldn’t take long to approve you. As for the other ad platforms, just test them out and see which one gives you the best results. I hope that helps.

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