SEO Content Writing Tips That Actually Work

seo content writing tipsThe importance of marketing your business is never going to go out of style. Seeing as we are in a digital age, content marketing has come to the forefront.

Without including SEO strategies into your writing, the work you do might not been seen by those you are targeting.

Learning the skill to use SEO effectively is going to help you not only increase your online traffic, but also your sales.

Businesses are facing a lot of competition right now and we have to understand every marketing concept that works.

You can use a paper rewriter, but if your content includes no keywords, it does not matter how good it is. At the end of the day, you have to have clear goals and strategies in order to grow.

There are a lot of good writers who simply have to make a few adjustments in order to be good SEO writers. It’s just rules that need to be followed. Once you know what the rules are, it becomes easier.

The difference between where you are with your content marketing now and where you want to be is how effectively you use these SEO content writing tips.

Your audience comes first

When you are planning your articles, remember that it is for your audience. We all have topics we care about, but it needs to align with your goals.

Writing about hurricanes when your audience cares about calmness is not a good plan. When you understand who your audience is and what they care about, you are on the right track.

There are matters that is important to them and covering it will show that you care.

Understanding this concept is more than customer service. It builds a relationship between you and your readers.

SEO Content writing tips: powerful headlines

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Before your readers get to the bulk of your content, you have to grab them with your headlines. This is the first bit of information they will see and then decide if they will continue to read further.

Having a powerful headline will take your content from being viewed by a few, to be viewed by many. Spend some time thinking about what you want your headline to be.

In fact, writing your article first and then coming up with an appropriate headline, is also a good idea. By the time you finish writing your content, you will have a clearer idea of what your heading can be.

Sometimes it takes more time to come up with a headline than it does with writing the content.

Use visuals

Online users love visuals because it communicates a message faster than a block of text. You can spend tons of time to reword paragraphs but a beautiful image can make an impact as well.

Select images and shoot videos that can be effortlessly incorporated in your content. It catches the eye and allows the readers to decide if they want to continue.

The idea with content marketing is to get as many readers as possible, while keeping their interest. You want your content to be remembered and to have added value to those who come across it.

Build links

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Not everyone is familiar with the process of link building, but it is one of the best ways to incorporate SEO into your content. You want to make sure that the links you build are working.

Bad links can have damaging effects on your views. Google also has a way of picking up on bad or broken links and it can rate your page lower.

If you want your content to come up in the first few pages on Google, having a high rating is important. When the search engines start trusting your website, your rating increases.

Remember, Google is a business as well and they are looking out for their users. No one wants to click on a link that seems interesting and then it ends in a dead space.

So build good quality links with websites that have some authority.

Longer articles

Writing content that is longer in length is going to be of benefit to you as well. This all comes down to how the search engines looks at your site.

You can write shorter articles that are powerful and add value, but if you write longer ones, your rating increases.

It is also important to note that you should not just write content that is useless in order to get more words into your article.

Take a little longer to do some more research. People have the ability to spot that you are simply trying to increase your word count. Everything that you write should be fact-based and it should be valuable.

No stuffing keywords


This is one of the biggest rookie mistakes that content writers make and it is still being done today. We understand the importance of using keywords, but you want to be careful to not overuse it.

Use keywords elegantly and use them sparingly. You want to add just enough to be picked up in the search engines, but not so much that it becomes obvious.

There are so many posts out there with keywords that don’t flow with the rest of the content and this is a big negative.

Always think about the readers actually reading the article and not even realising that you have included any keywords. This is where the balance is.

Extra information

When you are covering a topic that has already been covered before, you want to add more information. In order for your writing to stand out, do more than rewrite a sentence.

Go a little further with your research and take what has been covered, whilst adding additional information. It does seem tempting to just reword and rewrite what has been covered, but it does not add value.

When you have a site that is unique and it adds more valuable information, you are on the right track. SEO is more than just adding keywords to your content.



Don’t miss proofreading and editing your content. The first draft is always just a jot down of information and should be followed up by proofreading.

This is one of the most important rules, because there is no excuse for poorly written content.

When you produce high quality work that is free of typos and grammatical errors, you are way ahead. Taking time to make sure your work is the best can be make a big difference.

If you are unsure of your writing capabilities, ask a friend or family member to help.


SEO is not as complicated as many believe. You just have to write content that is of the highest quality. There are some sites that do not incorporate every single SEO rule, but still do fairly well.

If you make a connection with people, you make an impact in their lives.

You want an audience that keeps coming back for more, instead of just once. Build trust by being consistent and make sure your content is true.

Once you build that trust, you create consistency for yourself as well. It takes time to grow a website, but you have to have faith in the process and stick to what works.

What marketing tricks are you using in your business?

Have you implemented any of the above SEO content writing tips in your blog so far?

Do you have any other effective ones that you’d like to share?

Please do so in the comments below. 🙂

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