6 Ways to Find Popular Blog Topics You Can Use Today

Popular Blog Topics Ideas

Popular Blog Topics Ideas

Looking for articles online is fairly easy to do, but for a blogger, coming up with new and fresh ideas to write about is always a daily challenge. It’s not just about the need to write about something: it’s actually finding popular blog topics to write about that will resonate with your audience, that your visitors find value in, or that readers are actually searching for.

There are various ways to find great blog topics to write about. To point you in the right direction, here are the things you can do to begin with:

1. List Posts

People like reading list posts because it is an easy read, very direct and to the point. List posts use titles with numbers. For example, “5 Best Time Management Tools for iPhone.” Sometimes, list posts are short and bloggers prefer loading them with photos to make it more entertaining to the readers. Practice the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

2. How-To Topics

Just behind list posts, how-to topics are a huge favorite too. The rationale behind it is simple. People search online for articles that can teach them how to do something; it’s one of the most searched kinds of topics online. Hence, coming up with how-to articles is a great way to capture readers. How-to blog posts are very helpful and useful to readers. As a blogger, you should focus on writing a quality post by stating clear instructions and solutions to the readers. How-to topics should be informative and the tone should be light and friendly.

3. Review Posts

Another topic that people like reading about is reviews. The internet is a place where people can freely share their feedback about a restaurant, product, service, hotel, gadget and many more. So, people search for these reviews before they actually make any purchases. Review posts are highly valuable and if you’re an expert in a niche, the more people will like to hear what you have to say. According to Brand.com, 92 percent of consumers read reviews online before making a purchase.

4. Follow Other Blogs

A good way to find popular blog topics to write about is to follow authority blogs in the same niche you are in. You can use Feedly to stay updated with what the top blogs in your industry are writing about. Don’t follow them because you want to copy their content. If you really like a topic, write it from a different angle, offer something new to your readers. Chances are, they have already read that topic on the top industry blog anyway.

5. Google Trends

Know what people are searching for so you’ll know what to write about. Use Google Trends to see the most searched topics online in different niches like sports, entertainment, social media and many more. Google Trends is actually designed to provide information on the current “hot searches” on the web. Hence, a great source of ideas for blog posts.

6. Social Bookmarking Networks

What do people like reading about? Visit social bookmarking networks to know which topics are getting the most shares. For starters, you can try using any of these sites:

  • StumbleUpon,
  • Reddit,
  • Diigo,
  • Digg.

How about you, do you have any other ways to find excellent, popular blog topics? Feel free to share in the comments below. Azalea Pena is an experienced, passionate editor. She is interested in action films, MMA, nutrition, and harnessing positive vibes for a balanced lifestyle. Featured Image:

Popular Blog Topics Ideas

Popular Blog Topics Ideas







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