How to Use Explainer Videos to Resonate With Your Audience

explainer videos“Explainer videos” are a gateway to winning prospects – and landing pages play a major role in driving traffic via that gateway.

Therefore, you need to consider the landing page requirements needed to generate a high response.

While designing a landing page, make sure you optimize it well so that nothing can divert your prospects’ attention in any direction.

Try to align it with SEO by inculcating HD images, videos, to the point content, etc., to make it stand out from your competitors’ website, while receiving your viewers’ coveted attention.

The internet is vast, and users have ample opportunities to find the best solution to their problems: if your landing page is not tackling a consumers’ problems, they are likely to bounce off to another landing page.

Recent research claims that you have just seven seconds to capture your prospects’ attention while efficiently describing their pain points and skillfully presenting your services and products as solutions to their problems in those precious seconds.

The battle is half over there, as your next task is to retain them. This is harder in comparison to attracting prospects as the attention rate is constantly shrinking with so many organizations trying to gain the lead.

Some may not consider average attention span, as it only describes to what extent your prospects can relate to the content.

Though there is no actual numerical bar, you still have to consider it – placing explainer videos on landing pages still matters to gain attention.

Why do you need to consider it? With the advent of digital media, the traditional way of storytelling has undergone a robust change with new tools and techniques coming live every day to bring your brand into the limelight.

Why do you need to add an explainer video to your landing page?

Check Out the Following Statistics!

The statistics presented by Responsive Bound Marketing reveal that Social video generates 1200% more shares as compared to text and images.

YouTube has a billion viewers.

According to a Google’s report, about 2/3 of users watch YouTube on a second screen while watching TV at home.

A Bloomberg post says 82% of Twitter users are video content consumers.

ThinkWithGoogle has come up with the following statistics:

a) Among millennial, 18 to 49-year-olds watch YouTube on an average month.

b) Medium says, more than 200 million broadcasts have been created on Periscope.

A tubularinsights survey says views on Facebook have increased 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube regarding branded videos.

In 2017, 90% of all content shared had videos on social media.

These statistics are enough to explain the power of explainer videos.

Organizations are hopping on explainer videos to generate trust, credibility, and loyalty amongst prospects concerned with their brand.

Creating an explainer video might sound easy, but it is not. There are some golden rules which you need to follow to get desired results.

Let’s discuss the fundamentals of making a killer explainer video!

Explainer Videos: Make Sure They Resonate Well!

Who are your buyer personas and how can you solve their problems?

How they would like to know your brand? Through an explainer video or they would like to hear from your CEO on camera?

By making an exclusive video while tailoring the content, you can address the questions and needs of your prospects.

But where will you use that video? A place where your prospects visit to walk through everything you offer – that is a landing page.

A landing page serves as an entry point to your website and a perfect place to turn your visitors into customers.

Make sure your videos appeal to your prospects differently, depending on whether they are a common visitor who is looking for a solution, or C-level executives who want more intricate details.

Keep Videos Short

Don’t expect your visitors to dig deep into an internal page of your website to learn more. Have you heard of the KISS rule? Keep it simple and short!

Keep your message succinct and precise. Make sure it describes your website, product, service, or idea within 45-90 seconds.

Overwhelm your prospects with the magic of graphics and content. Be clear about actions you want your prospects should take.

Don’t create a mess by offering multiple options to viewers as they will get confused, which will not lead to conversions. It should be as simple as true or false, rather than multiple choice questions.

A Prospect’s Perspective Does Matter!

prospects perspective matter

A human mind gets impatient faster. A mass of text might turn away prospects as compared to short text with a voice-over, which explains products faster and sets a prospect to take action.

Apply the same to your brand!

What would you prefer – a video of 2.5 minutes or a PDF to understand something?

Make sure not to automatically autoplay your video, as it will bounce off a visitor. You may think that every line regarding your product is worth hearing about, but your prospect might not think the same.

Autoplay decreases your conversion rate, as your busy prospects might not want to hear everything.

Design Around the Video

A user-optimized landing page boosts engagement. Attract eyeballs by designing around the experience. Focus on making a simple landing page while removing sidebars, headers, and everything that spoils attention.

Design your land page by keeping in mind its end goal, which is a call to action. Feed your prospects with a visually-friendly experience, which will further lead to conversion.

A simple graphic is better than something that triggers visitors to click “play.” Use an optimized video thumbnail to do this.

Using an unoptimized video for driving traffic is like playing a football match without knowing the rules.

A highly-optimized video is important to increase conversions. Walk through the following points to optimize your video:

1 – Create Video that Solves a Problem: A problem-solver is heard and ranked high as compared to one that focuses only on marketing.

2 – Easy Navigation: One video for one page, but link them all to a central video archive, which has tags and categories to browse more.

3 – Add Interactive Elements: integrate interactive elements to improve attention span and conversions.

4 – Properly Optimized Metadata: Squeeze the last drop of SEO juice from your video library by using rich metadata and to-the-point content.

5 – Add Full Transcriptions: Google can not index videos going past headline keywords. Provide a better source of keywords by using full transcriptions while adding them to the HTML of your page.

6 – Host on Your Domain: Don’t hand over your content to another site to host your embedded video.

7 – Sitemaps: You can not underestimate the importance of a comprehensive sitemap. Automate the video sitemap to improve conversions.

Final Words:

Digital Marketing is incomplete without explainer videos, no matter type it is. And organizations can use this to get closer to their prospects, while understanding their requirements better.

If your video does not attract your target audience, you’re certainly lacking something somewhere.

Position your brand better among your competitors by making exclusive explainer videos that represent your brand well, following the tips above.

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