6 Top Notch SEO Hacks Proven to Simply Work Like Crazy

seo hacksSEO does not have to be very difficult to learn and utilise, even though it can be a time-consuming and tiresome task.

There are SEO hacks that can help you achieve that increase in traffic you so desire. Here are six top notch proven SEO hacks that work like crazy:

1. SEO hacks: use Reddit to discover unexploited keywords

Reddit is considered “the front page of the internet” and it is a treasure-trove of keywords waiting to be discovered. It has proven itself over time to be a useful tool in improving your SEO.

To begin with, you head to the site and locate the subreddit that accommodates your target audience. And if you do not know where to find it, search the site for your topic.

Inspect the results of your search and look out for words that occur the most. This is because a trending topic on Reddit is most likely going to be at the top of Google search.

2. Create content based on questions people ask about your keywords

Google has been paying more attention to how questions are answered and natural language search ever since its Hummingbird update.

Hence, it is beneficial to you to create content. Or hire a web content writer who can create content around the questions users are asking about your keywords.

This strategy works best if there is existing information about your keyword questions – and if the information available about the keyword questions is unreliable, outdated and incomprehensive.

It also boosts your organic search and creates real value with your content.

Apart from the Reddit hack stated in the point above, there are other ways to find keyword questions. And one of them is by responding to comments on your blog.

Watch out for the questions that are asked the most and create content around them. This is sure to draw readers to your site when they search for the particular question.

3. Improve your speed

The speed of your page is a considerable factor in its ranking. The more content you add to your site, the slower the loading speed. So you have to always watch how fast your site is loading.

Google has a page speed tool you can use to test the speed of your site from day to day. You should test the speed of your site as often as you upload new content.

Large images are bad for the speed of your site. So optimise the size of the images you upload; keep their size below 100kb and use strictly .jpg images unless absolutely necessary.

You can use an image compression tool to resize images you already have if they do not comply to these rules.

Compress your resources such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS code, also get rid of old unused plugins.

4. Obtain the top links of your competition using a link analysis tool

Obtaining authoritative links can be problematic for many website owners since they are important to Google high rankings.

To get these links, you can find a website that is already linking out to top sites in your niche. These could be a blog, a magazine, a forum or a review site.

Since they already link to other sites in your niche, it should not be difficult to have them link to your site too. You can find out about these websites using tools like “Clique Hunter “or SEOprofiler.

Look at these sites and reach out to the ones that are most likely to link to you.

This is an easy way of building links. Your competition has done a sizable amount of the job by not just finding these hubs, but by certifying them as most likely to link to your site.

5. Maximise your shareability by optimising your content

A lot of content on the internet is not shareable and how shareable content on your website is determines how your site will be ranked. But, there are ways to revamp old content on your website.

You can start by using short URLs in your blog posts. Because shorter links are more attractive and will most likely get more links – and this will lead to higher ranking.

Next, you can try including social media share buttons on a noticeable part of your page (even though Google probably does not consider social media signals in ranking a site).

This will significantly increase how much your page is shared. And this is likely to increase traffic on your page and how much other sites link to you, which will definitely improve your ranking.

6. Capitalise on content promotion

After working with a content writer to produce the perfect content, it is not enough to stop optimisation once the content is published. You should try to optimise the promotion of the content as well.

You can do this by networking with influencers as long as they are the highest ranking for your keyword on social media platforms and not competitors. You can ask to share some of the content with their followers.

It is also advisable to employ hashtags based on your keyword in your content. You can link with other content that makes use of your keyword and ask their creators to link to your related content.

Find questions that are being asked and are related to your content and then answer them. You can check Facebook, Reddit, Quora or Yahoo Answers. You should also include your keyword when posting on these sites.


Just as Rome was not built in a day, mastering SEO requires time and patience to identify and fix issues as they come. The internet is filled with endless resources on how to make your website work for you.

So if you are not a good content provider, you can get a guide to hiring writing services. And then hire content writers or a digital copywriter. There will always be resources available to you to make use of as you please.

Try any or all of these SEO hacks to help propel you forward! 🙂

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