4 Surefire Ways to Expand Your Blog Using Creative Video Content

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Besides earning an income, the biggest challenge faced by bloggers today is attracting and sustaining a substantial audience.

The interest of viewers is often fickle, so cultivating loyalty to your blog is difficult. There are ways to boost your blog’s conversion rate.

This has been done many times before and it can be achieved again.

The most direct way to attract an audience is to simply stand out from the crowd and do something different.

This doesn’t necessarily require breaking new ground, but rather to use already explored mediums in a way that differs from the majority.

One way to stand out in blogging is via the use of video content.

Though video content and vlogging are nothing new, by utilising them dynamically, a blogger can create a unique experience for their audience, thus enabling them to increase viewership and cultivate loyalty.


A vlog is simply a blog that contains video content.

A blog can very easily be converted to a vlog via the addition of videos. www.domains4less.co.nz and many web hosting providers support video content.

The type of content can differ according to the tastes of the author, but they almost always improve the nature of the blog.

1. Livestream

What is it?

These are videos that are recorded and simultaneously rebroadcast back to an audience viewing in real time.

A livestream may centre on any number of subjects; gaming, construction, sights, festivals, and a range of other activities or events.

It could also focus on nothing beyond the regular happenings of the person who is posting. There are several services that handle livestream hosting, making the process fairly straightforward.

What it does

Livestreams are great, because they present the audience with a certifiably unvarnished and undoctored view into the events and activities as they are happening.

This way, the audience truly feels a part of things. When bloggers are present in the livestream, the audience can share in their experiences and actions.

Livestreams are often used to report on special events and in some cases will require payment as well, earning the blogger income to cover costs.

2. Webinar video content

What is it?

Webinars are a form of online interaction, whereby videos are filmed and streamed to audiences in real time in a conference setting.

They are interactive sessions in which the audience can ask questions, make comments and suggestions, as well as receive replies in real time – all from the comfort of their homes.

A webinar can be hosted by multiple people from different locations, with each host taking turns to present.

It is often used for important interviews as well, with neither participant having to be in the same place (physically) during the interview.

What it does

Webinars are chiefly undertaken with the purpose of informing the audience about a particular topic. This can be in the form of a lecture, seminar, promotion, or recruitment, but in an interactive and convenient setting.

These interactions build a sense of community in the audience and promote loyalty. Some webinars require a cost of admission;  this is a way for bloggers to earn some money whilst practicing their craft.

3. Reaction videos

What are they?

These are videos wherein a person on screen is filmed while they view or listen to an image, video, song, interview or any of a number of things.

These are usually centred around an item of pop culture and serve to show the reaction of the person on screen.

They are usually designed to be funny and often are. They also give the audience an idea of what topics are currently popular.

What it does

Reaction videos can be paired with the subject of a blog article to create a unique experience, conveyed in both words and expressions.

They often reflect the attitude of the audience and provide them with an interesting topic for discussion.

When the blogger’s feature themselves, these videos project them in a more personal light by showing them in amusing, but real situations.

They are a great way to add variety to a blog with little effort and are simple fun.

4. Unboxing videos

What are they?

These are videos with a simple concept, whereby a person films themselves opening a package.

Unboxing videos are a relatively new phenomenon that have exploded with more popularity than anyone could have predicted.

With channels racking up millions of views every day, unboxing videos have consistently topped the most viewed charts on YouTube.

Most viewers of this channel are children, with themes relating to toys.

But there are also many unboxing videos catering to adults, featuring a wide variety of items such as clothes, computer gadgets, books, and most other conceivable objects.

Unboxing videos are able to give audiences the joy and excitement of receiving a present on their birthdays or at Christmas, while you make some profit.

While unboxing, commentary is provided that helps the viewer make decisions themselves.

What it does

Recognising the rising popularity of these channels, many bloggers have taken to posting their own unboxing videos, usually with items related to their own craft.

It has thus far been a success for them. These videos are mostly posted on YouTube, but can also be found on the blogger’s personal page and are a great way to grow an audience using both platforms.

They are a vehicle for bloggers to earn a decent income by promoting their goods and services or those of sponsors.


Armed with the 4 video content techniques listed above, you’ll now be well on your way to making your blog a lot more exciting.

Not to mention, you’ll stand apart from the crowd.

Do you already use any of the above-listed video content strategies in your blog?

If so, have your conversion rates increased dramatically since adding creative video content to your content marketing strategy?

Let us know by dropping a comment in the section below. 🙂

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