8 Success Tips for Creating an SEO-Friendly Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

content marketing strategy

So you want to create an SEO-friendly content marketing strategy, without knowing a thing about it? Before you get started, you need to take a step back and think how you should go about it.

Luckily, you have come to the right place as we can guide you through this process.

You must remember that Google and other search engines always update their algorithms, making it all the more challenging for sites to move up in rankings.

To become a strong contender in this race, you need to comply with the following guidelines.

Content Marketing Strategy #1: Know Your Audience

First things first.

If you really want your product to sell, you have to have a better understanding of your audience. You can make use of surveys or perhaps analytics software to aid you in this.

Take a good look at what your typical visitor or customer looks like, while using these tools.

You could try to create marketing personas or characters that best represent your ideal customers. Creating a content marketing strategy that best suits the personalities of your visitors is very important.

2. Develop a Strategy

If you want to drive traffic to your site and you want people to buy your goods, then it is important to set your goals first and then develop a strategy that could help you achieve those goals.

This will include everything from designing your web pages and pitching sales copy, to link building and social media marketing.

Keeping tabs on these crucial factors of SEO will help you bring out the best from your SEO efforts and you will be able to quickly achieve your goals.

3. Create an Editorial Calendar

As soon as you have an idea with a strategy in place, you should then consider developing an editorial calendar. It allows you to put tabs on the type and frequency of your content.

Always try to publish fresh content, particularly when you are running a blog. Though it may take more time, it can help you stay on top of the Google rankings.

4. Choose the Right Set of Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in increasing the search engine page ranking of your website. Therefore, it is important to have the right keywords in place before you create a content marketing strategy.

You need to come up with keywords that relate specifically to your industry. You need to find out keywords that users frequently use to search products in your niche.

Google AdWords is a useful tool to help you find the right set of keywords for your specific content.

5. Use ‘Alt Text’ in Images

Images make up a big part of your content. But they cannot play any role in your search engine results page (SERP) rankings if you fail to optimize them.

Therefore, it is important to use captions as “Alt Text” in each of your images. Search engine bots read this text to determine the information in the picture. So it helps drive more traffic to your website.

6. Have a Unique Voice

Don’t go around trying to become someone that is already a huge hit. It’s actually way better to attract your audience using your own unique selling proposition.

It has to be something that suits your brand and you should be able to set your own individual identity.

Although, you have to stick to standard professional behavior, you need to bring out the true personality of your brand to attract the right kind of audience.

7. Build Inbound Links

Link building allows you to ensure a higher turnout of visitors on to your website.

An effective link building policy can improve your online visibility and make it possible for you to attract visitors to the most important pages of your website.

With effective link building, you can achieve huge amounts of traffic in a matter of days.

8. Measure Your Results

For successful content optimization, it is important to keep an eye on the results of your strategy. Luckily, you have the help of some really fantastic tools, such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite.

With the help of these tools, you can keep yourself informed about the progress of your content strategy and whether it is working for the SEO of your website.

With these tools, you can analyze the page views, click through rates (CTRs) and SERP reports of your website and evaluate the success of your content.


There is no denying that content is a deciding factor when it comes to better rankings. An effective content strategy not only improves the quality of your website, but it also brings in more visitors through the channel of search engines.

The above-mentioned are some of the ways you can implement an effective content strategy and help your website rank higher in the Google rankings.

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content marketing strategy

content marketing strategy

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