Using Video To Promote Your Brand’s Message To More Users

using video to promote your brandOnline content is flooded with videos. This only shows that using video to promote your brand can be an effective strategy for a new company that is trying to gain recognition.

Given the number of people who are interested in watching videos, they can easily become viral. You need videos to boost your company.

Creating and Using Video to Promote Your Brand

When using video to promote your brand, the key is to create something easy to understand, that’s fun and exciting.

Even when you have decided to make videos as an online marketing strategy, there are a lot of other companies doing the same thing.

You need to stand out. You have to find a way to give them exactly what they want to see. Otherwise, they will play the video, see it for a few seconds and then close it.

This is a good start, but this does not really do anything to boost your company.

When you have an exciting video, people will watch at least 75% of the entire content. Some will even watch until the end.

By the time they are done watching, they may already be convinced to buy what you are offering.

Another aspect of a good video is that it is easy to understand. You want people to know more about your company in a few minutes or less.

You’ve probably seen videos using 3D animation or whiteboard animation. They help simplify the topics.

People watch videos because they hate reading long articles. They can barely absorb what they are reading. With videos, everything is simplified. They can grasp that concept in a few minutes.

If they really are interested in knowing about your company, they will keep on reading or they’ll watch other videos that you have.

Most of all, you must have an original video. It is easy to be tempted to copy what other companies have, especially if they have tried something that was really effective.

This won’t work anymore, since people have already seen a similar video.

Besides, you are using videos because you want to create a brand. You don’t want your brand to be the copycat kind.

You want people to see your business for what it truly is.


Even though 80% of all online conversations involve video and 74% of online traffic has videos, it does not mean things will be easier for you.

There are a lot of other companies using the same strategy. Every day, an interesting video is born. Worse, some of them were produced by your direct competitors.

It only means that, just like any other online marketing strategy that you have used, you need to constantly reinvent.

You must find something that will truly capture the attention of your people. You have to do research and try to understand what they want.

Don’t just put out videos because you feel the need to do so.

Quality is the key and you can only achieve it if you take the time to create the content and edit it.

You can find out more information about the importance of using video to promote your brand in the infographic below:

Using Video To Get Your Brand's Message To More Users

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