The Top 5 Trending Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic Using Video

boost your blog traffic with video

boost your blog traffic with video

Are you wondering why your level of blog traffic is not meeting your needs or expectations? It may be as simple as adding more videos into your blog marketing strategy.

It’s been estimated by the Washington Post that within about five years, 80% of all Internet content will be video content.

Does this mean that blog content is dying out? No. It only means that the best blogs will be maximizing their use of video to enhance readership and engagement on their blogs.

There are many ways to use videos to reach and engage a larger audience for your blog. Read on to learn about five of the hottest new trends in blog video marketing.

For focusing on the implementation of these video strategies will net you a hefty increase in traffic to your blog.

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A Video Problem Solver – Well, Almost

Yes, when you write an article for your blog, you want to directly address a need your readers have and solve that problem with information.

But what if you have a sort of “teaser” video? In it, you would give a little bit of very useful information to your viewers. But in your call to action, you would refer them to your blog post for the complete rundown.

This type of video gives value to your target audience but draws them in because the video content was so good and useful. Thus, they are ready for more.

The Livestream Testimonial

You’ve probably already heard of testimonials of products and services, and many of these are now done using video. But livestreaming a testimonial is one way to stand out from the crowd.

In today’s world, the need for authenticity and credibility have all but pushed video marketing into the realm of livestreaming. And your Internet-weary audience is in dire need of freshness.

A video testimonial from one of your readers about your latest blog post, and how it helped them and could benefit others, will offer that sought-after human connection.

According to, livestreaming is set for a boom in 2017. You need to position your blog so that the eager livestream audience can connect with you in the coming months.

A few of the hottest livestream apps for businesses include Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Meerkat. Establish your livestream testimonial video on at least a few of these platforms for maximum exposure.

With livestreaming trending right now, it would be the perfect time to contact Valoso, a freelance videography and video editing platform. There, you will find an experienced professional to help you create a livestreamed testimonial.

Intentional Video Sharing

Maybe you already have an awesome testimonial or problem solver (almost!) video and you’re disappointed in the level of feedback to your blog. Well, you may not have shared it enough!

Garret Moon of suggests that you develop your own sharing schedule. What this means, is you cannot just post your video and share it once. It must be done multiple times across all your social media marketing platforms.

Does this mean you have to spam your audience? No, what you want to achieve is a schedule that meets the needs of your readers and viewers.

Not everyone will see your post or tweet or share at your first click. Try to position your clicks to meet the time demands of your target audience.

Do it multiple times, but change up the message. The video will be the same, with a call to action back to your blog, but each time you post it to your social media, offer a different slant.

The first time you could emphasize a fact; maybe the second day you tweet it out, you could ask a question. Same video, different sharing content = more audience to your blog.

A Storytelling Video to Capture YOU

Again, authenticity comes into play here. You’ve been blogging along and people know about your content. Maybe they’ve even seen a few of your blog related instructional videos.

But what will engage them most is the evoking of their emotions. They want to know (and see, and hear) what makes YOU tick. Give them some alternative content so they can make that all important personal connection with you.

This is what keeps people coming back to your blog. Yes, you need high quality content, but a video that tells your story will create a personal connection.

Emotions are now widely recognized as a key behavior in consumer decision making.

By making a quick video about why you love to blog, or about the best comment you ever received, or about having writer’s block, you become humanized.

Your audience has a direct way to connect with you. What’s going on behind the scenes? Your readers want to know. Make a video and tell them.

The Guest Vlog-Blog

Possibly the quickest way to drive blog traffic is to engage in a guest posting relationship. Sounds serious, doesn’t it? It’s simple.

Find another blogger who is interested in expanding their video marketing strategy. You probably already have someone in mind if you’ve been blogging for a while.

Contact them and ask them if they’d like to do a reciprocal blog post. Then, each of you do a short video about the other’s guest blog post.

Face it, connecting with and helping others feels good and doing good things have a way of coming back around.

In terms of blogging, what a double guest blog will do is immediately expose you to the readership of another blog that’s relevant to your niche.

Offer engaging and useful content in your blog post, and then share your guest’s content profusely.

It’s Not That Hard to Increase Blog Traffic

Increasing traffic in today’s competitive blogging world is not as hard as it sounds. Videos offer you so many ways to engage and hold on to new readers and consumers.

By using the strategies above, you will have your foot in the door to 2017’s hottest ways to drive blog traffic. Start expanding your audience with video today. 🙂

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boost your blog traffic with video

boost your blog traffic with video






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